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NYC’s best new #architecture of 2017, from Cornell Tech to American Copper Buildings buff.ly/2kKbWXX pic.twitter.com/GSEYGDW8sP

Rediscovering Nicole Claveloux, France’s Dali of Pop Art #Comics Stories buff.ly/2CYuEBG pic.twitter.com/WS7pkTbO0J

Creating a #website overnight with Squarespace buff.ly/2CYPZLf pic.twitter.com/7Ox0AzhFLP

8 #Gifts Made From Books For Book Lovers buff.ly/2pfJrGo pic.twitter.com/5wfYLQf2dX

A Bit of Computer Art and Design #History from Steven Heller buff.ly/2Dzhz2K pic.twitter.com/0vd1uQXA27

@HOWbrand You did! At #HOWLive. See you in Boston? howdesignlive.com @HOWEvents pic.twitter.com/98ER7gymcA

@HOWbrand You're so perfect, I don't even have to debug you. #DorkyPickupLines #PickupLines4Designers pic.twitter.com/pZaY4I8sL9

The Everlasting Allure of Vintage Type Catalogs buff.ly/2moSyQ9 #FlashbackFriday #Typography pic.twitter.com/pvReSvyPIS

Kajet is the new journal exploring all things Eastern European buff.ly/2DkyIO6 pic.twitter.com/XNdlAFtAbP

Learning the Wrong Lessons: #Design Education in the Age of Disruption buff.ly/2CJYeLN pic.twitter.com/6wyXLxsTVc

How #Artists Are Using #VR to Talk About Healing from Sexual Assault buff.ly/2CHy5gi pic.twitter.com/DsBfUVxeR4

The Cruel, Sexy World of Freak Show Pitch Cards buff.ly/2E2pR2X #design pic.twitter.com/CIA9aokYO1

Mirko Ilić’s Mission to Promote #Social Tolerance buff.ly/2E1nxZY pic.twitter.com/D0e3mSZroW

The (Social) Science of #Technology: Creating customer-first products buff.ly/2ClQqjI pic.twitter.com/YGA9vlrHJM

Sharp Grotesk and Dropbox: A #Rebrand Made in Heaven buff.ly/2kHicQ5 pic.twitter.com/OJ14C9G2ss

4 Steps for Defining a Target Audience buff.ly/2CXBiIv #design #business pic.twitter.com/oxXUzQVME5

@HOWbrand Has anybody ever told you that your teeth have perfect kerning? #DorkyPickupLines #PickupLines4Designers pic.twitter.com/1yOaRdYCK3

Save $600 on Your Big Ticket to HOW Design Live if you register by February 1. buff.ly/2mC0AW7 #HOWlive pic.twitter.com/VxGfw0ii4k

If adding #Webdesign to your resume is on your to-do list this year, we've got you covered. buff.ly/2r2vL2q pic.twitter.com/KamVYxdmvm

Congratulations on your Regional Design Award, Tré Seals! These #posters are impressive. buff.ly/2CI3i35 pic.twitter.com/STlXcArprr

Creating a #website in one night with Squarespace buff.ly/2lsvYWf pic.twitter.com/lpGBTN4aCi

Steven Heller talks the Legibility Wars of the ’80s and ’90s buff.ly/2pgE5dS #typography #history pic.twitter.com/h2RAzHhga8

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