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The Fantastical Visions of a Forgotten Early-20th-Century Illustrator hyperallergic.com/319107/the-fan… pic.twitter.com/L9OBJK1cC7

The Future Is (Still) Female: Feminist Art for the 21st Century hyperallergic.com/381561/the-fut… pic.twitter.com/mrsKs4I8DL

Why Frederick Douglass Was the Most Photographed 19th-Century American @MAAHMuseum hyperallergic.com/?p=356148

Dark Matter as a Metaphor for Arts Activism @stationprojects hyperallergic.com/?p=353921

America Is Trembling: Jean Genet’s Answer to Donald Trump bit.ly/2jZv9CM

A Running List of Nationwide Art Spaces Closing for the #J20 Art Strike bit.ly/2iDl5T9

How to Support the Arts During the Trump Administration bit.ly/2gISVC9

A Tour of Timekeeping in Rare Books @GrolierClub bit.ly/2fzb609

Death by Wallpaper: The Alluring Arsenic Colors that Poisoned the Victorian Age @ThamesHudsonUSA bit.ly/2fosOmE

Benedict Cumberbatch Passionately Reads Sol LeWitt’s Famous Letter to Eva Hesse bit.ly/2eohcM6

The Well-Trodden Art of the Manhole Cover in New York City bit.ly/2bqhhQo

Protesters Shame @Guggenheim and Its Trustees with Light Projections - bit.ly/1VUTIkg @GulfLabor1

University of Kansas Acquires 1,000 Zines from a Defunct Radical Library - bit.ly/1Nkp1fP @kulibraries

University of Kansas Acquires 1,000 Zines from a Defunct Radical Library - bit.ly/1Nkp1fJ @kulibraries

Anish Kapoor Coats “Cloud Gate” in the Darkest Black Known to Humanity - bit.ly/1VXGJNm

.@NYPL Releases 180,000 Images, and Invites Users to Remix Them - bit.ly/1K1YaDx

Best of 2015: Our Top 10 Works of Internet Art - bit.ly/1RQztSh @MuseumModernArt @rhizome @thewronbiennale @itsdoingit @kcimc

The Rainbow Flag, which is an icon of LGBT Pride movements, has just been acquired by MoMA. hyperallergic.com/215327/museum-… pic.twitter.com/SglwatPVMU

Telling the History of Photographic Processes, from Daguerreotypes to Digital - bit.ly/1Ac35i3 @EastmanHouse

Marina Abramović Institute Seeks So Much Unpaid Work - bit.ly/1s7ROMB @hudsonmai

A Demographic Breakdown of the World's 200 Top Art Collectors - bit.ly/1oZrr7G

Metropolitan Museum of Art Releases 400,000 Images, with Restriction - bit.ly/1jZRbBq @metmuseum

Helen Frankenthaler’s Panoramas of Paint, on view at @the_clark: hyperallergic.com/390736/helen-f… pic.twitter.com/juJUXfZVMW

MoMA’s Travel Ban Protest Exposes a Legacy of Closeted Modernism @MuseumModernArt is.gd/s5rdt5

Christo, Trump and the Art World’s Emptiest Protest Yet hyperallergic.com/?p=354198

Artists Coordinate a Banner Drop Against Hate For Inauguration Weekend bit.ly/2jRx0K5

Saved by Shakespeare's Father, a Series of Medieval Murals Is Finally Restored bit.ly/2hxZhUM

Artists Join the Fight to Protect Standing Rock #NoDAPL bit.ly/2fmIGRD

Artists Respond with Devastation, Then Determination, to the Election of Donald Trump bit.ly/2fBeAvf

Human Anatomy as Portrayed in Woodblocks of 19th-Century Kabuki Actors @ucsf_library bit.ly/2aOMufC

Evidence Mounts that Rembrandt Used Optics to Paint Self-Portraits bit.ly/2asMOgL

Protesters Demand “Where Is Ana Mendieta?” in @Tate Modern Expansion bit.ly/1WMRvHS

French Museum Faces "Cultural Catastrophe" After Storage Vault Floods bit.ly/1X9qoXf

An Anthology of Queer Art Theory Puts Artists First bit.ly/27TXdv7 @MITpress @_TheWhitechapel @david_getsy

Attacks on Artistic Freedom Almost Doubled Worldwide in 2015, Report Says - bit.ly/21b1tWn

The Museum of Neon Art Switches Back on in LA - bit.ly/1KpQalb @MuseumofNeonArt

Artists Buy @realDonaldTrump Campaign Bus on Craigslist, Turn It Into Anti-Trump Art Project - bit.ly/1PQfrHS @t_Rutt2013

A Radiologist's X-Ray Photographs of Flowers from the 1930s - bit.ly/1Ufd8Ml

Takashi Murakami's Art Collection Offers a Glimpse of His Personal Taste - bit.ly/1RyhIHs

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