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26 things that you can control by Ruben Chavez. pic.twitter.com/Mf8B1Dc8Ze

Dr. King: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." #MLKDay pic.twitter.com/5vMSqG99bd

The Greatest Science Books of 2016 by the wonderful @brainpickings: bit.ly/2gb4MXu pic.twitter.com/orYBldvRYo

Elaborate salt labyrinths by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto over at @Booooooom: bit.ly/1Vm6NBZ pic.twitter.com/jVxG1bMK9y

Morning people! We launched a @kickstarter to help the volunteers behind #CreativeMornings! creativemornings.com/kickstarter pic.twitter.com/dqld1iAl9R

Color Lisa, from @bellsdesign, is a website that curates color palettes from famous artists. colorlisa.com pic.twitter.com/XVmZfOdgJf

Ever been inspired by a free #CreativeMornings talk? Help us make the events even better! creativemornings.com/kickstarter pic.twitter.com/Pt78AKNMwm

Pixar is teaching a course on @khanacademy on the art of storytelling: bit.ly/2kLbPt8 pic.twitter.com/fRZOtFUraC

Idea inspiration by @austinkleon: "Steal old stuff." bit.ly/2cyUtQ0 pic.twitter.com/q8cXVzMlGe

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace face-to-face communication." Do you agree? If so → creativemornings.com/kickstarter pic.twitter.com/jkYvXEjSik

Our volunteers have collectively produced 3,000+ FREE events. Help keep the magic going! creativemornings.com/kickstarter pic.twitter.com/RcXPzmvtVE

Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats buff.ly/2xo8mHr pic.twitter.com/QkGWIx3Z0T

Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Are Now Available Online buff.ly/2tpujof pic.twitter.com/hJwscibK4P

Chinese American artist Rebecca Szeto transforms paintbrushes into portraits, via @Booooooom bit.ly/1X8dpnp pic.twitter.com/1ER9RNosd3

Artist Creates Giant Wood Sculptures and Hides Them in Copenhagen Forests: buff.ly/2q87tBh pic.twitter.com/cPBRvpgQa4

"Mediocrity doesn't just happen, it's chosen over time." @toddhenry speaking @Cincinnati_CM bit.ly/1WqwYsu pic.twitter.com/HjNuEuKcs2

The orginal design of Super Mario Bros was done using graph paper, via @ArchDaily → bit.ly/1WtILTr pic.twitter.com/sjPWHYcehZ

Leonardo da Vinci’s Visionary Notebooks Now Online: Browse 570 Digitized Pages buff.ly/2uTElB9 pic.twitter.com/q6Vl8efBix

Someone In Bulgaria Is Putting Googly Eyes On Broken Street Objects via @boredpanda. buff.ly/2qFfH5N pic.twitter.com/IKJfPElVVV

"Be fine with being naive." —@indiyoung speaking @Oakland_CM on #CMempathy. Watch her talk: bit.ly/1QxP4U0 pic.twitter.com/ttmkb768oa

Paul Klee’s personal notebooks are now online, w/ his Bauhaus teachings. via @openculture → bit.ly/1WWOiBI pic.twitter.com/6m4fj95Qpu

Play These Games To Brush Up On Your Design Skills. buff.ly/2B3Mxhu pic.twitter.com/QjCo5sC4t5

Malte Brandenburg's beautiful photographs of Berlin’s Cold War-era towers, via @WIRED: bit.ly/1R1xFng pic.twitter.com/15xiWmv8Gc

Ancient Rome’s System of Roads Visualized in the Style of Modern Subway Maps. buff.ly/2td662T pic.twitter.com/1w9B2YqTE4

The Harvard Library That Protects The World’s Rarest Colors. buff.ly/2td2yOb pic.twitter.com/7rZYGtURGN

Sol LeWitt’s Letter of Advice on Self-Doubt, Overcoming Creative Block, and Being an Artist: bit.ly/2cmWAVh pic.twitter.com/jFRQQnTupb

Happy Monday, community! What does a successful week look like? Start with the end and work backwards. pic.twitter.com/XQemAqhenT

Welcome to the family! @Wix joins @CreativeMorning as our official global partner for web publishing. #CMLove pic.twitter.com/6qNiPxNUak

Ch-ch-changes! March's theme is #CMchange, illustrated by @VictorBregante. Find your event! bit.ly/1SdgkK7 pic.twitter.com/Jd7NPrys76

5 Talks on Empathy That Will Change How You Connect and Create: buff.ly/2lXD88v pic.twitter.com/5dTLxprXcc

17 Inspiring Photo Series That Celebrate the Unique Beauty of Shelter Animals buff.ly/2yeVO9C

We're in 137 cities & 40+ #CreativeMornings events are happening tomorrow! Support us: creativemornings.com/kickstarter pic.twitter.com/dpAjok15oW

Floral Designer is Turning NYC Trash Cans into Giant Vases Overflowing with Flowers. buff.ly/2qt7E90 pic.twitter.com/OQvG8eAAbZ

Chart Every Country's Favorite Book on This Map: buff.ly/2pKKOrF pic.twitter.com/fUOHdXEY24

July is all about #CMLove! Presented by our new global partner @Wix. Find an event near you >bit.ly/29gIKn0 pic.twitter.com/lOpV2Mbg2X

Creative Until You Die: 10 Hollywood Legends, 90 and Older, Who Refuse to Quit: bit.ly/2iFlHqY pic.twitter.com/41iduw6HXG

Happy Monday! Here's to your imagination and always pairing action with optimism to make meaningful change happen. pic.twitter.com/ffVBBusPja

How to get over common creative fears (maybe), a guide from @adamjk over on @designsponge → bit.ly/1SyFvTP pic.twitter.com/JdopiFLhRN

Stephanie Scholz's illustrations w/ modernist forms & bright colors collected @itsnicethat → bit.ly/1Tv01XY pic.twitter.com/6NvyaUaXIN

An idea will never ever work unless you act on it. @pepemarais on #CMaction @Johannesburg_CM bit.ly/20JAFH7 pic.twitter.com/9cW9YneaMe

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