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How Futura Became The Most Ripped-Off #Typeface In History | Co.Design fastcodesign.com/90145765/how-f… pic.twitter.com/lSpd8aLYES

7 Designers Who Broke the Rules of #Typography – With Beautiful Results buff.ly/2ifFjmp pic.twitter.com/FXYjXfAmMM

Classic #BookCover Designs from New Visual Artists Charles&Thorn buff.ly/2xM63wR pic.twitter.com/WdIHXVAJzN

Designers Who Broke the Rules…

Designers Who Broke the Rules of #Typography buff.ly/2ifFjmp pic.twitter.com/iFX85PkXUF

Poster Girls: “Women in graphic design have been criminally neglected” buff.ly/2xJk5zr pic.twitter.com/EC83uem2wn

The Basics of Color: History…

The Basics of Color: History of the Color Wheel buff.ly/2fKEAJo pic.twitter.com/0EL8chOW4l

15 of PRINT’s Most Popular…

15 of PRINT’s Most Popular #Typography Articles of All Time buff.ly/2xeiaCS pic.twitter.com/SkRJXIdvO0

An Aesthetic History of the #Ouija Board with Jesse Ryan Erickson buff.ly/2yredNt pic.twitter.com/mS91OJMzCh

Manolo Prieto is on exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid until Oct. 22 buff.ly/2gnlNUH pic.twitter.com/sxoxABh3De

Meet New Visual Artist Sean Eidder buff.ly/2ignp2V @thepeculiarboy pic.twitter.com/DPFFVBtuLd

Ian Ballantine was a publishing visionary. buff.ly/2yp223q pic.twitter.com/ymZJRVc9Sz

Discover which #typefaces…

Discover which #typefaces your favorite classic movies use. buff.ly/2fOK2qY #PulpFiction pic.twitter.com/lPyLkBIdcD

#Design News: Redesigning prescription labels to make them easier and more functional. buff.ly/2ytT9bd pic.twitter.com/5LKqZthNDG

Record-Breaking Revolutionaries of #Music #Design buff.ly/2xW1nbf pic.twitter.com/qOVFDuqSBp

The Mysteries of France: A Gothic Guidebook buff.ly/2xLjI7t pic.twitter.com/p8JM3WJogt

“Poster Girls exhibition showcases forgotten design heroines” buff.ly/2xLd7Kw pic.twitter.com/paKCKaM82k

#HowTo tell the difference…

#HowTo tell the difference between fair use and infringement buff.ly/2fORFkG pic.twitter.com/Ia06y2aQLs

SF10x10, a personal project celebrating a decade of @Superfried buff.ly/2ggKdeD pic.twitter.com/DPWwWe5O00

Meet #Designer of the Week: Stephen Andrade buff.ly/2yshCgD pic.twitter.com/Fj0pI4Lmj5

What is Infographic Hierarchy?…

What is Infographic Hierarchy? And how can you use it to improve your #DataViz buff.ly/2hJaSEQ pic.twitter.com/q6ObHOVyb5

#DailyHeller: Gorgeously Illustrated Recipes From Legendary Designer Cipe Pineles buff.ly/2gfJzOB pic.twitter.com/EpptfZF3oe

"Focus on it, then just fall in love with it!" —@G1GAB1T buff.ly/2ytbntj pic.twitter.com/0CysxOkevp

New Design School Graduates: What’s Weirder—You or the Real World? buff.ly/2xLWpdG pic.twitter.com/nF3eNkaJug

"Take advantage of fact that you can produce everything yourself these days. " —@yonialter buff.ly/2xM5bZltwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

“A war against #branding is a war against people” buff.ly/2yw9ZWW pic.twitter.com/VA0XsbKhDg

150 Years of H. G. Wells Book Covers buff.ly/2fV2myR #SciFi pic.twitter.com/r7iRELxxBt

Citizens Killed by Police in 2017. Chart designed by Danne Woo buff.ly/2yt1XMn pic.twitter.com/aBmHD6lSeY

“A Design Take On Blade Runner: Dreamscape Meets Cityscape” buff.ly/2xOFlnu pic.twitter.com/anreoCIwD4

Letterpress, Posters & Process with Dafi Kühne buff.ly/2yv5rPZ pic.twitter.com/jmdWmiVRgE

Personality by Design: 5 Stunning #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2yrWhUh pic.twitter.com/rWRtH4fxB9

Reynolds Stone: known for lettering, engravings and inscriptions buff.ly/2geYZmk pic.twitter.com/VhznsTWvXP

"The values of Thai woman" tarot card #designs buff.ly/2gitsQz pic.twitter.com/EtETdg7NuM

#Poster by Alyssa Velasquez, student at The University of Texas at El Paso buff.ly/2gnYVUS pic.twitter.com/uMKNHCUWqM

5 of the Best #Brand Identities Today buff.ly/2yrWhUh pic.twitter.com/JYSICLNXwp

New Design School Graduates: What’s Weirder—You or the Real World? buff.ly/2ytusLL pic.twitter.com/skv2It9zSN

Throwback to Steven Heller's interview with the author of "Ten Orange Pumpkins" buff.ly/2g6BBY3 pic.twitter.com/Vsnl1VWUQu

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