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Louise Fili’s typographic…

Louise Fili’s typographic love letter to Paris: bit.ly/1MqQf6U @thedailyheller pic.twitter.com/gD3q6pkXmh

The benefits and drawbacks…

The benefits and drawbacks to choosing a wordmark over a symbol in identity design: bit.ly/1K2PWic pic.twitter.com/mLxlcji2tI

10 Real-World Lettering Designs…

10 Real-World Lettering Designs bit.ly/1t90e30 pic.twitter.com/FxE53FLk5Z

10 Real-World Lettering Designs…

10 Real-World Lettering Designs bit.ly/1t90e30 pic.twitter.com/jouRzZqWes

15 Helpful & Beautiful…

15 Helpful & Beautiful Typography Resources bit.ly/1HFTVhU pic.twitter.com/I2l7ZDiDfK

19 of the Best Book Covers…

19 of the Best Book Covers of 2014 bit.ly/1E5Xiu0 pic.twitter.com/SR1FAd5GZt

Color Wheels and Contrast: A Quick Color Theory Refresher bit.ly/1PvIOi2 pic.twitter.com/jSQ25zBE8K

Magazine Covers by Famous #Artists: Dali, Picasso, Braque & More bit.ly/2ikxFm0 pic.twitter.com/HOYIKyXoLL

Proofreading Marks #Designers Should Know bit.ly/2cg6Jk7 @thedailyheller pic.twitter.com/uOmSKBqRGd

#Color as #data: crayon evolution since 1903, by Data Pointed bit.ly/2c4OMoR pic.twitter.com/LlOboJQFpn

What is the future of #illustration? #Design student Michelle Cahill shares her thoughts. bit.ly/29ziodJ pic.twitter.com/RtMjjGBhtx

Klaus Wittkugel was a significant East German graphic designer during the '50s and '60s bit.ly/20T9Lyp pic.twitter.com/lpBSX3Pbk6

The History of Typography in Print Magazine bit.ly/1Nk5DRa pic.twitter.com/rZWD1EswT8

Swiss Style: The Principles,…

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/SUk9sD7a9p

The Art of Keeping a Travel…

The Art of Keeping a Travel Sketchbook bit.ly/18lKrIk pic.twitter.com/wGL2pHX1NU

Design legend Milton Glaser…

Design legend Milton Glaser reflects on his dear friend Massimo Vignelli: bit.ly/1gx96AP pic.twitter.com/om6u46H139

59 Brilliant Poster Designs:…

59 Brilliant Poster Designs: bit.ly/1Eo0X5K pic.twitter.com/ufCwsutxiw

How to Create Great Infographics…

How to Create Great Infographics Ultimate Collection bit.ly/1bq17T5 pic.twitter.com/e46rFeaZQV

Initial Steps in the Logo…

Initial Steps in the Logo Design Process bit.ly/1FU5qRu pic.twitter.com/bptAqLz0r6

True to Type: Typography…

True to Type: Typography & Lettering Awards Winners bit.ly/1Nk6bGQ pic.twitter.com/ZdfvIjaktF

9 Type Designers to Watch…

9 Type Designers to Watch bit.ly/1BW0i0E pic.twitter.com/6pkAHZEzyM

These five artists featured…

These five artists featured here are forging new ground in lettering: bit.ly/1E5RRLz pic.twitter.com/4ommZAOnLP

A roundup of excellent lettering…

A roundup of excellent lettering + an interview with @jessicahische bit.ly/1C5bS9u pic.twitter.com/3NsE3xiBQP

7 Designers Who Broke the Rules of #Typography – With Beautiful Results buff.ly/2ifFjmp pic.twitter.com/FXYjXfAmMM

32 Beautifully Bizarre #GraphicDesign Ads From the ’70s bit.ly/2vK1cPA #Vintage pic.twitter.com/wM88BsLeqw

“Typography is an art. Good typography is Art.” – Paul Rand bit.ly/2frKiwM pic.twitter.com/b6qiJXse80

A True Visionary Gives Chicago A Landmark Branding Campaign Circa 1920-30 bit.ly/1KELoA6 pic.twitter.com/BqRbeNm2DC

Germany’s Golden Age of Book Cover Design bit.ly/1NHTepO pic.twitter.com/5DgqSsXFRc

The Letterpress Journals: Guardians of the Craft bit.ly/1NkfcRq pic.twitter.com/yEbcjVRbGq

Book jacket designs from the ’20s through the ’40s bit.ly/1gBgB5S pic.twitter.com/gr43zYAFL4

Behind the scenes of The New York Times Magazine redesign bit.ly/1mKPah4 via @itsnicethat pic.twitter.com/NjC1F6EsfG

Typography Lessons From the Masters bit.ly/1FbR1TA pic.twitter.com/lv490knbyv

From the archives: A Brief History of Typography 1928 – 1980 bit.ly/1acb0kp pic.twitter.com/eXTUOIWUzJ

Awesome motion design work by Designer of the Week Markus Magnusson bit.ly/1iqZNTn pic.twitter.com/nXuY3VsPd4

When Saul Bass Met Hitchcock bit.ly/1E5SCnZ pic.twitter.com/fT5wBmvbxu

Herb Lubalin used a type case as a framing device for typographic illustration: bit.ly/1hTz2Xp pic.twitter.com/6JAswDVwGZ

8 Captivating Design History Books bit.ly/1H9847m pic.twitter.com/4PiSHpOUcZ

Band posters designed by…

Band posters designed by Mike Joyce and inspired by Swiss Style: bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/CbGmlpbiyT

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