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Every "Samurai Jack" episode is streaming for free on @adultswim right now: bit.ly/2kEnfj3 pic.twitter.com/isfothnD1z


"Samurai Jack" is back and darker than ever in new trailer: bit.ly/2kKL2Qq pic.twitter.com/Cy4UYtB54G

Latina photo collective sets its own beauty ideals with an original calendar: bit.ly/2hrmnfZ pic.twitter.com/OVqTGX8DZr

[NSFW] @RickandMorty reenact the viral "Judge F*ckman" courtroom transcript: bit.ly/2aeDuNZ @adultswim pic.twitter.com/iNYGyoDIXa

Here's what spinning vinyl looks like under a microscope: bit.ly/2lf65Zx pic.twitter.com/ppN986rcXA

The FINGERring might be one of the weirdest pieces of jewelry out there: bit.ly/2hNPSMx pic.twitter.com/oS18Tf3foi

Graffiti exposes the hypocrisy of setting Brock Turner, rapist, free | Insta of the Week: bit.ly/2cwZshY pic.twitter.com/RyJsWiQpIy

Don't underestimate the power of GIFs as social commentary. Sponsored by @EspolonTequila bit.ly/1XVhKLu pic.twitter.com/uLfWHp49aa

Meet the photographer drenching his subjects in honey: bit.ly/2hwOu0R pic.twitter.com/JeUhOLfVuH

Studio Ghibli's animation software is now free bit.ly/1UfH1Qa pic.twitter.com/wK7FWHXwqy

Streetwear illustrations dive into a dystopian world of demon hunters: bit.ly/2hqsWzu pic.twitter.com/jujRbHhrdp

8 pearls of wisdom from legendary Hayao Miyazaki, who turns 76 today: bit.ly/2ibuT2A pic.twitter.com/r4kvU7kdMj

Skateboarding, hip-hop, and…

Skateboarding, hip-hop, and street drugs—‘Kids’ turns 20: bit.ly/1ILpKJK pic.twitter.com/NOF0At0Lsi

This guerrilla florist is putting beautiful flower hair on statues: bit.ly/2j2icr3 pic.twitter.com/AwvZHN4x6t

An artist caged himself in…

An artist caged himself in NY to fight for prison reform. Art activism at its finest: bit.ly/artprison pic.twitter.com/Wihmi7YeOU

'Pong' meets Mondrian in this 20th-century art video game bit.ly/25nafA6 pic.twitter.com/CaAvcr1xJy

Aerial photos of salt ponds across the world look like incredible abstract art: bit.ly/2hRvVRk pic.twitter.com/hMS6En2nk4

This is what happens to a soap bubble at -15°C: bit.ly/1PRPRAx pic.twitter.com/qUyq0hyoQP

The world's most incredible…

The world's most incredible photojournalism of 2015: bit.ly/photjourn pic.twitter.com/77URQJd8QE

Watch these bizarre renderings of video game rivals making out: bit.ly/2hnDt1m pic.twitter.com/IW3ytMNFr2

Watch 'Every Breaking Wave,'…

Watch 'Every Breaking Wave,' a film by @Aoife_McArdle. Premiering today on @creatorsproject: bit.ly/1AfolGV pic.twitter.com/aA2Qx9w039

Trump's potential NEA cuts would shut down arts groups to save every American 46¢: bit.ly/2lfWf9V pic.twitter.com/BQ9oneVi6t

The Met just released 375,000…

The Met just released 375,000 priceless artworks into the public domain: bit.ly/2kXcbQc pic.twitter.com/mr85ISxmz1

Christmas 2016 deserves this uncomfortable video of a hairless dancing CGI Santa: bit.ly/2hGrGId pic.twitter.com/VNRVoE48hR

This piece of meat just swiped…

This piece of meat just swiped right. Welcome to ‘Tender’ bit.ly/1ApiVcO pic.twitter.com/fAjkwD5zwG

A @NatGeo photographer dressed like a panda for 3 years to snap candids of bears in the wild bit.ly/29Rt9bI pic.twitter.com/gMBE5L0rff

The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones)…

The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) spent three years designing an interactive exhibit: bit.ly/1SNocyg pic.twitter.com/cALkcuADOJ

Blow your mind with these psychedelic GIFs: bit.ly/1WFRQuH pic.twitter.com/ivte0SIqZ6

An embroidery artist whose subject is modern feminism bit.ly/2dYIewp pic.twitter.com/1On2G9DDdg

The psychology of what makes…

The psychology of what makes some images "horror" and why you can't look away from them: bit.ly/horrormind pic.twitter.com/sXf3diBCcw

Amputee tattoo artist creates world’s first prosthetic tattoo gun: bit.ly/2gIxCAm pic.twitter.com/ers26uL8yW

Here's a powerful tribute to Studio Ghibli's badass heroines: bit.ly/2dwADFk pic.twitter.com/1711WBoVGS

Adam Pizurny’s freaky human skin mask GIFs: bit.ly/2jzvBtO pic.twitter.com/TVGRhFoNc6

If Dalí knew how to use…

If Dalí knew how to use a computer, he would’ve made these GIFs: bit.ly/2kpAbcF pic.twitter.com/zHXDBJaT9D

Meet Robert Beatty, the man…

Meet Robert Beatty, the man responsible for your favorite psychedlic album cover: bit.ly/2je9HNW pic.twitter.com/6lrJSIgFjA

Don't tell mom, but the personal…

Don't tell mom, but the personal tattoo machine has arrived. Proceed with caution: bit.ly/tatgun pic.twitter.com/FWiu9tuSrZ

Illustrating the irony of relationships in the digital age: bit.ly/2dbfemD pic.twitter.com/2r0AkUnDXC

The paw-sitively paw-some photographer purrsuing the purrfect cat purrtrait: bit.ly/2hVKS8U pic.twitter.com/ajwVwPeEUe

A modern surrealist painter…

A modern surrealist painter picks up where Dalí left off: bit.ly/1HtckwC pic.twitter.com/aSlHJIBrB9

The @metmuseum releases 375,000 priceless artworks into the public domain: bit.ly/2kXcbQc pic.twitter.com/GcJJwBcnWg

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