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How the most iconic bus on…

How the most iconic bus on Earth got a modern makeover (video) buff.ly/2gTAmvZ pic.twitter.com/dztmgVa5d7

The world’s biggest selfie…

The world’s biggest selfie machine looks like a blast buff.ly/2xa9E8t pic.twitter.com/8unNW2Ihio

This brilliant hack gives…

This brilliant hack gives the iPad a whole new button buff.ly/2yCxATK pic.twitter.com/8VnzVibSrE

Who’s afraid of AI? Senior…

Who’s afraid of AI? Senior creatives, mostly buff.ly/2xUlIPF pic.twitter.com/cyfWHkigAV

The most compelling character in “@bladerunner 2049?” The UI buff.ly/2yGotmw pic.twitter.com/WxVHwmm6ei

.@Ideo’s plan to stage…

.@Ideo’s plan to stage an AI revolution buff.ly/2x9Irmz pic.twitter.com/iJt29ah9Xa

Want a design-led company? Hire “people who are insanely curious.” buff.ly/2yAWqTW pic.twitter.com/DPngLa6zD0

Mesmerizing video reveals the stark beauty of electrodeposition buff.ly/2gB7vzU pic.twitter.com/M0H0fe1tco

AI is changing our brains…
The key to solving one of…

The key to solving one of cities’ biggest problems? Think small buff.ly/2yAVIWD pic.twitter.com/tVIwcKuw46

This octopus-inspired super…

This octopus-inspired super material is the next best thing to invisibility buff.ly/2xSBINk pic.twitter.com/Xi89TanrMX

The @Google Pixel 2’s best…

The @Google Pixel 2’s best feature? Its clock buff.ly/2xaU38N pic.twitter.com/aQkGjQiCa0

How the “anxiety and disorder of our time” is changing design buff.ly/2x9IbnB pic.twitter.com/sXYNfkv2n5

3D-printed floors are surprisingly awesome buff.ly/2gza9WL pic.twitter.com/nbu5sacbzW

Uh-oh: @InVisionApp’s free…

Uh-oh: @InVisionApp’s free new tool wants to kill Sketch, Adobe, and Framer buff.ly/2yCMuti pic.twitter.com/R0ypC9GoDF

I took @Levis and @Google's…

I took @Levis and @Google's first smart jacket out for a spin (video) buff.ly/2gTsvPl pic.twitter.com/bMgq6IdrV6

The number that explains @Snap’s new strategy buff.ly/2yGzrsm pic.twitter.com/d4HCh06xLy

How a data visualization of sperm led to a scientific breakthrough buff.ly/2xWWr7I pic.twitter.com/Tw6MIPON7o

.@dadjaye’s latest project? A museum of spycraft buff.ly/2yDKtii pic.twitter.com/BWAQTuMufG

How an Apple alum found her…

How an Apple alum found her true calling–in knots buff.ly/2l6QBuz pic.twitter.com/f8YNnKqBBe

The data viz that’s helping…

The data viz that’s helping transform a $45 billion company buff.ly/2yAVoHp pic.twitter.com/OetcUsVbWX

Worse gridlock, more inequality?…

Worse gridlock, more inequality? 3 ways self-driving cars could change cities buff.ly/2yGBjBv pic.twitter.com/8eTREiftE2

Nendo reinvents the zipper buff.ly/2yA8o2C pic.twitter.com/4sPLkoeVAk

The weird, wild future of…

The weird, wild future of CGI buff.ly/2yDLxmm pic.twitter.com/bVj0AWJNCS

.@Google Lens sucks, for…

.@Google Lens sucks, for now buff.ly/2xTd982 pic.twitter.com/awcXzfk52T

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