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.@NASA has compiled a list of the best air-cleaning plants for your home

Photographer breaks “crazy…

Photographer breaks “crazy cat lady” stereotype, features grown men with their adorable cats bit.ly/1MPigVe pic.twitter.com/PcBUOxENb5

With colorized x-ray images,…

With colorized x-ray images, a radiation physicist shows us the hidden beauty inside nature. bit.ly/18ZPWMK pic.twitter.com/oC8gasaXG7

A 3D zebra stripe crosswalk in Iceland slows traffic with stunning optical illusion trib.al/LhlAPRv pic.twitter.com/HrjdgrFGsl

This florist quietly adorns weathered public statues with elaborate flower bouquets trib.al/xIn36nW pic.twitter.com/qzcAKcxZ7h

Happy Chinese New Year! Xia…

Happy Chinese New Year! Xia Nan installed Lanterns of Terracotta Army at Edinburgh University. mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/xIsIs3fcYV

Watch this mesmerizing wall animation by Michael Fragstein of Büro Achter April trib.al/6HCioA5 pic.twitter.com/BTxe37xp8Y

The beautifully kaleidoscopic ceilings of mosques in Iran bit.ly/1KK9nyJ pic.twitter.com/sQSfQWkpbr

Jessie Wang (JW Lettering) shares the visually satisfying process of applying wax seals. trib.al/VGViCxF pic.twitter.com/LcFi8ZEa2H

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/Fnw3N1i pic.twitter.com/J3yLePKKUz

This abandoned fishing village in China has been beautifully reclaimed by nature bit.ly/2gJd0YS pic.twitter.com/UQYvZXNkOx

Visothkakvei turns hypnotizing doodles into a 3D optical illusion of a "floral hole." trib.al/HcO2XXQ pic.twitter.com/rIGgeofXWy

This quirky couple travels around the world to playfully interact with architecture trib.al/Myl6Mzq pic.twitter.com/iXKMN0xhFZ

People are sharing photos of real-life places that belong in a Wes Anderson film trib.al/VyCndG2 pic.twitter.com/ZbMYa2juHe

A mural is purposely painted upside down to reflect right side up in the water trib.al/14f7UVS pic.twitter.com/NcAucU6igC

Guys are decorating their beards with flowers to celebrate spring's arrival bit.ly/1R48PD8 pic.twitter.com/mH7LTAIAzE

Remarkably pristine ancient…

Remarkably pristine ancient Greek mosaics uncovered in Turkish city of Zeugma bit.ly/1xN3aZn pic.twitter.com/XZKNg4n2Up

Breathtaking photos of the…

Breathtaking photos of the Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/1m5ymhvU9y

Artist uses age-old technique to create photomontages of surreal indoor landscapes trib.al/Z57INXF pic.twitter.com/3xK4G9ykoJ

Abandoned Fishing Village…

Abandoned Fishing Village in China Reclaimed by Nature mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/6JLGBhdc1z

Visothkakvei turns hypnotizing doodles into a 3D optical illusion of a "floral hole." trib.al/Iz5sUrh pic.twitter.com/niKRC0Jbge

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/LgsfMb0 pic.twitter.com/LK64j4UOFS

Bridges for animals to safely cross freeways are popping up around the world trib.al/6C82Bmo pic.twitter.com/4CRRdv88xA

This artist creates miniature worlds floating inside glass test tubes bit.ly/2aIAtHJ pic.twitter.com/bRVMZ1hX85

Cindy Lane Art creates a whole galaxy with mesmerizing drops of paint and water. trib.al/NOdeOpA pic.twitter.com/DO9si8hqAo

Skaters rejoice over the…

Skaters rejoice over the world's first multi-story skatepark mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/1JCGBa4iUe

Handwritten 19th-century color guide poetically describes where shades are found in nature trib.al/bDog5Xw pic.twitter.com/uNp7hjMDZN

The National Gallery of Art releases over 45,000 digitized works of art as free downloads trib.al/26OkNgC pic.twitter.com/GVV85KYbo1

Japanese grandmother chronicles the adorable antics of 1-year-old girl and giant poodle trib.al/dPDyrJm pic.twitter.com/rLXjuws435

For his latest exhibition, artist @DanielArsham excavated a giant 300-foot tunnel bit.ly/1QcCYNR pic.twitter.com/4qVomkLMAx

This artist turns discarded trash into fantastical animal sculptures bit.ly/2dhXfHn pic.twitter.com/gdHPn5cVKd

Artist draws fantastical creatures interacting with commuters on the @NYCTSubway bit.ly/2cAshNp pic.twitter.com/W9dWTMIfeV

Jess Lambert turns an ordinary wall into a beautiful mandala through artistic repetition. trib.al/5ddH6w0 pic.twitter.com/EBiExet0Da

200+ posters from the Golden Age of graphic design are now free to download trib.al/pZtRb4b pic.twitter.com/GCIKafQpdG

Jeep leaves incredible ice…

Jeep leaves incredible ice sculpture perfectly frozen in place bit.ly/1ApB2NL pic.twitter.com/lSyeyHbdvm

1,000 lines of colorful paint pool into mesmerizing puddles at the Venice Biennale trib.al/VSaUQOg pic.twitter.com/SVJ3ekBN0F

Makeup artist Dain Yoon transforms herself into mind-bending optical illusions trib.al/mwOz1cz pic.twitter.com/xS2RB0on0z

Artistic dad continues to transform his sons’ drawings into expert-level anime trib.al/zwuC48H pic.twitter.com/HCCu9bqI4Q

Daniel Han captures aerial footage of amazing wave forms on coasts around the world.

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