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An apartment tower in Belgium…

An apartment tower in Belgium is being designed to help residents make friends: f-st.co/vCpRjos pic.twitter.com/EyRjc4qHq2

The latest use of @Google’s @projecttango? Innovating graffiti buff.ly/2rzOK0l pic.twitter.com/U5bxmnfb7R

Where do designers go to…

Where do designers go to work after college? f-st.co/yY8dSRC pic.twitter.com/q69IIDGXPw

Can better acoustics make…

Can better acoustics make open offices suck less? f-st.co/IJlvXG0 pic.twitter.com/7VtXKIGYah

The entire universe as we know it in one spectacular photograph buff.ly/2ujr3tg (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/5q26gd71NJ

Exclusive: Behind Fluent Design, @Microsoft’s vision for the future of interfaces buff.ly/2r46foo pic.twitter.com/THwk3PuarY

Top designers from @Ideo,…

Top designers from @Ideo, @Autodesk, and @HugeInc on what every grad should know buff.ly/22fgEuc pic.twitter.com/bXWei9pF62

Facebook's 10-year plan to…

Facebook's 10-year plan to become the Matrix: f-st.co/idaELt7 by @ctrlzee pic.twitter.com/f7AOsDD1Dd

A rare interview with graphic…

A rare interview with graphic design legend Massimo Vignelli: f-st.co/4vLgesN by @gary_hustwit pic.twitter.com/M3g2wRSJtN

Why you should doodle more:…

Why you should doodle more: f-st.co/MeZsXMP pic.twitter.com/UFTmVY6GfR

.@ThierryBrunfaut makes these…

.@ThierryBrunfaut makes these posters of no-frills design advice in just 5 minutes: f-st.co/MKxVgrk pic.twitter.com/9zDi3EQ1gl

Apple uses Picasso's

Apple uses Picasso's "The Bull" to teach new hires to think like Steve Jobs: f-st.co/7CFz6cG pic.twitter.com/XVIr6z6IBi

.@Xiaomi's new $13 fitness…

.@Xiaomi's new $13 fitness tracker represents the future of the low-end wearables market: f-st.co/vWsT00J pic.twitter.com/oiJIbm1Wxw

Infographic: 80 designs that…

Infographic: 80 designs that changed the world. f-st.co/hXMjpPP pic.twitter.com/pmtFbeCtUE

Infographic: the sleep schedules…

Infographic: the sleep schedules of 27 of history's greatest minds: f-st.co/fX72vYz pic.twitter.com/OVibKsh3ex

Behind the scenes of @Bjork's…

Behind the scenes of @Bjork's insane, immersive room-sized music video: f-st.co/t1XUbrM by @johnpaul pic.twitter.com/5gnKuIM66B

The inside story of @ShakeShack's…

The inside story of @ShakeShack's $1.6 billion branding: f-st.co/No3r5cf by @ctrlzee pic.twitter.com/YXs5jU4LPL

Every page of Jack Kerouac's…

Every page of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" illustrated: f-st.co/vpsBVCr by @sophcw pic.twitter.com/zc77AVJUM5

This keychain dongle can…

This keychain dongle can analyze almost any physical object instantly: f-st.co/HsnVfkv pic.twitter.com/12gY9qfyox

.@Instagram's new offices…

.@Instagram's new offices are here, and they're ready for their close-up buff.ly/2dhe9EC pic.twitter.com/XDYzjqdLw6

How designers built the world…

How designers built the world of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by hand: f-st.co/d2Z4A6p by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/90ijPVf1xl

Drone ambulances by @argodesigned:…

Drone ambulances by @argodesigned: not nearly as crazy as they sound f-st.co/AriDmFI by @ctrlzee pic.twitter.com/J900mIeoRR

What's in a color? Lessons…

What's in a color? Lessons in color science: f-st.co/dmQXZIw pic.twitter.com/hvD86QQsB1

“Write drunk, edit sober.” According to science, Ernest Hemingway was actually right buff.ly/2v7csoE pic.twitter.com/58uylUHiML

The symptoms of depression,…

The symptoms of depression, visualized: f-st.co/bgmNEyZ by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/IcMuhnh5Dq

10 crucial lessons from history's…

10 crucial lessons from history's greatest graphic designers: f-st.co/IznI8Xa pic.twitter.com/4wCETcEvwd

The @Pantone hotel has arrived.…

The @Pantone hotel has arrived. Surprise! It's colorful. f-st.co/auMki6f by @sophcw pic.twitter.com/J7hjkVpUZv

The glass is half full, and…

The glass is half full, and then some. Creatives are seriously optimistic: f-st.co/yhAMlWt #infographic pic.twitter.com/AgDdYyhrHB

Haunting photographs of modern-day…

Haunting photographs of modern-day ghost towns: f-st.co/FsVCZoS pic.twitter.com/FiwuZiJcsc

Say hello to Literata, Google's…

Say hello to Literata, Google's font designed exclusively for longer reads: f-st.co/VQoiyGi pic.twitter.com/ubzSEtzr9F

This chair-free office bans…

This chair-free office bans sitting: f-st.co/cjlT52k by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/TIVgsWHi37

We'd take this over a mansion…

We'd take this over a mansion any day. See 9 of the world's most inventive tiny buildings: f-st.co/hT8g1fq pic.twitter.com/FXhKtx6SDP

A Japanese artist was arrested…

A Japanese artist was arrested for letting people 3-D print models of her vagina: f-st.co/f64Tz4w pic.twitter.com/tAdFXI6z4R

These hangable chairs are…

These hangable chairs are perfect for a tiny apartment: f-st.co/PnclRT4 pic.twitter.com/btwQpNHfhk

.@Bjork, @AzealiaBanks, @ReggieWatts:…

.@Bjork, @AzealiaBanks, @ReggieWatts: the week's best music videos f-st.co/QV2WsKN by @careydunne pic.twitter.com/0rWCwVUkOb

Dramatic photos of London's…

Dramatic photos of London's 23 miles of new underground tunnels: f-st.co/jWB1OFF by @shaunacysays pic.twitter.com/G80VSEdAj9

Apple uses Picasso's

Apple uses Picasso's "The Bull" to teach new hires to think like Steve Jobs: f-st.co/YM3R7hE pic.twitter.com/nLFv3psnvz

UPDATE: After being widely…

UPDATE: After being widely mocked on social media @realDonaldTrump has pulled the flag logo buff.ly/29Ic578 pic.twitter.com/biiAYnkhkI

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