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“Design is so simple. That’s…

“Design is so simple. That’s why it is so complicated.” —Paul Rand + 88 more design #quotes: bit.ly/1qtoj3s pic.twitter.com/I1jMc4jmd9

11 Resources for Typography…

11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers bit.ly/1o9Du1s pic.twitter.com/4tvD3kYLGA

34 Brilliant Graphic Design and Paper Ads From the ’60s buff.ly/2iA8ZXX pic.twitter.com/AaoZqGbAUm

"People are more likely to believe information set in Baskerville" bit.ly/2lVvveD #typography #dayoffacts pic.twitter.com/uHmxKO43y4

25 of the Best Design Books of 2015 bit.ly/1N9rTxX pic.twitter.com/9Mz7TgueEY

*drool* 3,900 Pages of Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks Are Now Online (1921-1931) bit.ly/2j198pC via… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

"Time is a precious thing. Never waste it." Rest in Piece, Gene Wilder. pic.twitter.com/fydl9K412L

Popular color palettes of the 20th Century: bit.ly/1IA4O1C pic.twitter.com/rLIgerYv4A

A little #video about the…

A little #video about the importance of branding made with love by @inetdesign bit.ly/1LrEzMZ pic.twitter.com/CJGu7plN6V

How Futura Became The Most Ripped-Off #Typeface In History | Co.Design fastcodesign.com/90145765/how-f… pic.twitter.com/lSpd8aLYES

We collected an array of…

We collected an array of type advertisements from the 1950s to the present: bit.ly/1VXTJiu pic.twitter.com/CvuQFyEh2F

Print is NOT Dead at Designers…

Print is NOT Dead at Designers & Books bit.ly/1jvx5BM @writedesigner pic.twitter.com/uQE4Rqr9QQ

The Explosive Hand Lettering…

The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion bit.ly/1v0bZjl pic.twitter.com/5mcrlw1DSY

The History of Typography…

The History of Typography in Print Magazine bit.ly/1Nk5DRa pic.twitter.com/xdgp6zvWkY

5 of the Best Book Covers…

5 of the Best Book Covers of 2014 bit.ly/1E2EBwE pic.twitter.com/fR9NtyqHVA

The Basics of Color: History of the Color Wheel buff.ly/2fKEAJo pic.twitter.com/sLPBpV4nLX

This week's @NewYorker cover is poignant. #design pic.twitter.com/WI9hCbHHNx

Book Covers Are Watching You: A Selection of 1984 Cover Designs bit.ly/2kNcIAW pic.twitter.com/JPZuzsQT9i

Typography Terms 101: Everything…

Typography Terms 101: Everything You Need to Know bit.ly/1xzqxEk pic.twitter.com/V1LrqjsvJq

Logo factory @99designs is…

Logo factory @99designs is running a contest to create a logo for #DeezNuts bit.ly/1KcrpqL @thedailyheller pic.twitter.com/pag9CFiSf3

32 Beautiful/Bizarre Graphic…

32 Beautiful/Bizarre Graphic Design Ads From the ’70s bit.ly/1lUPUsY pic.twitter.com/a59xzuLmii

20th Century Design: A Decade-by-Decade…

20th Century Design: A Decade-by-Decade Exploration of Graphic Style bit.ly/1zBUwM1 pic.twitter.com/wfryr2euRE

The Graphic Design Work of Pablo Picasso buff.ly/2lasmeP pic.twitter.com/NhBwfzWVHT

Here's what happens when you #animate vintage book covers bit.ly/2wIvIrv pic.twitter.com/HwwkkSzndc

The new edition of PRINT is available now! Grab yours today! bit.ly/2slGXFQ pic.twitter.com/GdMBObDxsI

From the archives: A Brief History of Typography 1928 – 1980 bit.ly/1acb0kp pic.twitter.com/ue6zdJlUnC

6 Visual Design Principles.…

6 Visual Design Principles. Told in Helvetica & Dingbats. bit.ly/1oLsAVl pic.twitter.com/uC99GxJJPl

25 of the Best Recently Released Design Books bit.ly/2hmRxbF pic.twitter.com/PA18II9asv

How did #Helvetica become more iconic than Univers? Paul Shaw digs into the history: bit.ly/28LbRea pic.twitter.com/arJToMAjTL

The Univers of Helvetica: A Tale of Two Typefaces bit.ly/28LbRea pic.twitter.com/9hiuHDaOlp

An inside look at different…

An inside look at different designers’ creative processes for making quality infographics: bit.ly/1O5QwMa pic.twitter.com/CItajCUDDr

Swiss Style: The Principles,…

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/7HL5Wq7cC6

.@debbiemillman asked 75…

.@debbiemillman asked 75 creatives to design the word “print.” @jessicahische bit.ly/1aaT24k #PRINT75 pic.twitter.com/eagq0VDi7k

7 Gorgeous Food Truck Designs…

7 Gorgeous Food Truck Designs bit.ly/1F7PRb7 pic.twitter.com/X4Hl5VfHPW

11 Resources for Typography…

11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers bit.ly/1o9Du1s pic.twitter.com/2PrczwR5l1

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