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Amazing 3D Illustrations Look Like Layers of Paper bit.ly/1WABn7v via @mymodernmet pic.twitter.com/ysLu9UV1Th

Galileo’s drawings of the…

Galileo’s drawings of the moon, 1610 | See more "artefactoids": bit.ly/1PwxAWk pic.twitter.com/4LbQ7OPlAo

Welcome to Dismaland: @thereaIbanksy's…

Welcome to Dismaland: @thereaIbanksy's Surreal, Dystopian "Bemusement Park" bit.ly/1EFQEvq via @Colossal pic.twitter.com/JzPDK0Y9Wq

The Explosive Hand Lettering…

The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion bit.ly/1v0bZjl pic.twitter.com/cqmiK31o3Z

The Basics of Color: History of the Color Wheel bit.ly/2oDMkz5 pic.twitter.com/Tdo1nM9LfJ

The Graphic Design Work of Pablo Picasso bit.ly/2na2Dz2 pic.twitter.com/8WqLLa5ZYU

An extensive showcase of design work from the early years of MAD Magazine: bit.ly/1bvYzNJ pic.twitter.com/Ja7WwoaSIc

American Jazz Album Covers in the 1950s and 1960s bit.ly/1CHBvIZ pic.twitter.com/DgFB62GQLQ

34 Brilliant Graphic Design…

34 Brilliant Graphic Design and Paper Ads From the ’60s bit.ly/1sRAdsB pic.twitter.com/1GA2pi24tM

Film Posters in France, 1930s…

Film Posters in France, 1930s – 1960s bit.ly/1F33N6T pic.twitter.com/q4EkTMfsx0

Color as data: Crayon evolution…

Color as data: Crayon evolution since 1903, by @DataPointed | Read more: bit.ly/1xZcKv4 pic.twitter.com/stKmW1LCnF

The Explosive Hand Lettering…

The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion bit.ly/1v0bZjl pic.twitter.com/YwGKiPMt47

Pantone’s 2015 Color of…

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is Positively Delicious bit.ly/12zQRE9 pic.twitter.com/NDa4R9t8n3

As if #vintage book covers weren't cool enough. bit.ly/2xZJ56M pic.twitter.com/r2UTXyd8a2

The Graphic Design Work of Henri Matisse bit.ly/2kGN6W7 pic.twitter.com/LFv5aMCG3x

Helvetica, Univers, Akzidenz-Grotesk…

Helvetica, Univers, Akzidenz-Grotesk and the minds behind Swiss Style: bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/Tzn6oH9maA

100 Years of Color: Beautiful…

100 Years of Color: Beautiful Color Combinations of the 20th Century bit.ly/1IA4O1C pic.twitter.com/IaSRYjshzh

The History of Typography…

The History of Typography in Print Magazine bit.ly/1Nk5DRa pic.twitter.com/SjYnIXKxfT

8 Ingenious Food Truck Designs…

8 Ingenious Food Truck Designs bit.ly/1F7PRb7 pic.twitter.com/FDSqCnBkfB

. @TypeEd instructors dissect…

. @TypeEd instructors dissect the typography design process: bit.ly/1uk5t7c #video pic.twitter.com/8Tf9UHT3KO

Explore the art of #scifi book cover design from around the world: bit.ly/2hWhsri pic.twitter.com/UQbGjAlA2v

7 Designers Who Broke the Rules of Typography – With Beautiful Results bit.ly/2eW8z00 pic.twitter.com/G00AOpzZsp

“Good typography grabs attention, bad typography pisses people off.” bit.ly/2bJYcXV pic.twitter.com/iCZvJ41vfa

Curious Pictures & Curiouser Conversations: 15 Artists in Wonderland bit.ly/1jDAtdC pic.twitter.com/qOLYPBTg4w

Drumroll, Please: The 2016 @Pantone Color of the Year… bit.ly/1OIKLUI @joodstew pic.twitter.com/zu2fBF9EK0

From Poland, the Soul of Graphic Design bit.ly/1SiXLBe pic.twitter.com/OsWcnaBsxJ

Record Breakers: Artists…

Record Breakers: Artists Who Revolutionized Visual Music Culture bit.ly/1gA2dPg pic.twitter.com/huLGGB5zIx

Typography Lessons From the…

Typography Lessons From the Masters bit.ly/1FbR1TA pic.twitter.com/En5WXgYR70

9 Type Designers to Watch…

9 Type Designers to Watch bit.ly/1BW0i0E pic.twitter.com/BQ2PZgxz1X

. @ddccad illlustrates some…

. @ddccad illlustrates some of our favorite design quotes in chalk: on.be.net/1GOuFIp pic.twitter.com/1O9ruU6nWg

5 of the Best Book Covers…

5 of the Best Book Covers of 2014 bit.ly/1E2EBwE pic.twitter.com/VvPI8Mdfak

Designers and Illustrators Protest Racism and Hate with Political Art bit.ly/2iiEusO pic.twitter.com/QP5m4pxSuO

Most recent cover for @TIME is poignant. By Edel Rodriguez @edelstudio pic.twitter.com/UdNP5Dm3sB

It’s All Greek to Me: A Brief History of Lorem Ipsum Text bit.ly/2cw39G6 pic.twitter.com/GzDPgUIMKw

13 Color Resources—books, webcasts and more—for designers: bit.ly/1PIt4oX pic.twitter.com/LD9VHm8osi

We asked designers to pair an art book with a non-art book to make a perfect reading list: bit.ly/1DmSdNN pic.twitter.com/0F3tpYuBIc

100 Years of Color: The 20th…

100 Years of Color: The 20th Century’s Beautiful Color Combinations bit.ly/1IA4O1C pic.twitter.com/Eyrc26h9Dp

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