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Graphic designer Johanna Burai’s work is as critical and politically charged as ever > goo.gl/yb7TDN pic.twitter.com/97UoMjaRab

.@benoitbodhuin’s experimental, maths-inspired typefaces > goo.gl/KQvABP pic.twitter.com/h2NPcvlLGG

Jim Carrey pens a new string of politically critical portraits > goo.gl/ekQyr7 pic.twitter.com/aS7fyZ51mU

.@SomeOnes_Tweet designs a simpler, more coherent visual identity for UK Parliament > goo.gl/KMbHoh pic.twitter.com/7pSkQVAOzW

. @HiMedel took a year off illustration and design – but now he’s back! > goo.gl/yY8Efy pic.twitter.com/PCW1c7DTkH

Designer Raoul Gottschling on branding shape-shifting spaces and happy accidents > goo.gl/TQLHGN pic.twitter.com/mDxbPL1gT3

British Council in Russia told to “cease operations” > goo.gl/UADzfa pic.twitter.com/FENBRwOn1Z

Jim Carrey is now a political cartoonist and he’s taking down the Trump presidency > goo.gl/ekQyr7 pic.twitter.com/CWEmKNy8dS

The Plant redesigns with new masthead by Seb McLauchlan > goo.gl/kv2MH6 pic.twitter.com/6UNqaF0V8Q

The legacy of late NYC street photographer @arlenegottfried > goo.gl/rnpQSY pic.twitter.com/iV0DZBbpCF

Judit Kristensen on the pace and vulnerability of her pencil portraits > goo.gl/AYPyHm pic.twitter.com/lkEoHAz5PQ

Kim Jakobsen To’s honest and impeccably stylish photography > goo.gl/sYmcE3 pic.twitter.com/5UfifJ7aQ4

Alessandra Genualdo’s illustrations mix high fashion and intimate moments > goo.gl/8R3wFh pic.twitter.com/4lWmWtrETr

Nice Magazine nurtures and honestly represents young talent from the African continent > goo.gl/ia6jm4 pic.twitter.com/r5Z5cu2EYO

Heart Chakra by @Angela_Stempel comedically explores LA’s crystal culture > goo.gl/KHTxPV pic.twitter.com/0xOQCzKu3A

Belgian designer Kris Van Assche will be leaving Dior Homme after 11 years > goo.gl/wNzYpn pic.twitter.com/lCRNbdEsGl

Collins designs Aldo’s bolder, more upscale rebrand > goo.gl/RYab4e pic.twitter.com/eZiPlTgP4p

Artist Jesse Draxler on finding clarity through greyscale > goo.gl/3dFjyz pic.twitter.com/6pe8DrecCs

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