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A Wikipedia for data visualizations is here buff.ly/2yeFG77 pic.twitter.com/oKIZeaQH25

Exclusive: @Ideo’s plan to stage an AI revolution buff.ly/2gMaBxQ pic.twitter.com/HiSxlEbw1r

This brilliant hack gives the iPad a whole new button buff.ly/2yzG14k pic.twitter.com/lQEOcZDLJ7

Design is better than enforcement to make cities safer for everyone buff.ly/2wTu31q (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/gscM96sBzg

Exclusive: @Ideo’s plan to stage an AI revolution buff.ly/2ywGVP4 pic.twitter.com/DRJDzv3CZY

Alphabet Inc. plans a beta city buff.ly/2gNItdD pic.twitter.com/1Rm8SYm2Bh

Uh-oh: @InVisionApp’s free new tool wants to kill Sketch, Adobe, and Framer buff.ly/2gOvLLz pic.twitter.com/zJSOlrIz79

Ai Weiwei’s (@aiww) powerful protest against fences, walls and xenophobia buff.ly/2yeB3dv pic.twitter.com/vaBjPvZhHk

There’s an entirely new way of mapping the world, and it’s brilliant buff.ly/2gbE2sB pic.twitter.com/CjS9e1v7TC

How the most iconic bus on Earth got a modern makeover (video) buff.ly/2x1Nh53 pic.twitter.com/jTaxJq2WJi

This octopus-inspired super material is the next best thing to invisibility buff.ly/2ytxLRc pic.twitter.com/2iHrVdlzdj

This incredibly simple packaging idea could reduce global emissions buff.ly/2gJZuW5 pic.twitter.com/1l6dMcTFcQ

One designer’s urgent mission: Preserve classic city signage before it disappears buff.ly/2yjrCth pic.twitter.com/tplMGtuflt

This photographer shot the same people on their way to work over 9 years buff.ly/2g6k8ig pic.twitter.com/FvoTEJVy70

Seeing North Korea through its graphic design buff.ly/2g1ARn2 pic.twitter.com/aRvGs9JBO2

This beautiful map traces 275 years of data viz buff.ly/2kN6tlp pic.twitter.com/JohX8p8yCa

The world’s biggest selfie…

The world’s biggest selfie machine looks like a blast buff.ly/2gRobzU pic.twitter.com/5zuMDLlAc7

Branding has never been harder. Here’s how to master it buff.ly/2xIRMRy pic.twitter.com/l58U4eNGvv

How Futura became the most ripped-off typeface in history buff.ly/2ytAgoO pic.twitter.com/hSRc5Lm9je

Kids design the house of the future, and it’s chilling buff.ly/2gDgAVM pic.twitter.com/sKbhJ2BfQS

6 ways to create a culture of innovation buff.ly/2wTIDGi (from 2013) pic.twitter.com/CscMEd5zZS

In a creative rut? Try @medialab's Mad Libs for designers buff.ly/2yeGucj pic.twitter.com/E0PMjkYwm9

Want a design-led company?…

Want a design-led company? Hire “people who are insanely curious.” buff.ly/2xSgofC pic.twitter.com/0ygzFA3HQo

The history of hip-hop, ingeniously mapped like turntable circuitry buff.ly/2ypwLNW pic.twitter.com/9CkDsWrBjY

How the “anxiety and disorder of our time” is changing design buff.ly/2gMe0Nd pic.twitter.com/D4VZUgsdUT

This incredibly simple packaging idea could reduce global emissions buff.ly/2xKBsoE pic.twitter.com/ZjvhYduA46

Want a design-led company?…

Want a design-led company? Hire “people who are insanely curious.” buff.ly/2yu0YOo pic.twitter.com/5xeSmgzsua

These stamps are from countries that no longer exist buff.ly/2gBJwx1 pic.twitter.com/zqNhUBviCL

The little-known history of why Washington, D.C., is a Brutalist playground buff.ly/2xDexGC (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/wZ7F7wm45T

How a pair of orange scissors…

How a pair of orange scissors made design history buff.ly/2yqvK8v pic.twitter.com/fJLRfRpkNz

How the “anxiety and disorder of our time” is changing design buff.ly/2gpfLTu pic.twitter.com/5L7zeaOjGg

This is exactly why cities need to cover all of their buildings in plants buff.ly/2xDpAzw (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/H1gsJ79CpY

Seeing North Korea through its graphic design buff.ly/2yskU3Q pic.twitter.com/O8lmnhXiyt

Exclusive: The number that explains @Snap’s new strategy buff.ly/2xJyxfC pic.twitter.com/B1nB1IpVwP

This beautiful map traces 275 years of data viz buff.ly/2yldwYt pic.twitter.com/gGOKVAUZu9

In photos: Japan’s greatest overlooked urban design feature buff.ly/2g7Ll4c pic.twitter.com/Kpr0E2TLXU

20 artists draw their perfect self-driving car buff.ly/2yp0fLN pic.twitter.com/JfCikpsYAl

#NationalPastaDay: This @MIT-invented pasta packs flat, then snaps into crazy shapes buff.ly/2x2b5Gh pic.twitter.com/1R6SJK6eb6

.@deray: Here’s what designers can do to advance social justice buff.ly/2ylYctO pic.twitter.com/BOb9jTDxJe

Holographic recipes that cook along with you? Looks delicious buff.ly/2ympVuD pic.twitter.com/EHARNGQVSU

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