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#Vintage stamps from countries…

#Vintage stamps from countries that don'e exist anymore. buff.ly/2yBWHYL pic.twitter.com/hYG8jl0767

Fisher Wave #Branding by SVA student Qiushuo Li buff.ly/2iolIAt pic.twitter.com/whV2CVXuEw

Can Commercial Art Ever Be “Art”? buff.ly/2imZYVC pic.twitter.com/XS3rMB1dxa

“A young visual artist possesses a creative mind that is not bound to the box…" buff.ly/2x7rUj1 pic.twitter.com/WfYowADPCD

Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design buff.ly/2zoFqPR pic.twitter.com/k2TjZLqS7H

Personality by Design: 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2x8qlRP pic.twitter.com/VtGeadpYWy

New AIGA Google Art Project “Across Borders: A Look at the Work of Latinx Designers” buff.ly/2yzMV7s pic.twitter.com/VabjOkRzDC

Petra Font Family designed by Faculty of Applied Arts #student Ana Prodanoić buff.ly/2yBvRA9 pic.twitter.com/QNPpdFfOr4

#BookCover for Before Midnight designed by Bill English buff.ly/2gv8CBa pic.twitter.com/yE1eok8v4V

New Standards for New York’s Underground buff.ly/2x8T1do #NYC #subway pic.twitter.com/JsVsJnBRxC

Smithsonian Curator Talks Barack and Michelle #Obama’s Official Portrait Selection buff.ly/2glOq0G pic.twitter.com/kSq4WQFFzb

#Facebook and #Google's political advertising problem goes beyond fake Russian accounts buff.ly/2yAMmu7 pic.twitter.com/P6INwUZ8Kx

Trees and Walls: Organizational Structures and The Art of Metaphor buff.ly/2yAQ6Ok @BuzzPoole pic.twitter.com/n1TMgHG3E9

“A Book of Fiction” by Jan Sawka buff.ly/2yADtCx pic.twitter.com/HFTSUTGeWs

Paul Sahre chats to us about his new book Two Dimensional Man: A Graphic Memoir buff.ly/2x8M5xa pic.twitter.com/hAf8TbkjQ7

Senators Push for 'Honest Ads.' Plus, Shocking Commercials for Skin Lighteners buff.ly/2gnfgFR pic.twitter.com/sSOuokVR0b

Photomontage (and Futura) as Political Instrument buff.ly/2xQFPcK pic.twitter.com/v9QDGBDHTE

A new chatbot will help with #depression—and it’s backed by one of the biggest names in AI buff.ly/2yCt4Xe pic.twitter.com/MRlhBu1mFp

Join us for #HOWLive in 2018! Register before November 30th and save up to $700. buff.ly/2geRPOY pic.twitter.com/Svs0ajLbuA

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