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150 Years of H. G. Wells Book Covers buff.ly/2ziUenf #SciFi #Halloween pic.twitter.com/M1py5VJPv7

10 Award-Winning Leaflets, Pamphlets & Brochures buff.ly/2AM8IIT pic.twitter.com/Rq1iFhJXjy

Yuko Shimizu’s Women Power #Posters Go Underground buff.ly/2iUIaOn pic.twitter.com/B2SxYOcq5p

The surprising #design history of Indiana. buff.ly/2yPB9co pic.twitter.com/uejGf5NKnX

Design can make or break a brand identity, and thus, a #brand. buff.ly/2zM9adS pic.twitter.com/Z7Y6LihIt5

Honoring wood type cutter Mardell Doubek with a futurist #font. buff.ly/2iJUYHf pic.twitter.com/qs0j4Iy5v2

19 Impressive "To Kill A Mockingbird" Covers from Around the World buff.ly/2zzLgC8 #BookCovers pic.twitter.com/YIcyGaNGiK

It’s Time for #WebDesign to Be About Design buff.ly/2A2FEwi pic.twitter.com/U2r0s3zeOi

The Surprising Beauty of Machine #Art buff.ly/2z8n5tW pic.twitter.com/inVE7vSaCY

5 #Illustrators Who Brought Edgar Allan Poe’s Works to Life buff.ly/2zeEPDt pic.twitter.com/w4bK1wf3aG

Skull Art: When Death Covered the Newsstand buff.ly/2ziF4yq #HappyHalloween pic.twitter.com/wer2VgzbGz

Skull #Art: When Death Covered the Newsstand buff.ly/2yYOA93 pic.twitter.com/TF5w5VTa6Y

New Standards for #NewYork’s Underground buff.ly/2zJZg8s pic.twitter.com/If7UJm4kaW

Chicago World’s Fair Memorabilia: A Century Of Progress, 1933-34 buff.ly/2h4fBOi pic.twitter.com/A0ER1xwiBf

Cookbooks and #Design: More than Words About Food buff.ly/2yLBzzk pic.twitter.com/RfUxS6TefK

10 Amazing Storyboards From Some of Your Favorite Movies buff.ly/2yGn4wY pic.twitter.com/GIXKhyyRmk

New Visual Artist Audrey Jungwon Choe buff.ly/2h4ccPP pic.twitter.com/yinUp8fiFZ

Behind the Art Direction & #Brand Identity of Blade Runner 2049 buff.ly/2igTZ1T pic.twitter.com/m0Xaokx3zd

Winsor McCay Illustrates Temperance — or Prohibition?, 1929 buff.ly/2AsXyJ7 #designhistory pic.twitter.com/S0nUGbAklA

7 Designer #Stationery Boutiques from Around the World buff.ly/2i1LjML pic.twitter.com/jApN3dQmZa

AIGA's Eye on Design is getting a quarterly magazine! buff.ly/2zALaKu pic.twitter.com/66v3X1Gqje

5 #Illustrators Who Brought Edgar Allan Poe’s Works to Life buff.ly/2zeEPDt pic.twitter.com/8evIqYJkMC

How Pentagram’s Michael Bierut Picks A #Typeface buff.ly/2hRaYrr pic.twitter.com/5EDkWcXKkz

Magazine Covers by Famous Artists: Dali, Picasso, Braque & More buff.ly/2zc3B7Y pic.twitter.com/5XFMrY0EDa

Are Business Cards Dead? The #UX of an Analog Ritual buff.ly/2z87B9d pic.twitter.com/vLFhe5SUts

After 50 Years, Panter Publishes an Underground Paper buff.ly/2z8T9hu pic.twitter.com/iw8Ju66LGg

What #baseball looks like around the world. buff.ly/2hfvTEl pic.twitter.com/DXMBnm3kWN

Snøhetta #designs "Under," Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant buff.ly/2zxtsDG pic.twitter.com/NOYExnwAUC

Manuel Lima’s The Book of Circles: Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge buff.ly/2yJU9HA #book #design pic.twitter.com/AmJnGSEsWI

Can Commercial Art Ever Be “Art”? buff.ly/2imZYVC pic.twitter.com/XS3rMB1dxa

“A young visual artist possesses a creative mind that is not bound to the box…" buff.ly/2x7rUj1 pic.twitter.com/WfYowADPCD

Citizens Killed by Police in 2017. Chart designed by Danne Woo buff.ly/2yt1XMn pic.twitter.com/aBmHD6lSeY

What Made a #Logo Great with Wally Krantz buff.ly/2z8s1A4 pic.twitter.com/L0YPvsAHco

This #Algorithm Writes Fake Artist Statements That Sound Real buff.ly/2mB0X6y pic.twitter.com/RCNqaTn0tS

Editorial Design & #GraphicDesign for Budweiser and Barbecue Book buff.ly/2AGEFSU pic.twitter.com/Xr915qIeg1

"If you’re going to show it, don’t say it, and if you’re going to say it, don’t show it." buff.ly/2mnQ1Jd pic.twitter.com/iKJooSszRp

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