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Experimental #Typography: 10 Years of Design with @Superfried bit.ly/2vlNmPq pic.twitter.com/lkRd5Pzs1Q

Stylized graphic design and typography from Mexico's Travel Board, 1930s bit.ly/1Le5dg4 pic.twitter.com/MgPHfdkoB4

34 Brilliant Graphic Design & Paper Ads From the ’60s bit.ly/23sfY5T pic.twitter.com/eyau0iYwUU

20th Century Design: A Decade-by-Decade Exploration of Graphic Style bit.ly/1qeOiCS pic.twitter.com/l3gpxmDWZS

The 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year: bit.ly/1OIKLUI pic.twitter.com/Ex61kXzGaa

Typography Terms 101: Everything You Need to Know bit.ly/1xzqxEk pic.twitter.com/SpsypPftro

Check out these vintage font…

Check out these vintage font ads from decades past: bit.ly/1VXTJiu pic.twitter.com/AoNtWY5pv1

A Brief History of Typography…

A Brief History of Typography 1928 – 1980 bit.ly/1acb0kp pic.twitter.com/UO7o79u29F

15 of PRINT’s Most Popular #Typography Articles of All Time buff.ly/2xeiaCS pic.twitter.com/ZQeuMl0CsG

The Australian Lettering Queen: @mrseaves bit.ly/2eTFLj5 pic.twitter.com/luMcLkFxS5

5 Hand Lettering Artists Forging New Ground in Graphic Design bit.ly/1E5RRLz pic.twitter.com/CSxzXeaUPA

American Graphic Design in NYC bit.ly/1Mw1mO1 pic.twitter.com/PoElpsRLQp

In this manifesto, @JamesVictore reveals his ideal vision of design education: bit.ly/1KUcaD4 pic.twitter.com/S5oo55lUSx

We asked designers to pair…

We asked designers to pair art-related books w/ non-art books to create a design reading list: bit.ly/1DmSdNN pic.twitter.com/O88TzwOk2q

Chromatic Abstraction: Color…

Chromatic Abstraction: Color as Data, Part 1 bit.ly/1xZcKv4 @joodstew pic.twitter.com/vNeFE9uj1u

. @HOWbrand is hunting for…

. @HOWbrand is hunting for next month's Top 10 Websites for Designers! Submit yours here: bit.ly/11NDegU pic.twitter.com/t0RzNzeJ5P

Color Inspirations: More…

Color Inspirations: More than 3,000 Innovative Color Palette Ideas bit.ly/1wrCwlo pic.twitter.com/UKU3ODCOjN

Protesting #Racism And Hate With #Political Art bit.ly/2wTMtzR @StevenIanBrower pic.twitter.com/M3nCIIgImY

Lovely all-American typography & lettering work: bit.ly/2t2obAe pic.twitter.com/ua2U7P2mJm

Goethe's symmetric #color wheel (1809) pic.twitter.com/AAJ4c5h3pc

1980s New Wave typography combined Swiss Modernism, Postmodernism & geometric patterns bit.ly/2crfZHc pic.twitter.com/zQXAPX2x8M

In 1969, PRINT asked 40 creatives to create a visual statement on one theme: Black & White bit.ly/28XQOpd pic.twitter.com/KM21T26VsU

Check out the stunning winners of the PRINT Typography & Lettering Awards: bit.ly/1MrCZMg pic.twitter.com/4lHBFl9oqt

A Matter of Technique: Logo Designs of Herbert Matter bit.ly/1P5HOve pic.twitter.com/oIkHbFmJjr

10 Tools for Building the Perfect Color Palettes bit.ly/203xYzW pic.twitter.com/fEjLXZH4Bf

11 Resources for Typography & Lettering Lovers bit.ly/1o9Du1s pic.twitter.com/y13axWDoiS

The Art of Illustrated Maps — a great new design book by John Roman bit.ly/1h64cej pic.twitter.com/pLjbYMMbQZ

Beyond the Graphic Novel: Mixed-Media Photo Portraits of Comics Artists bit.ly/1SmDwFc @MDooleyDesign pic.twitter.com/ZtnQafYUhD

The Art of Illustrated Maps:…

The Art of Illustrated Maps: A Guide to Creative Mapmaking's History, Process and Inspiration bit.ly/1XZJZYS pic.twitter.com/BEQeYUmdym

The History of Typography…

The History of Typography in Print Magazine bit.ly/1Nk5DRa pic.twitter.com/Edp6ZvYLPJ

Chromatic Abstraction: Color…

Chromatic Abstraction: Color as Data, Part 1 bit.ly/1xZcKv4 pic.twitter.com/p0w4yIKC6u

Typography & Lettering…

Typography & Lettering Awards Winners: Dangerdust bit.ly/1Nk6bGQ pic.twitter.com/OKOCzrEb6r

Color for Designers: 95 things…

Color for Designers: 95 things you need to know when choosing and using colors bit.ly/1A0QP0w pic.twitter.com/vjWrjLvbuk

5 of the Best Book Covers…

5 of the Best Book Covers of 2014 bit.ly/1E2EBwE pic.twitter.com/XE4SgNScA1

Best Book Covers: Penguin…

Best Book Covers: Penguin Drop Caps bit.ly/1vRhDkM pic.twitter.com/wzqYCWi0FQ

Film Posters in France, 1930s – 1960s bit.ly/1F33N6T pic.twitter.com/Ezc35eRP3r

34 Brilliant #GraphicDesign & Paper Ads From the ’60s bit.ly/297Zdua pic.twitter.com/heaVH1LV7f

Dangerous Ideas on Design Education: A Manifesto by James Victore bit.ly/1KUcaD4 pic.twitter.com/4wM59CR2B7

“Design is so simple.That’s why it is so complicated” Paul Rand—#Quotes on Design Calendar: bit.ly/1UdBDK2 pic.twitter.com/IFSCX9Ra5Z

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