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Watch this mesmerizing wall animation by Michael Fragstein of Büro Achter April trib.al/CHW30Uz pic.twitter.com/E0iDA7U8IS

The Skulltress turns the human face into an amazing, glittery work of art. trib.al/1sVrbXI pic.twitter.com/JC3GPEVj4f

These spectacular tiny sculptures made of recycled watches trib.al/lwsoPf4 pic.twitter.com/MnxoBElRrN

These artists recreate elaborate Baroque wigs entirely out of paper trib.al/HfNQL0Z pic.twitter.com/2Xjt4NXZdH

Piper Pottery + Crafts uses real leaves to create one-of-a-kind pottery.

Photographer survives deadly snake bite while taking colorful serpent portraits trib.al/jdWP9N6 pic.twitter.com/Bjo6yQFHwh

What was Mozart's day like? This infographic tracks the daily routines of famous creatives trib.al/Q9GEsMo pic.twitter.com/9aDJmaEiSy

A thriving garden in sealed bottle hasn’t been watered in over 40 years

Artist @jonodryart's giant pencil drawings blur the line between hyperrealism and surrealism trib.al/lEgA1E9 pic.twitter.com/pCGpPO9LT4

An interactive map shows where on Earth you’d be if you dug straight through the ground trib.al/xGiJbYg pic.twitter.com/4XJQsa6WmO

Gustav Klimt’s famous paintings get recreated with live models trib.al/qDaxLEU pic.twitter.com/04AaMOYtZs

Woman hand sews eclectic kimono to honor her Japanese and Scottish ancestry trib.al/S8Bcolo pic.twitter.com/kSHSAUFEmQ

An optical illusion hallway design makes it look like floor is sinking trib.al/qWbSLEr pic.twitter.com/unNdbmN4Zh

10 of the best sculpture parks around the world you should visit in your lifetime trib.al/qejtdFm pic.twitter.com/p2g8wqb8ho

This charming cabin was built for $500 with repurposed windows trib.al/rOHw24O pic.twitter.com/7RtpISRe9v

Danilo Roots uses spray paint to create a giant lion mandala across two adjacent walls. trib.al/OLPF22X pic.twitter.com/JtsP66WCpY

Jess Lambert turns an ordinary wall into a beautiful mandala through artistic repetition. trib.al/uD5olLY pic.twitter.com/iZTj9QG8HW

A stray dog boldly crashes a wedding, finds a forever home with the newlyweds trib.al/mQCYOCI pic.twitter.com/Vbuxc14elZ

Sigalit Landau left a black dress in the Dead Sea and eventually pulled out a crystalized gown. trib.al/r0VZRqc

Intimate animal portraits capture unique quirks and personalities of cats, dogs, and horses trib.al/SKQ4dbZ pic.twitter.com/3zqsBmydpd

A stray dog boldly crashes a wedding, finds a forever home with the newlyweds trib.al/HKKtrW3 pic.twitter.com/bMaUDKxyG2

Ethereal embroidery designs stitched into tulle look like they’re floating in mid-air trib.al/JQPnCp2 pic.twitter.com/dO5WCLejqw

Here's what houses drawn by kids would look like if they were real (via @atlasobscura) trib.al/U32CJzr pic.twitter.com/N0x1IItr49

.@fjamie013 is great at "fixing" people's images.

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