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The Beauty of Letterpress…

The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving bit.ly/1woItRv pic.twitter.com/l58iX2pmfk

Teaching the history of comics through the lens of graphic design bit.ly/2wRIBhm #NationalComicBookDay pic.twitter.com/JjH2JLnjwC

The Benefits of Handwriting versus Typing #Infographic bit.ly/1teJcsh via @TwoSidesNA pic.twitter.com/ZFK32c5AjD

Designer of the Week: @cartoonnetwork & @adultswim's Jacob Escobedo bit.ly/jacob-escobedo pic.twitter.com/DpPCG1AoAS

10 Remarkable Shadow Type & Lettering Designs— present and past bit.ly/1knaKqr pic.twitter.com/OYuZaWd1GP

Swiss Style: The Principles,…

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/L3yGM84OmV

American Jazz Album Covers…

American Jazz Album Covers in the 1950s and 1960s bit.ly/1CHBvIZ pic.twitter.com/r8mvutYvJ7

Moses Harris’ 1766 color…

Moses Harris’ 1766 color wheel model from the Natural Systems of Colors. More on color theory: bit.ly/1PvIOi2 pic.twitter.com/qP2sz7Zwob

Everything Is Design, Design…

Everything Is Design, Design Is Everything: The Work of Paul Rand bit.ly/1LWN3hm pic.twitter.com/WN1dCPb8OX


"Keep trying new styles and challenging yourself to learn new skills." bit.ly/1hgbnjR pic.twitter.com/46P5zhdXu2

Paul Shaw breaks down the…

Paul Shaw breaks down the crucial differences between handlettering and typography: bit.ly/1O8OXxP pic.twitter.com/68jRXSICNS

Intriguing... Coca-Cola Presents:…

Intriguing... Coca-Cola Presents: The First-Ever No Labels Cans bit.ly/1gCkL1o via @TheDieline pic.twitter.com/gsvIYpOxgh

The Beautiful Work of Louise…

The Beautiful Work of Louise Fili bit.ly/1tZywwW pic.twitter.com/G9JVngSHKI

Designers pair art books…

Designers pair art books with non-art books for a magically complementary reading list: bit.ly/1DmSdNN pic.twitter.com/czCoMEIrr2

11 Resources for Typography…

11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers bit.ly/1o9Du1s pic.twitter.com/kRynipdqNl

"Approach design as a practice, not as a profession.” —@timothyogoodman bit.ly/2oBtfKV pic.twitter.com/MyOFXq0trC

The History of Typography in Print Magazine bit.ly/1Nk5DRa pic.twitter.com/mcSIOWWAcq

“Approach design as a practice, not as a profession.” @timothyogoodman bit.ly/1Qy6YmJ pic.twitter.com/yrqiWEWecE

More Than Meets the Eye: The Changing Role of Color in Branding bit.ly/1JOlsx4 pic.twitter.com/or2jAddBOy

More Than Meets the Eye:…

More Than Meets the Eye: The Changing Role of Color in Branding bit.ly/1JOlsx4 pic.twitter.com/gqOunoKMWT


"Humans come before design." —@JamesVictore bit.ly/1KUcaD4 pic.twitter.com/ywAuynSoit

5 Publications for Typography…

5 Publications for Typography & Lettering Lovers bit.ly/1Kj7d5d pic.twitter.com/0MeBQjfV4r

The Typography Coloring Book:…

The Typography Coloring Book: Creative Coloring for Grown-Ups bit.ly/1JvWTmF pic.twitter.com/FAqmGT2u6D

The Beauty of Letterpress…

The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving bit.ly/1woItRv pic.twitter.com/tYBpboZYVO

Initial Steps in the Logo…

Initial Steps in the Logo Design Process bit.ly/1FU5qRu pic.twitter.com/6VCTH7VGSm

True to Type: Typography…

True to Type: Typography & Lettering Awards Winners bit.ly/1Nk6bGQ pic.twitter.com/9Wv351gNr1

Infographic Designers’…

Infographic Designers’ Sketchbook by Steven Heller and Rick Landers — 32% off in MyDesignShop: bit.ly/1s7X2DM pic.twitter.com/WWrHGOOgnl

Remarkable brand design by…

Remarkable brand design by Joel Krutzer bit.ly/1Dc8oAq pic.twitter.com/n7cSy5JMtk

RT @HOWbrand: Graphic Design…

RT @HOWbrand: Graphic Design & the U.S. Civil Rights Movement #MLKDay bit.ly/1AwufxK bit.ly/1AwucC2 pic.twitter.com/0gYapKahRu

#ArtDeco Illustrations from #Brazil — Almost as beautiful as the country itself. bit.ly/2vfdaRL pic.twitter.com/C2sW8rE1MK

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers bit.ly/2s5UwGL pic.twitter.com/z8sDRrNRyO

11 Outstanding Student Designs bit.ly/2kAseCY pic.twitter.com/UzPS9GcavU

The Nature of Inspiration: Charley Harper’s Minimal Realism bit.ly/2eJTDNu pic.twitter.com/ZvhP8jS7Rp

Sam Viviano: Designing MAD-ness bit.ly/1JpgWtK pic.twitter.com/4kfIPi5tAx

An inside look at different designers’ creative processes for making quality #infographics bit.ly/1NtkhEc pic.twitter.com/0OjvNvhDnH

The 20th Century’s Beautiful Color Combinations bit.ly/1IA4O1C pic.twitter.com/ch2BbYaMi2

Film Posters in France, 1930s…

Film Posters in France, 1930s – 1960s bit.ly/1F33N6T pic.twitter.com/ONlUyb1YML

The Beauty of Letterpress…

The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving bit.ly/1woItRv pic.twitter.com/ryO8tdbeH3

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