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Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet buff.ly/2Bbthml #Pantone #CotY pic.twitter.com/uPHyBW6Gyr

#HappyBirthday Futura! 90 years and still going strong. buff.ly/2ANzggy pic.twitter.com/DEaTi7V9La

#Illustration & Graphic Design: Butcher Billy's Stranger Tales: S2 buff.ly/2AHQ6JY (don't worry — no spoile… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

#Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts From the Past buff.ly/2zOQqKY pic.twitter.com/Gt6DnXE2Us

34 Brilliant #GraphicDesign and Paper Ads From the ’60s buff.ly/2ncNIZT pic.twitter.com/oq1NCWVQif

#Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts From the Past buff.ly/2j0qSiO pic.twitter.com/1gdZT2Z7QH

Epica Award winners reflect a turbulent year via @CreativeReview buff.ly/2hAwS1o #graphicdesign pic.twitter.com/qesfvfiQeL

Have you taken a moment to wish Futura happy 90th birthday? buff.ly/2kZvyKF #typography pic.twitter.com/H3M1owAWW8

A Visual Sampling of the Best New #Comics Anthologies buff.ly/2Bdxk1N pic.twitter.com/Lwl6wK1qSL

7 Designers Who Broke the Rules of #Typography – With Beautiful Results buff.ly/2ncYWOe pic.twitter.com/cF9UqzWb6r

How one #typeface allows brands to speak in a variety of tones buff.ly/2B4HDUM pic.twitter.com/80Y81wuSFY

How the neon light industry was born. buff.ly/2iy8CRR pic.twitter.com/cPXZjod269

Arabic Typographic #Posters via @FormFiftyFive buff.ly/2irT66O pic.twitter.com/3NEA7IBUBx

7 Books About #Color Every Designer (and Color Fan) Should Own buff.ly/2hwfdba pic.twitter.com/wl3DeKD9jY

Record-Breaking Revolutionaries of #Music #Design buff.ly/2xW1nbf pic.twitter.com/8F9wcdkIGs

“The history of the punk aesthetic cannot be told, only shown.” buff.ly/2mTlyDh #design #history pic.twitter.com/eVwgZlVcHA

Designers Who Broke the Rules of #Typography buff.ly/2ifFjmp pic.twitter.com/ngjta8yLzd

Iconic Postage Stamp #Designs from History buff.ly/2zEEjiA pic.twitter.com/G2b7SxZgjG

Learn what old-timey print ads can teach us about making #advertising for the future. buff.ly/2Aiosrn pic.twitter.com/f18YHAO2eu

The Univers of Helvetica: A Tale of Two Typefaces buff.ly/2iAAfJV pic.twitter.com/8ugpHH2eqi

The Nature of Inspiration: Charley Harper’s Minimal #Realism buff.ly/2hxVqIA pic.twitter.com/388kTCDTTf

The Basics of Color: History of the #Color Wheel buff.ly/2kuhXuC pic.twitter.com/kBfpGU0BEJ

Brilliant #GraphicDesign and Paper Ads From the ’60s buff.ly/2yQSba7 pic.twitter.com/3PlyHnJ6HV

The Art of #Typography: 11 Brilliant Typographic Design Projects buff.ly/2nPJRCF pic.twitter.com/tb0rM12zCn

Youth culture is known for rebellion. Discover the #history of punk and graphic design. buff.ly/2ASHggm pic.twitter.com/SgrovXGOHm

It’s All Greek to Me: A Brief #History of Lorem Ipsum Text buff.ly/2AGOFMe pic.twitter.com/LcfCJpgzat

#HowTo tell the difference between fair use and infringement buff.ly/2fORFkG pic.twitter.com/4kqS1H8dqP

A Wonderland of Rock Poster Lettering and #Typography buff.ly/2hxIz9g pic.twitter.com/fNVUIG8fDI

Two Million Wondrous Nature #Illustrations Put Online by The Biodiversity Heritage Library buff.ly/2B3wctt pic.twitter.com/uU9WquvQuW

Show your support for #PublicLibraries with this awesome letterpress poster buff.ly/2izf7DY pic.twitter.com/ZctPu553fn

#Illustration of Frank Ocean by Jack Hughes for the Village Voice buff.ly/2AvtXT5 pic.twitter.com/KOjvDY84g4

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