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Bodil Jane’s illustrations: ornate, exotic and really very lovely > goo.gl/izvM5H @Bodil_Jane pic.twitter.com/M0iSbqMH5t

Some crisp and colourful laser cut posters from San Francisco-based studio @MonikerSF > goo.gl/AFilcp pic.twitter.com/PsAQnKIz2m

“Not just a prodigious talent but a visionary” – Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) by @timabrahams > goo.gl/MA825S pic.twitter.com/kkgHWSRpWN

Don’t get a Job, Make a Job – how to succeed as a creative graduate > goo.gl/oFXiG7 pic.twitter.com/K1HHnZiHMP


Opinion: Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood by @sarahhyndman > goo.gl/KiVkZY pic.twitter.com/zlxThZ3GO7

Michael Wolf captures abstract, accidental sculptures in Hong Kong alleyways > goo.gl/aQqgAX pic.twitter.com/mfI9BeEulT

NEWS: 100,000 balloons fill Covent Garden for art installation reflecting human heartbeats > goo.gl/FHk9a1 pic.twitter.com/lgHApcVx3A

A look inside the brand guidelines for the amazing 1970s @NASA “worm” logo > goo.gl/YLxLiA pic.twitter.com/yYBLa4NOlJ

Design/space geeks, you might wanna sit down for this one > goo.gl/YLxLiA pic.twitter.com/oQD7vNQYHj

Because you don’t see enough CD artwork these days! @JoniKirton – itsnicethat.com/articles/joni-… pic.twitter.com/YJStcZEpAt

Morning everyone! Does your week feel a little like this? itsnicethat.com/articles/julia… pic.twitter.com/ZUCjFy75yQ

This brilliant Brecht Vandenbroucke image really seemed to strike a chord yesterday itsnicethat.com/articles/brech… pic.twitter.com/rBRW4QWm8k

Meals from famous books created in real life! - itsnicethat.com/articles/dinah… pic.twitter.com/MxZkx50FfZ

The Guardian unveils redesign across print and online > goo.gl/dtVCxP pic.twitter.com/8PthbJmI0S

“I think most of my illustrations are about human emotions" - Jun Cen> goo.gl/3NSvoK pic.twitter.com/gXLUGXjBfC

Rob Bailey talks through creating over 40 posters for London Underground > goo.gl/hIUQwk @TfL pic.twitter.com/d3QixmEsvG

David Hockney will design a six metre-high stained glass window for Westminster Abbey > goo.gl/Hsp3iY pic.twitter.com/CTzDuF2Xzl

Delaney Allen’s shots merge natural settings & dusky lighting to create unusual landscapes goo.gl/XpizUy pic.twitter.com/klL4HRKmCG


Ruth Sykes on why Central St Martins' female-only exhibition is so important > goo.gl/fyZ5bM @CSM_news pic.twitter.com/j4siJkxYDx


No more serifs, same bright colours: Google launches a new identity > goo.gl/c4gDZY pic.twitter.com/O4CpGFEGBb

These illustrations from @owengatley are bright, clever and charming. Simple as that > goo.gl/XTXm3J pic.twitter.com/g1v0wY373m

Very clever @OgilvyUK campaign for @BDCH sees a dog "follow" people through a shopping centre itsnicethat.com/articles/ogilv… pic.twitter.com/LTdjcjJ3gC

More insanely good geometric papercut sculptures from Jen Stark – itsnicethat.com/articles/jen-s… pic.twitter.com/Eif67kXCNZ

Sir Peter Blake's designed a dazzle ship and it looks bloody ace! itsnicethat.com/articles/sir-p… pic.twitter.com/mnzoDGiy2c

Seems like these amazing/horrific jelly GIFs did the rounds again over night itsnicethat.com/articles/jelly… pic.twitter.com/O4Z3GhrRPm

Outstanding record sleeve design by @LeifPodhajsky for @iamkelis - itsnicethat.com/articles/leif-… pic.twitter.com/f5IZJs30G1

Lacoste swaps famous crocodile logo for ten endangered species > goo.gl/y9LqGA pic.twitter.com/2PYxuiLxaT

We chat to @kirstenlepore, the creator behind this creepily calming animation, Hi Stranger > goo.gl/Cn8hBA pic.twitter.com/rHYLsrFheK

Gorillaz are back with a new album and an animated film by @JamieHewlett > goo.gl/D237wJ pic.twitter.com/fiNZQgWUPE

Photographer Leonardo Magrelli reveals what the mirror sees when no one is present > goo.gl/gYOgzs pic.twitter.com/FuJ3KGcooi

Sean Lotman’s serenely psychedelic photographs of Japan > goo.gl/0VXXG7 pic.twitter.com/ietwyIaUey

Artist Christo has laid 100,000sqm of vivid saffron-yellow fabric across Italy’s Lake Iseo > goo.gl/QsQ4WM pic.twitter.com/U6FR4aeDLL

Lorem Fucking Ipsum: the sweary alternative to placeholder text > goo.gl/JncYlS pic.twitter.com/J1ScA285CI

Don’t get a Job, Make a Job – how to succeed as a creative graduate by @gem_shandy > goo.gl/oFXiG7 pic.twitter.com/o9dBLWzKP3


Introducing our Ones to Watch for 2016! > goo.gl/cGLPP3 pic.twitter.com/NQwLCITQ2c

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