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#Magazine Covers by Famous #Artists: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Banksy, Fairey & More buff.ly/2EIlH0K pic.twitter.com/otPU3rBBMJ

#Forbes turned 100 last year. Check out heir #LogoDesign over the years buff.ly/2Fhb06d pic.twitter.com/LjGMLsNcSS

Chris Ware’s Newest Book is the Smartest #Monograph on Earth buff.ly/2HDvxC1 #Book #Design pic.twitter.com/ji0RF7Y8F9

PRINT's magazine covers from the 1990s. Some are actually kind of terrifying. buff.ly/2FlZvK1 #designtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Edgar Allan Poe, 2015 India ink wash by John Kascht buff.ly/2oLGN7P #illustration pic.twitter.com/TCA2FiaiSa

#Vintage Russian poster designs to make you drool buff.ly/2I1gvas pic.twitter.com/7cDWEsICPt

Watty Piper's 1930 “The Little Engine That Could” buff.ly/2GOq9M2 #ChildrensBooks pic.twitter.com/JWnVbJOT3D

#Cartoon supporting #suffrage, 1917. See more of the visual history of #protest in America: buff.ly/2GKFugG pic.twitter.com/4XxuKsHCuw

9 #Student Designs That Prove We Have A Beautiful #Future Ahead buff.ly/2FYA8S3 pic.twitter.com/lfc3kDegqx

Retype’s Modern Interpretation of François Guyot’s Type buff.ly/2tKsp5w #typography #design pic.twitter.com/LuRatTXQmh

Celebrating incredible #women designers this month & every month. Meet Ali Mac. buff.ly/2GaxiY2 #design pic.twitter.com/sa9BaSrr0g

Ksenya Samarskaya: Subtlety, Contradictions & Women in #Typography Design buff.ly/2D9l5Q5twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Looking at the world through #magazine cover designs buff.ly/2FhpPbp pic.twitter.com/Qf9expNfjf

#Branding the world’s first #plasticfree supermarket aisle via @Design_Week buff.ly/2tcS6LC pic.twitter.com/1LGGgbINpf

PRINT has ben around for 77 years now. And we've seen a lot of #typography in our days. buff.ly/2oF5McX pic.twitter.com/RRXaYwYiEy

Here are 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2FAoIS1 pic.twitter.com/w1JJGojZvN

True Tales of Banned Comics: Guns, V-Games, and the N-Word buff.ly/2CeX2Dh #BlackHistory pic.twitter.com/B0YdIsLZs9

Yuko Shimizu’s #WomenPower Posters Go Underground buff.ly/2ogcEhh pic.twitter.com/lNceCUh9wV

Here's what happens when @base_design rebrands an entire neighborhood. buff.ly/2ogbYsf #MeatPacking pic.twitter.com/x8uZOoKpJj

Learn how to provide #webdesign project leadership from research all the way through testing buff.ly/2omD5kQ pic.twitter.com/QtbGlN0YLi

3 Things You Need to Know About #Printing on Demand buff.ly/2pee24I pic.twitter.com/Yu97vx4Yts

New Exhibition Traces History of #GraphicDesign and Politics buff.ly/2FWFWvp pic.twitter.com/YK3qBgr06A

Retype’s Modern Interpretation of François Guyot’s Type buff.ly/2pgn0gY #typography #history pic.twitter.com/vqOz4NkWPi

60 #PosterDesign Ideas from the Regional Design Awards buff.ly/2FCOc4q pic.twitter.com/IoHRH9bKON

15 Beautiful #SciFi Book Covers from Around the World buff.ly/2tM2F8N pic.twitter.com/VQ5VCpHqS9

You haven't seen the Meatpacking neighborhood like this before + other animated #logos buff.ly/2G8a4BD pic.twitter.com/xVLNsYIdj8

Behind #StanleyKubrick’s Napoleon, “the greatest movie never made” via @itsnicethat buff.ly/2Fq2K38 pic.twitter.com/burP5SUuW9

Striking Portraits Pay Tribute to Mexico's Murdered Women via @broadly buff.ly/2oPxWTk pic.twitter.com/TUrkdryYWC

77 years of PRINT magazine cover designs buff.ly/2GYxd99 #design #hisotry pic.twitter.com/Jt3LIYuah2

From the archives: Sex + #Design: Behind Canadian Club Whiskey’s 2008 #Brand Revival buff.ly/2Fjv8aw pic.twitter.com/ore7J6sDQB

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