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Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet buff.ly/2Bbthml #Pantone #CotY pic.twitter.com/uPHyBW6Gyr

A Visual Sampling of the Best New #Comics Anthologies buff.ly/2Bdxk1N pic.twitter.com/Lwl6wK1qSL

How one #typeface allows…

How one #typeface allows brands to speak in a variety of tones buff.ly/2B4HDUM pic.twitter.com/80Y81wuSFY

Have you taken a moment to…

Have you taken a moment to wish Futura happy 90th birthday? buff.ly/2kZvyKF #typography pic.twitter.com/H3M1owAWW8

Learn what old-timey print ads can teach us about making #advertising for the future. buff.ly/2Aiosrn pic.twitter.com/f18YHAO2eu

The Basics of Color: History of the #Color Wheel buff.ly/2kuhXuC pic.twitter.com/kBfpGU0BEJ

Youth culture is known for rebellion. Discover the #history of punk and graphic design. buff.ly/2ASHggm pic.twitter.com/SgrovXGOHm

The Art of #Typography: 11…

The Art of #Typography: 11 Brilliant Typographic Design Projects buff.ly/2nPJRCF pic.twitter.com/tb0rM12zCn

Gorgeously illustrated book…

Gorgeously illustrated book cover designs from 1920s–1970s buff.ly/2B54P5a #design #history pic.twitter.com/0C6HthOSpl

Take a picture. Upload it. WhatTheFont tells you which typefaces were used in the image. buff.ly/2kYiGo6twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

The Historic Details of #ArtDeco Architecture buff.ly/2kxJQSi pic.twitter.com/rL8fMBkyQz

The history of #monograms before the age of Etsy and Pinterest. buff.ly/2kue8FM pic.twitter.com/bPel5VlvSr

19 Impressive To Kill A Mockingbird Covers from Around the World buff.ly/2BcqIke #BookDesign pic.twitter.com/E2Bc57nXja

Sure Thanksgiving has passed, but these #handlettering masterpieces are still inspiring buff.ly/2BCqJhvtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Anonymous woodcut published in 1515, on which ALbrecht Dürer based his rhino buff.ly/2zZkAHr #woodcuttwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

17 Vintage & Modern Cover Designs for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein buff.ly/2ATqKg4 #book #design pic.twitter.com/v840frgt45

#Design History: Nathan's Famous logo turned 100 years old in 2016.See what's changed and what hasn't. buff.ly/2BXlUMz

9 Ideas #Designers Can Steal From Great Children’s Books buff.ly/2BUZdsj pic.twitter.com/auy0OghDOZ

Book Review: Nowherelands: An Atlas of Vanished Countries and Their Postage Stamp Designs buff.ly/2iVdnFrtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

How #Designer Garland Kirkpatrick Is Keeping #SocialIssues Alive buff.ly/2ASGK1U pic.twitter.com/fj74GabqEa

14 Catcher in the Rye Cover Concepts from Around the World buff.ly/2BdLqju #BookDesign pic.twitter.com/rLvQE7mXYZ

Limited Edition cover design for Frank Miller's Sin City buff.ly/2BBuQdK #comics pic.twitter.com/NLJjQI5ThT

#Design Students: What do you know about the British designer Reynolds Stone? buff.ly/2zV2ZAM pic.twitter.com/wx1IYsk9k7

#DesignThinking is Kind of Like Syphilis — It’s Contagious and Rots Your Brains buff.ly/2l0jVDe pic.twitter.com/x8pHzml8EN

A Wonderful Life: How Postwar Christmas Embraced Spaceships, Nukes, Cellophane buff.ly/2B6SzkZ #illustration pic.twitter.com/3AKJKVG9F0

Steven Heller's #inspiration for layouts in underground music mags. buff.ly/2BYg1yS pic.twitter.com/h2Ac8Dv0wm

#Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts From the Past buff.ly/2B3lIgO pic.twitter.com/82RR4G90pJ

Pieces of #Wisdom from Japanese Graphic Designer Kenya Hara buff.ly/2BySSWN pic.twitter.com/EFwvwKek4Z

Remembering when the sketchbook was a companion as well as a confidant. buff.ly/2AlrFXq #thursdaythoughts pic.twitter.com/vMl7DOdQpA

#Letterpress, Posters & Process with Dafi Kühne buff.ly/2BOderH pic.twitter.com/zBBhSeaonH

The History of Cookbook #Design with @BuzzPoole buff.ly/2AUbCiM pic.twitter.com/HRkMAY1NHT

Bob Seidemann's controversial photograph for the 1969 album “Blind Faith" buff.ly/2kYZrdW #music #design pic.twitter.com/8mwYpSHkFO

We're trying something new for the #holidays. Learn how you can help out: buff.ly/2AGh7Rk pic.twitter.com/ETJllqs2Me

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