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String Fountain by Paolo Salvagione ift.tt/156DZa2 | pic.twitter.com/mP8ckWu9mw

Alpha­-ville – New Realities exhibition at Mobile World Centre Barcelona ift.tt/1x8av3c | pic.twitter.com/5Jqq0kUhCG

WirePrint – 3D Printing in Wireframe ift.tt/XjgB45 | pic.twitter.com/433kevOf5L

Mirage - An optical projection apparatus by Ralf Baecker / @leapberlin ca-n.in/1r03xsS » pic.twitter.com/9tHkoTiwbB

Compasses for Wayfinding – Dunne & Raby’s “Speculative Everything” cc: @mitpress ca-n.in/1d7gRLk » pic.twitter.com/OWBH58h5lP

Choreographed Typography by Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae ca-n.in/1cxjEqM » pic.twitter.com/APVz2DUFS7

Eliss Infinity by @stephbysteph - The pinnacle of iOS gaming returns ca-n.in/1gmEj3V » pic.twitter.com/jnRqUKkyHt

A year ago we asked “what if @creativeapps was a magazine?” Now we can show you the answer: ca-n.in/1cAEVzq » pic.twitter.com/1tHGmGGAiK

inFORM - Dynamic Shape Display from Tangible Media Group (@medialab) ca-n.in/18ss5Sf » pic.twitter.com/BMr675VKiP

Alpha-ville launches new event for the art, tech & creative communities / @alphavillefest ca-n.in/19tyyQq » pic.twitter.com/uCXLRRs187

Loop - Hand-drawn animation tool for your iPad by Universal Everything (@universalevery) ca-n.in/1cRENyx | pic.twitter.com/LTMIxByvrx

"turn any object into a drone" j.mp/14JNyVD

'Murmur' bridges physical and virtual using sound / @chevalvert @v3ga #raspberrypi ca-n.in/ZKsUam | pic.twitter.com/FzOAgZ2Brv

NASA to use 3D printing for making food in space j.mp/16kwdbm

komorebi – Platform for generative sunlight and shadow / @leslienooteboom → ca-n.in/2sMZRST pic.twitter.com/GWV64ZcMKD

Pictooptic –– made by @process_process with #Nodejs and @nounproject API → pictooptic.com pic.twitter.com/AmRQcCVwQT

L I T T L E B R O W S E R – Detaching the web from the semiotics of print / @lab_normals → ca-n.in/2aOfruG pic.twitter.com/k87uBA9McW

ofxRobotArm & ofxURDriver – Madeline Gannon & Dan Moore #openframeworksca-n.in/28KXQQp pic.twitter.com/IE6tlqX2xH

Jller – Industrial automation and historical geology / by @pebeisatari and Benjamin Maus → ca-n.in/1U2TReS pic.twitter.com/iSvTnHcv73

Announcing A-B-Z-TXT (@abz_co) – A School for 21st Century Typography → ca-n.in/27AFAAl pic.twitter.com/rOXcCzlRM0

Machine Learning for Artists / ITP-NYU - Spring 2016 by @genekogan → ca-n.in/1Tv1bQA // vimeo.com/165294912

Another sneak peek of the “behind the scenes” of the new project by @field_io #toyotachr. More tomorrow pic.twitter.com/JDSV05RLyl

Considering Technology and the State of the Art(s) at @sonarplusd ca-n.in/1NtzgyK | pic.twitter.com/ORvoVkorPJ

The Field of Hope - 2015 Milan EXPO China Pavilion ca-n.in/1FgwoG0 | pic.twitter.com/FcqoRStt5n

How to create interactive loops using lenticular animation + @gifpop / @golan @CarnegieMellon ca-n.in/1JrPuak pic.twitter.com/E2CUfWp0HJ

Catching the Light: Semiconductor remap the sky (as telescopes see it) / @semiconducting ca-n.in/1CYqFDz pic.twitter.com/hg626igLzs

ca-n.in/1BcGS7c :: Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything - Cardboard CNC pic.twitter.com/G4aQBY0jTL

Sónar+D inviting applications for MarketLab 2015 ift.tt/1CcXbvm | pic.twitter.com/kkyHX66XIN

Untitled No. 1 – 24 hour news cycle video collage ift.tt/1zo8GkJ | pic.twitter.com/wtkGwxiELL

Pathfinder – Generative geometry as a creative impulse ift.tt/1EpF8Uf | pic.twitter.com/PTBTdimrup

Attachment by David Colombini – Poetic machine to send messages to someone, somewhere ift.tt/1rFIoXF | pic.twitter.com/b4hrrPsKw5

Jihoon Byun at The Distortion Field – Earth as a display device ift.tt/1r9tds2 | pic.twitter.com/n68VTVqTNf

Rising Colorspace - Drawing robot and an evolving system that overwrites itself / @SoniceDev ca-n.in/1pgHTlF | pic.twitter.com/3xvAWyUX6Q

ReactionDiffusion, one of the code examples in @AmnonOwed’s tutorial (ca-n.in/1lqfnKc) posted on CAN y-day pic.twitter.com/mH5Re72wsl

Acoustic botany, genetically engineered plants that produce sound fields #TDF14 James Auger @DI__RCA pic.twitter.com/ea4t8q2x34

4010 Facebook Tree by @Onformative ca-n.in/1bJQJEj » pic.twitter.com/kWcAXzXRYl

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