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New Banksy mural speaks out against Turkish-Kurdish artist’s imprisonment hyperallergic.com/432950/new-ban… pic.twitter.com/BaTZQVcO9y

Bansky’s back in NYC? Yup, a rat just popped up on 14th Street. hyperallergic.com/432645/banksy-… pic.twitter.com/kmFzzjDwtk

Photographer Reuben Wu creates haunting landscapes by using drones as aerial light sources. hyperallergic.com/433220/require… pic.twitter.com/80XDIx3yQd

RIP to a fiber art pioneer, Katherine Westphal, who died at age 99 hyperallergic.com/433118/katheri… pic.twitter.com/BkpyS6cvYY

Jacob Lawrence Painting Missing for Half a Century Goes to Auction hyperallergic.com/432752/jacob-l… pic.twitter.com/KFgmMo3UpA

The Beauty and Horror of Medusa, an Enduring Symbol of Women’s Power @metmuseum hyperallergic.com/432102/dangero… pic.twitter.com/2v6zw8vSNS

Remembering James Luna, Who Gave His Voice and His Body to Native American Art hyperallergic.com/433437/james-l… pic.twitter.com/fD2mn1EeTN

In case you hadn’t noticed, ’tis the season for art book and zine fairs in Los Angeles. hyperallergic.com/433070/los-ang… pic.twitter.com/SKTPb3NT7f

The Obama Portraits and the History of African American Portraiture hyperallergic.com/432420/obama-p… pic.twitter.com/VQrlkbMWR0

The enduring power of Barbara Chase-Riboud’s Malcom X sculptures hyperallergic.com/430657/barbara… pic.twitter.com/hWYhi1PZTc

My mom thinks artist residencies are retreats. hyperallergic.com/433252/mom-thi… pic.twitter.com/oomFtM9eny

Before Americans liked the iconic painting “American Gothic” (1930), they seemed to hate it. hyperallergic.com/432784/steven-… pic.twitter.com/B0iXu6oWMf

These haunting landscapes are created using drones as aerial light sources. hyperallergic.com/433220/require… pic.twitter.com/a3vrAWVKto

How a 13-Year-Old Cartoonist Responded to the Parkland School Shooting @RumbleComics hyperallergic.com/432442/sasha-m… pic.twitter.com/KqSLdu0OmI

Otis Jones has developed an inventive approach to being true to materials and process. hyperallergic.com/432481/otis-jo… pic.twitter.com/ixdkqircej

No doubt your university art history lectures were always after lunch. hyperallergic.com/432449/les-dem… pic.twitter.com/yJqomunMvG

Sprechen Sie Kunst? How to Speak German in the Art World @brokendimanche hyperallergic.com/388376/german-… pic.twitter.com/nVGkctz2j2

Some parents just don’t understand what an artist residency is. hyperallergic.com/433252/mom-thi… pic.twitter.com/8Io2pPEjdE

Pittsburgh Will Replace Racist Monument with Statue of a Black Woman hyperallergic.com/433009/pittsbu… pic.twitter.com/6XbALwoPbJ

Tantalizing quilts woven with poetic, political messages hyperallergic.com/432590/piecewo… pic.twitter.com/8lEaaSAd7D

Oscar Murillo, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, and 77 Others Decry Firing of Museum Director in Bordeaux hyperallergic.com/432497/bordeau… pic.twitter.com/q0c8surBBT

Inside the Comics Collection of the World’s Largest Medical Library @nlm_news hyperallergic.com/430440/inside-… pic.twitter.com/XcsvB2Vc9G

The Mesmerizing Mundane Objects of Ordinary North Korean Life @illustrationHQ hyperallergic.com/432560/made-in… pic.twitter.com/d5eDMC5MI0

The artists in Piecework embed intriguing, coded messages into their quilts. hyperallergic.com/432590/piecewo… pic.twitter.com/kAH2gDQitY

A new outdoor art space springs from the high desert east of Los Angeles hyperallergic.com/432211/the-mag… pic.twitter.com/t2tLtuqHA6

10 Years Ago, Stephen Hawking Unveiled a Clockmaker’s Monument to Time hyperallergic.com/432535/corpus-… pic.twitter.com/0c188CN8My

The @VirginiaMOCA presents Inka Essenhigh: A Fine Line hyperallergic.com/432437/virgini… pic.twitter.com/zDphPjDjq0

Los Angeles’s Art Book and Zine Fair Scene Is Booming, Here’s a Shortlist hyperallergic.com/433070/los-ang… pic.twitter.com/hKyjtU0cbD

The choice has come down to essential realities or a life of fantasy. hyperallergic.com/432609/benji-w… pic.twitter.com/24wEinH2El

Attention LA! There's a new Kusama Infinity Room in town. @TheBroad hyperallergic.com/433113/broad-m… pic.twitter.com/nSUTQjRQo1

An Art Collection Fit for an Executed King @NationalGallery hyperallergic.com/432172/art-col… pic.twitter.com/pSgFqNz4Pi

A Hand-Drawn Dispatch from the LA Debut of @theotherartfair hyperallergic.com/433508/the-oth… pic.twitter.com/hL22G8apyq

To respect Isamu Noguchi’s vision, architects revise controversial plaza renovation plan hyperallergic.com/433130/archite… pic.twitter.com/qOj6QfyURP

Can You Solve This Crytographic Puzzle Hidden in a Trevor Paglen-Designed Flag? hyperallergic.com/432870/can-sol… pic.twitter.com/leZzmZsh5e

Five women have come forward accusing Richard Meier of sexual harassment hyperallergic.com/432278/richard… pic.twitter.com/kDbMAzQj8r

40 strangers meet in a deeply uncomfortable documentary @truefalse hyperallergic.com/430406/the-tas… pic.twitter.com/Dxb0gZFYRW

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