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A sweet little pet owl uses mushroom as umbrella during sudden rainstorm

These artists recreate elaborate Baroque wigs entirely out of paper trib.al/HfNQL0Z pic.twitter.com/2Xjt4NXZdH

Artists crochet giant sea urchin installations that interact with their surroundings trib.al/NItXDRs pic.twitter.com/VtMliE9Jm5

This artist tightly rolls newspaper to craft incredibly detailed animal sculptures trib.al/833Wkwd pic.twitter.com/gyOWgyUPIL

.@stevenfollen suspended 2,000 steel stars to pay a dazzling tribute to #Shakespeare: bit.ly/1SSnlC5 pic.twitter.com/YkhjIzLmjl

These fantastic coffee-stained leaf paintings are created with remenents of a morning brew mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/DkSiIFK2B0

World's Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Lets You Doodle in the Air! mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/NgiZQjgTOU

These cool parents have recreated famous movie scenes with their 10-month-old son. bit.ly/1ci9Vri pic.twitter.com/tbwlg50gqI

200+ posters from the Golden Age of graphic design are now free to download trib.al/xo1F2Bm pic.twitter.com/rHCgtR4Y9F

Max Zorn creates incredible portraits by layering and cutting packing tape... nothing else! trib.al/yJcWcWz pic.twitter.com/WQOht7LCc5

A French bookstore seamlessly blends people’s faces with book covers trib.al/c67kVoQ pic.twitter.com/hK9YyZ9Bxq

Photographer's incredible 14-year quest to document the world's oldest trees bit.ly/1zDyV4m pic.twitter.com/HU9931nAs7

Salvador Dalí’s rarely seen Alice in Wonderland’ illustrations are finally reissued trib.al/LwfMDMD pic.twitter.com/SmZzwlzpjh

Trees with “crown shyness” mysteriously avoid touching each other trib.al/KWn4cW7 pic.twitter.com/wYRPIYYtPo

This illustrator offers shortcut to classic literature with hilariously brief summaries trib.al/nOoM2Bc pic.twitter.com/sBr3cvxyea

The world’s first fully-painted feature film brings Van Gogh’s paintings to life trib.al/6iZd8gC pic.twitter.com/XeQWPadhLN

German beer add shows men cradling their beer bellies like pregnant moms-to-be bit.ly/29fgNNL pic.twitter.com/njQ9VcaDhz

Innovative "Braille Bricks" help blind children learn to read while playing with toys bit.ly/26SQnp9 pic.twitter.com/sFghxr1MiY

Beautiful Upside Down Gardens Suspended From the Ceiling bit.ly/1fbGgBF pic.twitter.com/Lt3WvX39c3

Will Ho captures bioluminescence that transforms Maldives beaches into a magical coastline. mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/3HuILZBQWB

Japanese artist and architect Yusuke Oono created this imaginative series of 360 degree books. mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/Xqlj9o9wSx

Trees with “crown shyness” mysteriously avoid touching each other trib.al/XERjmkX pic.twitter.com/NMlENNNpka

Jessie Wang (JW Lettering) shares the visually satisfying process of applying wax seals. trib.al/M3TOYzK pic.twitter.com/xOotHNLfez

This clever street artist paints fake shadows to playfully trick passersby trib.al/jD7Atrp pic.twitter.com/mfQl3VfhIZ

Every page of this artist’s sketchbook is an elegant work of art trib.al/jh2Ciys pic.twitter.com/UAb8rqcb4Z

This quirky couple travels around the world to playfully interact with architecture trib.al/u88uzQx pic.twitter.com/nrdVsvocrV

Impossibly tiny doodles fill sketchbook pages with surreal optical illusions trib.al/KIcbIxA pic.twitter.com/4x1618JPmN

Artist transforms dirty cars in Moscow into incredible works of art trib.al/lZ7RJx4 pic.twitter.com/BVFxci1QFG

France’s beautiful National Library reopens after a decade of renovations trib.al/SdaTyTt pic.twitter.com/PdcSP2P6Dh

Interview: photographer travels to Alaska and discovers polar bears living with no snow trib.al/7UbyZnX pic.twitter.com/4ROYhHY1Oz

Check out this summer's magical photos of Japan's annual flurry of fireflies in forests bit.ly/29AmCGo pic.twitter.com/Vp66omqjUv

Fallen cherry blossom petals fill a lake in Japan for naturally beautiful scenes from above bit.ly/27aiJeK pic.twitter.com/Hf59DmTso2

A 200-year-old table transforms into an ornate mechanical desk bit.ly/1QUFCdI pic.twitter.com/dx9nZ0qPs5

Artist uses calligraphy brushes to create breathtaking watercolor paintings of birds mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/n8VAnLtPG8

Two huskies appear to walk on water across the surface of a frozen lake bit.ly/19Apr4N pic.twitter.com/Q7hiqBOIxI

Amazing Photos of Trees Frozen in Subzero Temperatures mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs… pic.twitter.com/VuWenh9v5P

Japan releases a range of miniature furniture for cats

The Skulltress turns the human face into an amazing, glittery work of art. trib.al/ZW2hwwT pic.twitter.com/YlsYs8dfFs

Japanese cat has a mark on its face that looks exactly like another cat trib.al/3L0eHYc pic.twitter.com/e5BiDRqlBG

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