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In 1981, Sony asked the public…

In 1981, Sony asked the public to redesign their logo. They immediately regretted it: f-st.co/1EDS5wB pic.twitter.com/mcr9qFCp3D

This double-decker armrest…

This double-decker armrest could end the battle for elbow room on airplanes: f-st.co/is4ERk5 pic.twitter.com/SnFWEUvVou

This tiny Colorado town is…

This tiny Colorado town is where @TheGRAMMYs are made by hand buff.ly/1Wjv6hn #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/8WeylalJoY

This is what a bonsai tree…

This is what a bonsai tree looks like suspended in space: f-st.co/4lO94Kl pic.twitter.com/oyu95mdmEn

The battle of the sexes,…

The battle of the sexes, reduced to playful pictograms: f-st.co/dBBUQGs by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/P6NWE4YKuc

A brief history of bike superhighways.…

A brief history of bike superhighways. f-st.co/juK7SEG pic.twitter.com/AxfUqINohe

Infographic: the sleep schedules…

Infographic: the sleep schedules of 27 of history's greatest minds: f-st.co/mJceC0b pic.twitter.com/HcB0HrGYr2

These photos of rats holding…

These photos of rats holding teddy bears will make you kinda love rats. f-st.co/qS02TLt pic.twitter.com/USZi7BIsRm

For the first time in 20…

For the first time in 20 years, @MasterCard has a new logo buff.ly/29Svdkn pic.twitter.com/LgCbdjW9hx


"Communicate without words." 10 crucial lessons from history's greatest graphic designers: f-st.co/ietU4JR pic.twitter.com/LXFqAXG3U7

Star Wars Imperial Forces…

Star Wars Imperial Forces invade Thomas Kinkade's precious paintings. Slideshow: f-st.co/F5v7KRz pic.twitter.com/MGTOiu5KCz

Explore Paris with this gorgeous…

Explore Paris with this gorgeous map that looks like pop-art stained glass. f-st.co/Gi150QR pic.twitter.com/uBrEXbkZaf

Apple uses Picasso's

Apple uses Picasso's "The Bull" to teach new hires to think like Steve Jobs: f-st.co/noMybc5 pic.twitter.com/kt78iXEtoo

Infographic: James Bond's…

Infographic: James Bond's boozing would have killed him by age 56. f-st.co/46ujTEd pic.twitter.com/hPGLJj7STN

This fried chicken logo looks…

This fried chicken logo looks like a cock: f-st.co/Z4axGYi pic.twitter.com/Tvbgn4vh5q

Manifest Destiny as design…

Manifest Destiny as design challenge. The American flag through the years: f-st.co/YozYMCr pic.twitter.com/gkl6WYU8qo

The makings of a great logo:…

The makings of a great logo: f-st.co/52OPC9K pic.twitter.com/gLnUBl1QcV

Norway's new money is beautiful.…

Norway's new money is beautiful. Here's how @snohetta designed it: f-st.co/mpd7nls by @shaunacysays pic.twitter.com/w73c3bUriN

An illustrated history of…

An illustrated history of the camera: f-st.co/VBBXoKl pic.twitter.com/kSe2kvomRJ

45 years ago, @NASA launched an infographic for aliens into space buff.ly/2taAC0L pic.twitter.com/lIn9qPclsC

Check out the cool accidental…

Check out the cool accidental typography of satellite imagery: f-st.co/BTx5H5i by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/ZOrngyiAaU

The sleep schedules of 27…

The sleep schedules of 27 of history's greatest minds: f-st.co/RIWjSve pic.twitter.com/I6E0qRiUPy

How the television has evolved:…

How the television has evolved: f-st.co/ooQHVza pic.twitter.com/RxraGpjt0v

30Weeks: an experimental…

30Weeks: an experimental new design school, backed by Google: f-st.co/UjeAS2s pic.twitter.com/2oNDeZiHL6

Microsoft has relaunched…

Microsoft has relaunched its original 1994 site on the web: f-st.co/xy64SyC pic.twitter.com/1WcfmqBAXj

Creative people tend to be…

Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted. buff.ly/1YzsFaz pic.twitter.com/0EKSn0MVsN

What it's like to be @KimKardashian's personal emoji designer buff.ly/2l0utjd pic.twitter.com/dIR0wcPdln

How Lego became the Apple…

How Lego became the Apple of toys: f-st.co/Fy5AKIf by @JonathanRingen pic.twitter.com/Euim0grjP3

Why your startup failed,…

Why your startup failed, visualized: f-st.co/afwblgY by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/3pf8L49dHx

The London Underground's…

The London Underground's iconic typeface gets a redesign buff.ly/1PqSPIA pic.twitter.com/ChfMjnMzRR

This is your brain on 6 hours…

This is your brain on 6 hours of sleep a night. Might as well just get drunk: f-st.co/iLvJqyw pic.twitter.com/3NLuhlbera

These offices make a day…

These offices make a day at work feel like a walk in the park (well, almost): f-st.co/91QjqGu pic.twitter.com/4b1vmt5yZI


"Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future." 11 beautiful libraries: f-st.co/0i8SR9g pic.twitter.com/yqeiqfwhWu

What bendable screens mean…

What bendable screens mean for the future of UI buff.ly/1osy3RM pic.twitter.com/X3Z5h8OIGM

Legendary Apple designer…

Legendary Apple designer @susankare gives young designers two simple rules to follow: f-st.co/NMcsySx pic.twitter.com/A6Jksvpjck

10 design principles, gorgeously…

10 design principles, gorgeously illustrated in paper-art posters: f-st.co/V0cE1RY by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/jozzlXtkfo

Nothing like spectacular…

Nothing like spectacular space pictures to give you a little perspective: f-st.co/HVmgoJo pic.twitter.com/ar11iudO3j

Google's self-driving car…

Google's self-driving car is real, and it looks like a tiny bubble-car: f-st.co/INXMVQU pic.twitter.com/ZKXi07JNjG

This might be the first selfie…

This might be the first selfie in photographic history. f-st.co/0VtU1Zb pic.twitter.com/ok8ZoQdXDE

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