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#Vintage stamps from countries that don'e exist anymore. buff.ly/2yBWHYL pic.twitter.com/hYG8jl0767

Award-Winning Book & Book Cover #Designs buff.ly/2mqJ9L7 pic.twitter.com/bVm2yZsqkT

#Laughter helps most people cope with the stress of everyday existence. buff.ly/2ztDaKS pic.twitter.com/z38FZKcQbn

Swiss Style: The Principles, the #Typefaces & the Designers buff.ly/2zi8FaX pic.twitter.com/rINMkxQBtN

Our Favorite Paul Rand Kids’ Book buff.ly/2zzeYTI pic.twitter.com/R50D8LqfAC

The Nature of #Inspiration: Charley Harper’s Minimal Realism buff.ly/2mneChk pic.twitter.com/KQ27wfn8Me

The 7 Best and Worst #Design Knockoffs buff.ly/2ieGPCH pic.twitter.com/OBP44pdwgK

4 Brilliant Student Typographic #Designs buff.ly/2mqgpSS pic.twitter.com/ZyZeNioof7

Andy Warhol’s Magazine Career, from Raggedy to Riches buff.ly/2i1IsmZ #PopArt pic.twitter.com/XrFwe8Z8dW

Keeping Social Issues Alive with #designer Garland Kirkpatrick buff.ly/2yrKW8x pic.twitter.com/hXAetWXcjm

Personality by Design: 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2ytutQY pic.twitter.com/x1jd4yRq03

The Evolution of Jessica Walsh buff.ly/2zy2UlV pic.twitter.com/P1wXPKQuva

A little slice of design #history: Stamps from countries that no longer exist. buff.ly/2zy3lwt pic.twitter.com/PuRI59JMTT

Swiss Style: The Principles,…

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the #Designers buff.ly/2iZWVPT pic.twitter.com/5b50EKmkjL

"Education is a privilege, and it can be a barrier or a stepping-stone." buff.ly/2z4Cdti pic.twitter.com/o2GYo9lvXw

Book Covers Are Watching You: A Selection of #1984 Cover Designs buff.ly/2m2e7JF #bookcovers pic.twitter.com/ANpLRKYIR4

Remembering Cartoonist & Illustrator Jack Davis buff.ly/2yPr4vv pic.twitter.com/5o48yFPMGT

Psyop leaflets distributed to North Korean troops in the 1950s buff.ly/2lcv0k3 pic.twitter.com/AqglWHbC1l

Meet New Visual Artist Lucy Engleman, cover designer for the most recent issue of PRINT. buff.ly/2gGvbCP pic.twitter.com/7B5FS0vLE2

Fisher Wave #Branding by SVA student Qiushuo Li buff.ly/2iolIAt pic.twitter.com/whV2CVXuEw

Steven Heller talks with…

Steven Heller talks with author M.C. Hühne about the #design history of Pan Am. buff.ly/2hwgL4X pic.twitter.com/bgdpFSLpmW

What Made a #Logo Great with Wally Krantz buff.ly/2z8s1A4 pic.twitter.com/L0YPvsAHco

6 Tricks to a Memorable #Logo: Tips from Paul Rand, the master buff.ly/2mmxm0C pic.twitter.com/3SZAXpEzHv

Behind the Art Direction & #Brand Identity of Blade Runner 2049 buff.ly/2igTZ1T pic.twitter.com/m0Xaokx3zd

15 Award-Winning Book Covers buff.ly/2zoo1dm pic.twitter.com/pC201pRdRO

10 Things to Consider When Pricing #Illustrations buff.ly/2h7Ja17 pic.twitter.com/ZGV6l2RqTO

Beautifully #illustrated cookbook by design visionary Cipe Pineles buff.ly/2hCwzUu pic.twitter.com/miMLTSvM20

150 Years of H. G. Wells Book Covers buff.ly/2ziUenf #SciFi #Halloween pic.twitter.com/M1py5VJPv7

Awesome Poster #Design by Ola Jasionowska buff.ly/2zbhJPF pic.twitter.com/G1csXL2ntT

10 Award-Winning Leaflets, Pamphlets & Brochures buff.ly/2AM8IIT pic.twitter.com/Rq1iFhJXjy

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