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Create these adorable animals with the Line Segment and Reflect Tool: adobe.ly/2sRM5Ty pic.twitter.com/eZki9Qs69Z

Check out this tutorial by @tutsplus on how to create a folk art pattern with Illustrator: adobe.ly/1UcxGrl pic.twitter.com/ckPgLK3bJs

If an oil slick met our favorite macabre element, this would be the result. bit.ly/1VjYrub pic.twitter.com/YhMgXShyOD

Try creating a geometric collage like this with Ai and Ps. @chrisspooner shares how: bit.ly/21mUZDR pic.twitter.com/S5ngp58x7c

Love textures and gradients? Try making texture gradients: adobe.ly/2yj3mX9 pic.twitter.com/Xr4lOIlTX5

Vectors assemble. #Avengers art by William Teal: adobe.ly/2ju3XOB pic.twitter.com/ODx0OhiKe0

Sci-fi landscapes. Giant monuments. Get lost in @Signalnoise’s alternate dimension. bit.ly/1rvqnQK pic.twitter.com/miVIrZRmCG

Create your own vector t-shirt template and apply a pattern to it: adobe.ly/2uOBuK8 pic.twitter.com/7d1gwIL0Ks

Chris Phillips uses Illustrator and @AdobeAE to create "odd little GIF loops.” See them all: adobe.ly/2czxI9P pic.twitter.com/kC0jQ4pRCZ

Lettering pro @Ian_Barnard shares how he adds weight to his letters in less than 2 mins: adobe.ly/2cEx0hb pic.twitter.com/dt1JMXx9mx

Designer @RikOostenbroek's jewel toned owl looks like it belongs in a brighter dimension. bit.ly/1WvrVnN pic.twitter.com/wcKDSaFkQk

Create this not-so-spooky adorable bat in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2yTeOYo pic.twitter.com/A8uS86k3lI

Download free gradient swatches and learn how to master creating them with @ForeverDansky: adobe.ly/2iNmuXC pic.twitter.com/Xuo3oUBcdp

Now all we need is some color. How to create a mandala in @Illustrator: adobe.ly/2jS0Vks pic.twitter.com/hS1zPTqWzZ

Join us tomorrow on the Illustrator Facebook page for a live session all about the Pen Tool: adobe.ly/2c901w1 pic.twitter.com/Y7LR6IukNK

Simple tutorial to create an exploded view effect for text: adobe.ly/2pVs9wp pic.twitter.com/m74XBZq4Ua

How to create a portrait in a geometric style: adobe.ly/2qqCVM1 pic.twitter.com/11OUUnj9tQ

The air is getting frosty. Try creating this blue Winter scene in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2B5tBCd pic.twitter.com/9tIhEoW96e

Learn how to use the Mesh Tool to create a gold, abstract background: adobe.ly/2y6VERk pic.twitter.com/zOmiZXZRfE

Beautiful interaction design work by @Ramotion on @Behance: adobe.ly/2m5FTnA #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/JnnhGFbePy

NEW: Illustrator CC has new features like Fast Export and updates to Live Shapes: adobe.ly/28JLp6q pic.twitter.com/QIUQMbxmRp

These 10 tools in Ai will speed up your workflow. Are you using them? adobe.ly/1qBJCXZ pic.twitter.com/iGLysMmYYM

Use a simple grid with basic shapes to create a winter-inspired badge: adobe.ly/2CA5tJf pic.twitter.com/v8ENkn8Xin

❄️❄️❄️ Create your own set of snowflake icons: adobe.ly/2AmRuFJ pic.twitter.com/kWDQnNoBxB

They're yellow and cute... and they love to eat bananas! Learn how to draw the Minions: adobe.ly/2xk7Pdx pic.twitter.com/HhqRCuPBRC

By working with basic shapes, you can create a beautiful set of folk flowers for a pattern: adobe.ly/2wgQRMz pic.twitter.com/1CQcEOlRmE

From sketch to digital to mural, check out how this community art project came to life: adobe.ly/2uWYK46 pic.twitter.com/eVunQLREhF

Watch this tutorial on how to add depth to your text by applying a grainy, shadow effect: adobe.ly/2tAa1Kg pic.twitter.com/Y7dl1UXB7j

Handy #Illustrator shortcuts to save you time: adobe.ly/2dpnE59 via Daniel Scott pic.twitter.com/0ZlChvYUm3

How to create a water color text effect in Illustrator: adobe.ly/22Z7D9c via @tutsplus pic.twitter.com/o3RSbzQEOM

Illustrator 101 | Learn how to use simple shapes to create icons for your next project. adobe.ly/20XWLqU pic.twitter.com/KqZpIA3dQM

❄ It's a winter wonderland. Create this snowy city scene in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2AAh3jj pic.twitter.com/f0B9ovaZv2

Make your purr-fect Halloween vector art with this tutorial: adobe.ly/2lhof0C pic.twitter.com/m5heWrYGN2

Use the Transform effect to create whimsical designs: adobe.ly/2pteiOY pic.twitter.com/eoVsHIHtr4

30 years later, Illustrator's first tagline still rings true. #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/J2AF0ljKZd

Baimu Studio experiments with surreal typography in Illustrator: adobe.ly/28ST30Z pic.twitter.com/Zqxo01GQf3

We've updated Live Shapes and the Transform panel for easier workflows: adobe.ly/29nayo8 pic.twitter.com/xxH0K0KucK

Create a vibrant space illustration with @persibishe: adobe.ly/2naXb42 pic.twitter.com/u88d5jvoYU

#CCLearn - Try creating this striped split text effect. Tutorial by @vectorslate: adobe.ly/2iI7I0Z pic.twitter.com/kooF5P4n6O

New in Illustrator: Choose from a wide variety of templates, including those from @AdobeStock. pic.twitter.com/AZntAcUIHZ

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