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Haters gonna hate, but the…

Haters gonna hate, but the new #StarWars lightsaber is great design. Here's why: f-st.co/trm4qdr by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/ngb3i2UYW6

.@MIT's next breakthrough…

.@MIT's next breakthrough interface? Temporary tattoos buff.ly/2b2pyXC pic.twitter.com/SFlyMzxwp1

This is what D.C.'s new elevated…

This is what D.C.'s new elevated park, by @theOLINstudio and OMA, will look like: f-st.co/axbj8sP pic.twitter.com/0rNgs22CFq

The amazing history of London's…

The amazing history of London's most enduring logo. f-st.co/skgIQjN pic.twitter.com/aAunPRCs49

#NationalSelfieDay: This might be the first selfie in photographic history buff.ly/2sA9eqt pic.twitter.com/SwFtOcnPKQ

An ingenious cookbook uses…

An ingenious cookbook uses infographics instead of words: f-st.co/avkm076 pic.twitter.com/HWfqlZCC24

Cyclists, this glow-in-the-dark…

Cyclists, this glow-in-the-dark bike could save your life: f-st.co/GtNMa7R pic.twitter.com/XbiTJD3o5X

How do you work from home…

How do you work from home without going crazy in your house? Put the office in the backyard: f-st.co/W5hyopx pic.twitter.com/wVGWa1pf4L

Glowing roads go live in…

Glowing roads go live in the Netherlands, with plans for international expansion: f-st.co/0b898mP pic.twitter.com/4NFyEKXRWI

This one guy approves 30,000…

This one guy approves 30,000 beer labels a year, and brewers hate him: f-st.co/GyeiLF2 pic.twitter.com/dXXUXn6sth

A Wikipedia for data visualizations is here buff.ly/2fjRFcm pic.twitter.com/Hnf86UUYgn

7 cities that are starting…

7 cities that are starting to go car-free: f-st.co/ZusJfoL pic.twitter.com/IHuPRsEGZY

An illustrated history of…

An illustrated history of the camera: f-st.co/fewYiyU pic.twitter.com/cCzhPL5B5q


"Creativity doesn't come from doing what you already know how to do." The wisdom of @SteveWoz: f-st.co/M7DfzKI pic.twitter.com/3sNKH9ggUW

This strip of plastic is…

This strip of plastic is actually four measuring spoons buff.ly/2e7GNZu pic.twitter.com/pJJ0AcJRHG

These rubber bands aren't…

These rubber bands aren't round. They're cubes! f-st.co/SzuMChN by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/v4qKT1QGbI

Infographic: What does your…

Infographic: What does your handwriting say about you? f-st.co/V7qkbAV pic.twitter.com/z2PrFHxaFl

Cyclists, this glow-in-the-dark…

Cyclists, this glow-in-the-dark bike could save your life: f-st.co/m9Q33sP pic.twitter.com/8JYuGUTNUb


"Be consistent with color palettes." 5 things designers could learn from Wes Anderson: f-st.co/X9gUsxZ pic.twitter.com/NT7va1EOt3


"Having the "taptic" feedback vibrate the direction you should turn when using Maps is a great idea." @ctrlzee: f-st.co/cdx9K4F

UI, UX: Who does what? A…

UI, UX: Who does what? A designer's guide to the tech industry: f-st.co/Pihw7Ms pic.twitter.com/Mdw6BNoCIB

This new @Moleskine is like…

This new @Moleskine is like an iPad made of paper: f-st.co/POenk7q by @ctrlzee pic.twitter.com/OElJeDzKPQ

Nothing like spectacular…

Nothing like spectacular space pictures to give you a little perspective: f-st.co/FjBNZ7B pic.twitter.com/Hh5bkq09fq

.@MuseumModernArt recognizes…

.@MuseumModernArt recognizes @susankare, designer of the original Mac's icons: f-st.co/md2PqHg by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/Y1oJedx0SY

One man's mission to design…

One man's mission to design better chopsticks for the disabled: f-st.co/XlwdQbK pic.twitter.com/zBwhl4MvAr

Minimalism is dead. Hello, maximalism buff.ly/2pFrJr6 pic.twitter.com/p543hAPgAV

What bendable screens mean…

What bendable screens mean for the future of UI buff.ly/1PYdovY pic.twitter.com/KGY8i6pPX6

How designers built the world…

How designers built the world of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by hand: f-st.co/OeRpRiC pic.twitter.com/SyyE3li0cm

Can all white Legos help…

Can all white Legos help guide the designers and architects of tomorrow? f-st.co/EoLVZxD pic.twitter.com/xrRFJUGWvV

London is aiming to become…

London is aiming to become the world's most exciting place to be a pedestrian f-st.co/ANUYQLd by @shaunacysays pic.twitter.com/DXDtPWeyl0

The Berlin Wall is coming…

The Berlin Wall is coming back, but don't worry: It'll be made of balloons. f-st.co/fdtYP2S by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/RqwuR8eZ5k

How Apple uses Picasso to…

How Apple uses Picasso to teach employees about product design: f-st.co/htlh8s3 pic.twitter.com/baPOS7fWB7

Infographic: The history…

Infographic: The history of audio equipment. From phonographs to boom boxes, it's all here: f-st.co/P7zdPSQ pic.twitter.com/jJgbhFWT4W

.@PopChartLab's infographic…

.@PopChartLab's infographic charts the most significant works of architecture since 4,800 B.C. f-st.co/ak8qvtS pic.twitter.com/EbO6lFRoyF

A perfect skewering of Apple's…

A perfect skewering of Apple's AirPods, courtesy of @ConanOBrien buff.ly/2cjT1PL pic.twitter.com/k9HmRi3mLU

A vivid reminder that Flint's…

A vivid reminder that Flint's water crisis is far from over buff.ly/2bfC0F8 #flintwatercrisis pic.twitter.com/uWCgWIjfM5

The world's first 3-D printed…

The world's first 3-D printed band has instruments that look like sci-fi weapons: f-st.co/QcfEMxJ by @sophcw pic.twitter.com/3Q4V6MdVf8

Aerial photos capture Iceland's…

Aerial photos capture Iceland's hypnotizing rivers: f-st.co/8ilGujz pic.twitter.com/XyBuUYmKl3

We totally want to buy this…

We totally want to buy this giant pencil lamp for the cord alone: f-st.co/BAcJ0t0 by @DrCrypt pic.twitter.com/gP7wBogb3B

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