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Beata Chrzanowska | See more…

Beata Chrzanowska | See more of Beata's work: ow.ly/y8t630gI6Et #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/uizjIah90U

Tawny Chatmon | See more of Tawny's work: ow.ly/dnas30ha0lD #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/yZNRx8d1eQ

Petros Vrellis | See more…

Petros Vrellis | See more of Petros' work: ow.ly/aCMD30gyC2J #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/gWFCDBGba6

Oscar Alvarez | See more…

Oscar Alvarez | See more of Oscar's work: ow.ly/GsYr30gI6gO #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/KDwwatdRxu

Czar Catstick | See more of Czar's work: ow.ly/5gg630ha161 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/43HJcVRwUC

O'Keeffe still holds the…

O'Keeffe still holds the record for the most expensive work sold by a female artist: ow.ly/dIMO30gETca pic.twitter.com/Oxc06PkvyO

Pol Ledent | See more of…

Pol Ledent | See more of Pol's work: ow.ly/nwtd30gI6a7 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/xVggs2nBA5

Monet's love for Camille…

Monet's love for Camille is forever: ow.ly/Azgh30gESte pic.twitter.com/I5n0ySL2bI

Your favorite weekly selection…

Your favorite weekly selection of new and original works: ow.ly/hbH530gQIPn pic.twitter.com/NI44M3nvRz

Bojan Jevtić | See more…

Bojan Jevtić | See more Bojan's work: ow.ly/DVzj30gI5Sl #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/EWOLSyq23b

Marek Emczek Olszewski |…

Marek Emczek Olszewski | See more of Marek's work: ow.ly/ED6430gyBQ4 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/CQfDCofCtv

Cheers again to @pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet! philly.com/philly/columni… pic.twitter.com/Eenk2G6QnX

Need a gift for him? Well,…

Need a gift for him? Well, here's a collection of art perfect for him: ow.ly/BKTR30gNGQu pic.twitter.com/x0TtOUUY7B

Nikolaus Weiler | See more of Nikolaus' work: ow.ly/lzoL30h0PU9 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/gJMHwmENzc

When in Amsterdam, Rembrandt's…

When in Amsterdam, Rembrandt's home is a must-see: ow.ly/lRBL30gESGn - @houzz pic.twitter.com/xEAZ52JiE1

Thank you @architectmag! Get ready for Saatchi Art's Ultra Violet Collection: architectmagazine.com/design/pantone… pic.twitter.com/KzB1mXTfPL

Catharine Magel | See more…

Catharine Magel | See more of Catherine's work: ow.ly/Hvs030gQZr5 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/2N3i6ts033

Gill Bustamante | See more of Gill's work: ow.ly/sbx330ha0UC #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/15UwERtKEt

David Wooddell | See more…

David Wooddell | See more of David's work: ow.ly/8JT530gI6QF #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/tVY9KDkhiC

Rinat Goren | See more of…

Rinat Goren | See more of Rinat's work: ow.ly/P5lb30gI6sm #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/jIlWLprVm5

Happy Monday! Let's celebrate…

Happy Monday! Let's celebrate this week with some new works by our talented artists: ow.ly/Lqym30gHNbg pic.twitter.com/sUQ9SWXUqb

Sophie Le Berre | See more…

Sophie Le Berre | See more of Sophie's work: ow.ly/zOMp30h0Pqn #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/Wn1S8dRC0L

Our favorites might just be yours too: ow.ly/TFgu30gYrXI pic.twitter.com/Rlj3b243HU

Alisa Kaufman | See more of Alisa's work: ow.ly/GErl30gR05N #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/3em4bWDqFl

Désirée Liberté | See more of Désirée's work: ow.ly/vZC930gQZj2 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/jIoWEFnm7H

Chris Stevens | See more of Chris' work: ow.ly/hDzw30gI6y8 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/umxhXA5vus

Thankful for these abstract works on this day: ow.ly/5Ly630gMm8p pic.twitter.com/PuVjcduFCr

Hannah Höch used photomontage as a medium to critique the changing culture around her: ow.ly/5sWf30gEG1g pic.twitter.com/lih8tq6uLO

Will Eskridge | See more of Will's work: ow.ly/tR7O30ha0Kn #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/7zSRnjZDPS

Dorith Teichman | See more of Dorith's work: ow.ly/PywQ30h0Qkd #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/0a9gM6xSlq

This @Bulleit inspired Neon Collection is now for sale exclusively on Saatchi Art: markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Bu… pic.twitter.com/uFl5Ix0naz

Juan Luis Fernández | See more of Juan's work: ow.ly/e3OP30h0PNu #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/gfrD5Ahqda

Jeanette Van Dun | See more of Jeanette's work: ow.ly/3oaU30gQZWw #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/j9RcI6YsHe

This week's selection of beautiful originals for $2000 and under: ow.ly/ejME30gSyYS pic.twitter.com/goUqnsA7gx

Save now on Saatchi Art. And we promise, it is big! - @AptTherapy: apartmenttherapy.com/best-home-sale… pic.twitter.com/J7EcBDCwsW

We all need a little reassurance from another fellow artist sometimes: ow.ly/Oacg30gESin pic.twitter.com/cF21klwx7h

Harriet Hoult | See more of Harriet's work: ow.ly/MU1t30ha1Bz #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/fALgTrRr70

Kris Coolens | See more of Kris' work: ow.ly/lYxz30h0PYY #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/XTUn7BWLXl

Casey Matthews | See more of Casey's work: ow.ly/345130gR0ev #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/CXQV4ZoooW

Enter to win a $1500 giveaway to celebrate art with @Liquitex @SaatchiArt + @society6: ow.ly/3rmY30gXjXc pic.twitter.com/7KsAVp3HCo

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