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Use the Scissor Tool to create broken lines in your illustration like this bicycle icon: adobe.ly/2qwNHNm pic.twitter.com/RQ2XoHvd83

Justice for all. These set of DC Comics icons are simple, yet bold: adobe.ly/2ueMuyV pic.twitter.com/oK9JAce9Fe

Typographer Ian Bernard quickly explains how to use the Blend Tool in under 4 minutes: adobe.ly/2knnAt3 pic.twitter.com/jGFEwRTGUT

Check out @fontself, an AI plugin that lets you turn hand-drawn lettering into a font: adobe.ly/29MXf0Q pic.twitter.com/c7MHAiF6r4

Need a profile photo refresh? How to vectorize a portrait with Illustrator: adobe.ly/2ja25Z7 pic.twitter.com/qfWo4OSFE4

It all starts (and ends) with a single line. adobe.ly/23Nvtn9 pic.twitter.com/Ucjkymrk3l

These 10 tools in Ai will speed up your workflow. Are you using them? adobe.ly/1qBJCXZ pic.twitter.com/qcXWVRWKar

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it: adobe.ly/1PPxYCh pic.twitter.com/gN8cmPgTBq

These 10 tools in Ai will speed up your workflow. Are you using them? bit.ly/1UlgdOx pic.twitter.com/rLMqPqwojZ

Use gradients and shapes to create a peaceful, night scenery: adobe.ly/2jtqtsC pic.twitter.com/z8y0vTOgs3

Ikhsan Hidayat shares how to create a colorful blending vector in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2jEwwWt pic.twitter.com/OkHTi8i6Fb

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it: adobe.ly/1Njre0y pic.twitter.com/9XkqW6TsKc

#CCLearn - Learn the basics in arranging objects with Rotate, Blend, Pattern and more: adobe.ly/2jJBPct pic.twitter.com/XfWyhtTWeZ

Need a profile photo refresh? How to vectorize a portrait with Illustrator: adobe.ly/2eb7b3M pic.twitter.com/pvX016aUsn

Are you afraid of the dark? Create this spooky vector art in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2y78eLT pic.twitter.com/ZFFXyyWgvM

Here's a quick 5-minute tutorial on how to repeat patterns: adobe.ly/2tBvlz9 pic.twitter.com/fYW7gN2qzD

Learn how to make little fluffy animals using Blend Objects and the Roughen effect. bit.ly/231FwGx pic.twitter.com/6avKrE7kNq

Teela Cunningham shares how to create watercolor textures in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2mxmn3X pic.twitter.com/BhJbxkVUhJ

Use basic shapes and tools to create the new Nintendo Switch vector: adobe.ly/2rCa4pp pic.twitter.com/JEILlSPILD

Here's how to turn your hand lettering to vector using your phone and Illustrator adobe.ly/1MT70KZ pic.twitter.com/y3uEBDmzvR

Turn your hand lettering to vector using your phone and Illustrator. Here's how: adobe.ly/1Td19CB pic.twitter.com/4jxSBiMRw9

LIVE now. Learn how to make geometric designs with @paultrani: adobe.ly/2vmk7RG pic.twitter.com/QYauzVo0IU

Create a set of superhero (DC + Marvel) emojis in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2y4wxtM pic.twitter.com/jk1nLP8qmZ

Bright pops of pink and blue for Daft Punk. Check out this fan artwork by @Seiyafx: adobe.ly/2t7WaaA pic.twitter.com/rOGBakFCTQ

Here's how to export assets for web and app design from the latest version of Illustrator: adobe.ly/28Z2uvW pic.twitter.com/aD18SmzIlh

#ColorFontWeek - Learn how to make your font from scratch using @fontself: adobe.ly/2ivQaoG pic.twitter.com/Miq22K7IRu

Create these adorable animals with the Line Segment and Reflect Tool: adobe.ly/2sRM5Ty pic.twitter.com/eZki9Qs69Z

Check out this tutorial by @tutsplus on how to create a folk art pattern with Illustrator: adobe.ly/1UcxGrl pic.twitter.com/ckPgLK3bJs

If an oil slick met our favorite macabre element, this would be the result. bit.ly/1VjYrub pic.twitter.com/YhMgXShyOD

Try creating a geometric collage like this with Ai and Ps. @chrisspooner shares how: bit.ly/21mUZDR pic.twitter.com/S5ngp58x7c

Love textures and gradients? Try making texture gradients: adobe.ly/2yj3mX9 pic.twitter.com/Xr4lOIlTX5

Vectors assemble. #Avengers art by William Teal: adobe.ly/2ju3XOB pic.twitter.com/ODx0OhiKe0

Sci-fi landscapes. Giant monuments. Get lost in @Signalnoise’s alternate dimension. bit.ly/1rvqnQK pic.twitter.com/miVIrZRmCG

Create your own vector t-shirt template and apply a pattern to it: adobe.ly/2uOBuK8 pic.twitter.com/7d1gwIL0Ks

Chris Phillips uses Illustrator and @AdobeAE to create "odd little GIF loops.” See them all: adobe.ly/2czxI9P pic.twitter.com/kC0jQ4pRCZ

Lettering pro @Ian_Barnard shares how he adds weight to his letters in less than 2 mins: adobe.ly/2cEx0hb pic.twitter.com/dt1JMXx9mx

Designer @RikOostenbroek's jewel toned owl looks like it belongs in a brighter dimension. bit.ly/1WvrVnN pic.twitter.com/wcKDSaFkQk

Download free gradient swatches and learn how to master creating them with @ForeverDansky: adobe.ly/2iNmuXC pic.twitter.com/Xuo3oUBcdp

Now all we need is some color. How to create a mandala in @Illustrator: adobe.ly/2jS0Vks pic.twitter.com/hS1zPTqWzZ

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