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Magazine Covers by Famous #Artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Banksy, Fairey & More buff.ly/2iH82kf pic.twitter.com/9988MLRvo1

Punk for a Day: Graphic Design History and the #Punk Aesthetic buff.ly/2gQet4f pic.twitter.com/kEQ4aquUTa

15 Beautiful #SciFi Book Covers from Around the World buff.ly/2zR4aka pic.twitter.com/IBv2WGPZ90

We Talk About Fonts All Wrong. Here's A Better Way via @HuffPost buff.ly/2hCYZxE pic.twitter.com/HlLPBrItDe

Aaron Draplin: A Checklist for Handing Off #Design Files buff.ly/2zcGZEP pic.twitter.com/NtGT8fRJAj

#Typography Terms 101: Everything You Need to Know buff.ly/2yNUhGD pic.twitter.com/g0Lywrqv4s

The Bottle’s the Thing: The #Branding Evolution of Soda Pop buff.ly/2yNuqPd pic.twitter.com/CsfFi3gpjz

Two Million Wondrous Nature…

Two Million Wondrous Nature #Illustrations Put Online by The Biodiversity Heritage Library buff.ly/2B3wctt pic.twitter.com/uU9WquvQuW

10 Remarkable #Letterpress Studios from Around the World buff.ly/2zmuaXH pic.twitter.com/imdldfgRq9

5 Powerful Online Design Portfolios + #Advice for Creating Your Own buff.ly/2z87xX1 pic.twitter.com/FlEWj1YL6m

What do the #typefaces of classic film titles say about California? buff.ly/2yOINEd pic.twitter.com/kwAZtFPrZW

17 Vintage & Modern #Frankenstein Cover Designs buff.ly/2yQmJbs pic.twitter.com/QivVPGCmz4

11 Beautiful Handlettered Projects buff.ly/2ivMPcY pic.twitter.com/YRAioHwVGw

14 Reliable Data Sources for Creating #Infographics buff.ly/2iv3ddQ pic.twitter.com/htJOymBn32

34 Brilliant #GraphicDesign and Paper Ads From the ’60s buff.ly/2AG9vLz pic.twitter.com/yt463clMaf

#NASA’s 24 Most Stunning Photos Of The Solar System buff.ly/2i1bIuc pic.twitter.com/my3g8pK8kq

#Handlettering really made a comeback in 2015. How long do you think the trend will last? buff.ly/2zpdLSj pic.twitter.com/ThWYLydAtb

#Poster for the Women's March by #designers Charles & Thorn buff.ly/2zguN53 pic.twitter.com/562goCZtl2

Pol Alert's #CoverDesign for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 2015 buff.ly/2ytX7BB pic.twitter.com/sqIv4b2rQZ

Swiss Style: The Principles, the #Typefaces & the Designers buff.ly/2yIQ0Cl pic.twitter.com/KSSvnzeQQc

A new book examines German influence on modern day #GraphicDesign buff.ly/2mrBhcf pic.twitter.com/eoYFPWdzZ4

The Acid Aesthetic: A Brief #History of Psychedelic Design buff.ly/2zneZxf pic.twitter.com/KsTdGqMaRZ

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” buff.ly/2hCtkvY #quoteoftheday pic.twitter.com/20yRIjl30M

Designing The Communist Manifesto: Less Was More buff.ly/2yYsyTB pic.twitter.com/ONalnbKVRl

#StrangerThings2 Showcases These 12 #Brands in All of Their ’80s Glory buff.ly/2iE2rLM pic.twitter.com/igci9DvL2j

Decriminalizing #Typography: Declaring an End to the War on “Type Crimes” buff.ly/2yNZ9eT pic.twitter.com/86demfoatH

How sans-serif fonts took over the world via @FormFiftyFive buff.ly/2mxAOFF #typography pic.twitter.com/WzFC1uipuj

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