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Take a look at @StefanGBucher's new alphabet #book, "LetterHeads." buff.ly/2iSWSZT pic.twitter.com/wjtihHDkuk

#Typography for Manifold Reality Exhibition by #designer of the week Jay Kim buff.ly/2lrLMMu pic.twitter.com/xbtyKALvDi

Drew Friedman’s More Heroes of the Comics (Fantagraphics) is a #comics nerd’s delight. buff.ly/2yW1X9M pic.twitter.com/tT84MUhWpO

The stunning car photos that capture the 20th Century buff.ly/2zyCFvJ pic.twitter.com/hTBjRaZyfy

Personality by Design: 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2x8qlRP pic.twitter.com/VtGeadpYWy

.@thedailyheller admits where he learned most of his #GraphicDesign techniques buff.ly/2yXV8WG pic.twitter.com/CqmgJSLqkI

#ComicBook History’s Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen buff.ly/2iT588t pic.twitter.com/TPWOQjnJtp

Cleanliness, readability, objectivity: The principles of Swiss Style buff.ly/2hhOtuZ pic.twitter.com/FpKAjSdPFn

Al Capp: A Monstrous Creature, a Masterful #Cartoonist buff.ly/2i1uP7n pic.twitter.com/aSXqG1EIhp

5 Creative Inspiration Exercises for the Drained #Designer buff.ly/2i06kri pic.twitter.com/BbWt38XG1I

How to Get People to Care About a Cause? Turn Your Tiny Data Points Into Big Visual Stories buff.ly/2zbC8AC pic.twitter.com/J1NZGmobAp

We talk with James Sholly about a side project documenting Indiana's #DesignHistory. buff.ly/2zg65lk pic.twitter.com/s9er8UnGr4

#Identity design for the New Victory Theater by NVA Audrey Jungwon Choe buff.ly/2ysgcnO pic.twitter.com/5v9aUrNX4e

Not ready to say goodbye to the #horror season? Paperbacks from Hell might be the answer. buff.ly/2hy1ph1 pic.twitter.com/Y05JvIKW9y

The real-life objects that inspired #HarryPotter buff.ly/2zyMHfZ pic.twitter.com/uvX3rFLp0f

This Light Bulb Confuses Smartphone Cameras To Protect Your Privacy buff.ly/2yDEsTh pic.twitter.com/ugvL3xqfxg

New AIGA Google Art Project “Across Borders: A Look at the Work of Latinx Designers” buff.ly/2yzMV7s pic.twitter.com/VabjOkRzDC

“A visual tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack” buff.ly/2ilHIw9 pic.twitter.com/Uy6wJxi0Ei

22 Dr. Seuss Illustrations You’ve Probably Never Seen Before buff.ly/2xM02jV pic.twitter.com/Ipciup4Tke

The First Men In The Moon cover design by Hoot von Zitzewitz; 1967 buff.ly/2xM11jY pic.twitter.com/a3oPm3p3Bn

Feeling non-committal and indecisive about choosing a #typeface? buff.ly/2mAFivo pic.twitter.com/zYw5YzGgx9

This #Bot Gets Revenge On Email Scammers For Your Entertainment buff.ly/2mqqOy1 pic.twitter.com/IT9nf3U1wA

Old School/New School: Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine & USC Create New Masters Program buff.ly/2i1AIS6 #Designtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Learning the Wrong Lessons: Design Education in the Age of #Disruption buff.ly/2yQdSHj pic.twitter.com/2xRR78pOgj

“Imitation can be commercial suicide.” —Bill Bernbach buff.ly/2i1nEvX #quoteoftheday pic.twitter.com/WD6moMyafU

Moondog: The #Thor of New York City? buff.ly/2zvNAt7 pic.twitter.com/qpwFT8bfm6

Between: a #typeface from Monotype that's perfect for indecisive designers buff.ly/2i2lwnR pic.twitter.com/g6CnwIkhJE

A Stamp #Designer Makes His Mark with Cheeky Designs buff.ly/2hDRDKe pic.twitter.com/b7MFBwFeUu

This Veteran Designer Built A Better #Oculus In His Free Time buff.ly/2ysveK7 pic.twitter.com/mU2vTThTai

Beyond Coding: Aesthetics & Usability in #WebDesign buff.ly/2hxdeUI pic.twitter.com/duTKAg0R4A

Joakim Drescher: a new face with a familiar name on the artist book and #comics scene buff.ly/2yoD9Z8 pic.twitter.com/tx9HgiHjlB

#Twitter Reveals Plan to Show Who's Behind #Political Ads and Why They're Targeting You buff.ly/2iAfPAt pic.twitter.com/Gq0ccSwxQ7

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