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Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 3 heures

The Art Institute of Chicago…

The Art Institute of Chicago Recreates Van Gogh’s Famous Bedroom to be Rented on Airbnb thisiscolossal.com/2016/02/van-go… pic.twitter.com/kPKkxicMR2

Humbling and surreal, this…

Humbling and surreal, this painting illustrates the danger of greed and carelessness. bit.ly/1RZ248r pic.twitter.com/Pad2wmaXXF

Ethereal light and piercing…

Ethereal light and piercing green eyes lock the viewer in on this lovely work. bit.ly/1KalxjS pic.twitter.com/7Vl4ZvxErP

DesignStudio rebrands a @premierleague looking to present a new face to the world bit.ly/1Xfkdyc pic.twitter.com/wxwC6O82RF


Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 6 heures

Extraordinary Interactive…

Extraordinary Interactive Hi-Res Exhibit of Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ thisiscolossal.com/2016/02/intera… pic.twitter.com/5jnMZIPVBS

Good Morning from#Paris #France and "take what you need " streetart pic.twitter.com/fQtzaXYtlB

Wonderful work by Grzegorz Rutkowski from Poland! artstation.com/p/g9qwQ pic.twitter.com/c6zDPLyUr0


"Art is the highest form of hope” —Gerhard Richter #bornonthisday. Happy Birthday, Gerhard! pic.twitter.com/6WJJJ5OhGS

In my line of work, you gotta…

In my line of work, you gotta know when to walk away. But some cases just won’t let you go. bit.ly/1Peewv8 pic.twitter.com/2pJjzROFlg

Channel 5 has a new identity - but will it make people think differently about the brand? bit.ly/1Wbyivn pic.twitter.com/ULk3Z90Z4g

The numbers behind selfie…

The numbers behind selfie deaths around the world: goo.gl/e7UZQF pic.twitter.com/U8uHcqmuAq

Very nice work by @mujumonster from Singapore! artstation.com/p/GmkeN pic.twitter.com/P4Upc4UeGr

New Premier League logo: "make it work as an app icon and worry about everything else after” bit.ly/1Xfkdyc pic.twitter.com/ewT9SZpOio

Le cadran solaire qui écrit l’heure avec son ombre laboiteverte.fr/71437-2/ pic.twitter.com/71x8L3UzWq

A lovely short film by @HoeflerCo about type design & a new typeface bit.ly/20T92gA pic.twitter.com/tkWfNEGokW


Creapills @creapills,
il y a 10 heures

Le logo de Facebook s'explique…

Le logo de Facebook s'explique facilement au final... (via @BlogModerateur) pic.twitter.com/SN0v0JxGlG

#Paris2024 se met sur son...…

#Paris2024 se met sur son... 24, par @Bruno_Fraioli [accès libre] bit.ly/1mqsAtm pic.twitter.com/1VntgIJ55h

Check out the world's first…

Check out the world's first 3-D printed metal bike buff.ly/1XgFzv2 pic.twitter.com/3tQDN6ILX8


AIGA @AIGAdesign,
il y a 3 heures

Need a good laugh? Check…

Need a good laugh? Check out @CreativeMarket's 10 commandments of #graphicdesign bit.ly/20Tb8xc pic.twitter.com/vDM79HzIVx


Golem13 @Golem_13,
il y a 8 heures

L'explication du logo facebook.…

L'explication du logo facebook. Via @pascalkotob pic.twitter.com/lCfDPUD2Qw

Indoor Picnic Tables for…

Indoor Picnic Tables for Work, Gathering, Eating or Play bit.ly/1T9W50L #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/bfXE0XiDit

Hopare #streetart Location: Bordeaux, France Photo via Street Art Avenue RT @AliciaDCrumpton pic.twitter.com/MPDYxUfvoc

Great work by Irakli Nadar from Georgia! artstation.com/p/g9xDP pic.twitter.com/NHEGsvg5JZ

How It's Made: Spherical…

How It's Made: Spherical Wooden City from Scrap Wood bit.ly/1PzWVxQ #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/rNLIHEvHoi


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 9 heures

Happy Birthday to prolific…

Happy Birthday to prolific German painter Gerhard Richter: bit.ly/1o07fIU pic.twitter.com/y1cpCOYirh

Wood Tile That Explores Brazilian…

Wood Tile That Explores Brazilian History bit.ly/1TafYVq #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/ubAOFLVrGv

kouichi okamoto's rain installation expresses gravity, magnetic forces, and sound designboom.com/design/kouichi… pic.twitter.com/RTl5JagXXc

Premier League gives lion a makeover as it waves goodbye to Barclays bit.ly/1O0VVAR by @OmarOakes pic.twitter.com/g1mo345N68

New Premier League identity…

New Premier League identity looks to “talk and not shout”: bit.ly/1Q4NVjx pic.twitter.com/R4ZgZbiQq1

From the archive

Theatrical treasures revealed in new exhibition #CurtainUp at the @V_and_A bit.ly/1nZTUQQ @AntoniaEmilyW pic.twitter.com/9FUxyCjCbX

2016 Reel (by Eran Mendel)…

2016 Reel (by Eran Mendel) More Design Story - dsgnme.co #design #gif #animation #motion #digital pic.twitter.com/2cQR37kYim

Digital artist embodies African culture through magnificent mosaic murals bit.ly/20lnBHT pic.twitter.com/uz0xVqXVbL


AIGA @AIGAdesign,
il y a 6 heures

Clever “element” Crayons…

Clever “element” Crayons help kids learn the Periodic table as they color bit.ly/20Ta1gP @aigadec #AIGAdg pic.twitter.com/XBjd6jkY3c

nicolas amiard inks the #art…

nicolas amiard inks the #art world's most famous faces with #tattoos designboom.com/art/nicolas-am… pic.twitter.com/itSH31xto2

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