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Poetic Computation: Reader – Code as a form of poetry and aesthetic / @tchoi8 @hawrafintl → ca-n.in/2hyF95L pic.twitter.com/e1MwvMewd4

Atlås – Guided, generative and conversational music experience for iOS / @_stc → ca-n.in/2x5zF8U pic.twitter.com/n5oZ2F3EyA

Who Wants to be a Self-Driving Car? – Empathising with self-driving vehicle systems → ca-n.in/2hB5K27 pic.twitter.com/kan62Onoqt

A/B – Experimental AR livestream with audience participation / @9to5_tv → ca-n.in/2yhRoub pic.twitter.com/p2DB36NOUv

Ad Infinitum – A machine parasite that harvests human energy / @plopesresearch → ca-n.in/2xSs4h4 pic.twitter.com/A9747eHA4Z

Happy 9th Birthday CAN!

Norman – #WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D / @presstube → ca-n.in/2yWf3la pic.twitter.com/iRcSzsmUaq

Radiance is a recently-launched online research platform for artistic VR experiences → ca-n.in/2hM41Hc pic.twitter.com/Zec1dJ29RA

Senior Designer (Spatial+interaction) at Tellart / Amsterdam, Netherlands #Jobsca-n.in/2xSPoMg pic.twitter.com/tK8Qbar9RC

The Crystallisation Event – Endless digitisation and supersaturation of data → ca-n.in/2xrGt4Z pic.twitter.com/hCjcSABO5w

Anatomy of a Screen – Jeremy Rotsztain's House of Shadow Silence / @jmantissa → ca-n.in/2wxvvqm pic.twitter.com/IjOUZXTQNP

Senior Technologist at Tellart / Amsterdam, Netherlands #Jobsca-n.in/2gk69FV pic.twitter.com/4eoNrTtZ9J

Technical Lead at Stimulant / @stimulant / San Francisco, CA, US #Jobsca-n.in/2x04goC pic.twitter.com/01hkMtUy1F

Roger Water – Parametrically generated, animated and populated A/V experience → ca-n.in/2y6F3MV pic.twitter.com/Xn4wsoPdwC

Internship at Tellart / Amsterdam, Netherlands #Jobsca-n.in/2yBUbCz pic.twitter.com/TMUIDJinQ9

Senior Software Engineer / Creative Coder at Wildbytes / @wildbytes / Barcelona, Spain #Jobsca-n.in/2yB3ujm

In Aug 2017 @medialab students went to Shenzhen where they spent a month in two factories hacking manufacturing → ca-n.in/2g48bua

#Jobs on CAN this week: Helios Interactive, Yuri Suzuki Design Studio, yU+co, Waltz Binaire, Porsche, Mapbox +++ → ca-n.in/can_jobs

Creative Technologist at yU+co / Los Angeles, USA #Jobsca-n.in/2xCqgsg pic.twitter.com/3ggxhK753G

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