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Getty Acquires Concrete Poetry by Two Modern Pioneers of the Form @GettyMuseum is.gd/pHFibO

#PokemonGo Users Flock to Museums, Passing Picasso in Search of Pikachu bit.ly/29Lhqxv

The Woman Who Found Abstraction Before the Modernists - bit.ly/1ZB3eHc @SerpentineUK

Yoko Ono's Morning Peace Turns Dawn into a Work of Art - bit.ly/1G35ZVS @yokoono @gettymuseum @museummodernart

What to Make of the @villagevoice's Offensive Kehinde Wiley Review? - bit.ly/18kuSTZ @_JessicaDawson

Facebook Censored a Stone Age Nude Sculpture, Venus of Willendorf hyperallergic.com/429553/faceboo… pic.twitter.com/erlodxEQca

On May Day, Over 200 B&H Photo Workers Launch Strike hyperallergic.com/375876/on-may-… pic.twitter.com/YCKDewlTSJ

The Sculpture of a "Fearless Girl" on Wall Street Is Fake Corporate Feminism is.gd/QVYJxL

Researchers Bury Their Noses in Books to Sniff Out the @MorganLibrary's Original Smell hyperallergic.com/?p=360698

Protesters Demand MoMA Drop Trump Advisor from Its Board hyperallergic.com/?p=360236

Trump's Signature Is the "Sound Wave of Demons Screaming" hyperallergic.com/?p=354588

At Standing Rock, Two Artists Help Women Confront the Trauma of Sexual Violence #NoDAPL bit.ly/2gOuP97

Protesters Shame @Guggenheim and Its Trustees with Light Projections - bit.ly/1VUTJ80 @GulfLabor1

How Artists Portrayed Prostitution in 19th-Century Paris - bit.ly/1OkW2ro @MuseeOrsay @vangoghmuseum

Banksy’s New Apocalyptic Theme Park Is Designed to Disappoint - bit.ly/1HYJoLg #Dismaland

San Francisco will remove statue of white settlers towering over a Native American hyperallergic.com/430694/san-fra… pic.twitter.com/p93Pv2Ajtb

How Black Modern Artists Defied a Singular Narrative in 1971 @whitneymuseum @UChicagoPress bit.ly/2iyODkJ

'Women of Abstract Expressionism’ Challenges the Art Historical Canon But Is Only the Beginning @denverartmuseum bit.ly/2aQ5dY6

MoMA Acquires Gay Pride Flag for Its Design Collection - bit.ly/1G441G4 @MuseumModernArt

Max Ernst’s trailblazing “collage novels” make perfect sense, in a free-associated way. hyperallergic.com/424432/max-ern… pic.twitter.com/qYox304OVJ

Shamanistic Paintings as Metaphors for Connectedness hyperallergic.com/384099/shamani… pic.twitter.com/tM1droh1GK

Violations of Artists' Rights More Than Doubled in 2016, Report Finds @Freemuse98 hyperallergic.com/?p=356737

Ai Weiwei Explores the Scale of Crisis in Four Massive Installations @Lisson_Gallery bit.ly/2fEsOiK

Anti-Columbus Day Activist Targets @Guggenheim's Gold Toilet #DecolonizeThisPlace bit.ly/2dWNE82

.@thegetty Research Institute Acquires 150-Year-Old Photographs of Palmyra and Beirut - bit.ly/1LokqNz

Egyptian Surrealism and the Quest to Define Modern Art in Egypt bit.ly/2iJEoXN

Digitized Artist Talks from the 20th Century, from Alice Neel to Gordon Parks bit.ly/2gBrJFk

A Lavishly Illuminated Medieval Bestiary Goes Online @aberdeenuni bit.ly/2gdX7x8

The First Known Depiction of a Witch on a Broomstick bit.ly/2eCJmER

MoMA Digitizes Exhibition Archives, Uploading Images and Data for 3,500 Shows @MuseumModernArt bit.ly/2cDojSo

Two Detroit Artists Face Up to Four Years in Prison for Political Graffiti bit.ly/2aYnsuB

Lapis Lazuli: A Blue More Precious than Gold @harvartmuseums bit.ly/2aspAY0

The Politics of Seeing, Being, and Visibility in Photography bit.ly/28IKvp0 @ApertureFnd

The Conflict Around Diversity at the AAM bit.ly/1VByKpF @aamers

The Vanishing, Painted Bus Stops of Belarus hyperallergic.com/222391/the-van… pic.twitter.com/0wJTpKo15N

One of New York's Most Conservative Museums Now Permits Photography - bit.ly/1kpa7s8 @frickcollection

The First Known Printed Bookplate hyperallergic.com/?p=354947

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