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Learn the basics of working with opacity masks in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2gzZBTj pic.twitter.com/bep3klkZCD

Style for miles. Learn how to design a print-ready skateboard deck with Illustrator: adobe.ly/2e8snYk pic.twitter.com/FdQSpPNfR7

How to convert a @Photoshop pattern into an Illustrator pattern: adobe.ly/2cf218o by @teelacunningham pic.twitter.com/BSqs3fbztS

Learn how to create a vintage-style badge with type tools: adobe.ly/2bePEY9 via @chrisspooner pic.twitter.com/aS915fXM5x

10 creative assets. 1 mission. Create something "weightless" to win in the #TakeTenContest: adobe.ly/1P4xbiH pic.twitter.com/ymCUrqPgNx

A fearsome expression of color by @Mat_with_1T. bit.ly/1T6BfPi pic.twitter.com/fhk32bgybb

Designer @RikOostenbroek captured special assets to create this luscious looking billboard. adobe.ly/220G8f7 pic.twitter.com/kAoC2kX74n

Illustrator Alfredo Herraez ‘s geometric lion shaped up to be pretty great. bit.ly/1V9UC8A pic.twitter.com/t0r3ni3cad

#CCLearn - 'Dive' in to this enchanting, watercolor mermaid illustration tutorial: adobe.ly/2slkg6r pic.twitter.com/F3yeuXM3kF

How to work with 3D effects in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2sx0a7m #CCLearn pic.twitter.com/37Eye1z43V

So simple yet so versatile - Create a vector smoke effect with the Gradient Mesh Tool: adobe.ly/2pbYUGr pic.twitter.com/wfsHA3vCiH

Try creating a geometric collage like this with Ai and Ps. @chrisspooner shares how: bit.ly/1WiVYBL pic.twitter.com/FpkWrmanRx

Here's how to take your hand lettering to vector in a snap with #AdobeCapture and Ai. adobe.ly/1PUEXVX pic.twitter.com/G2RbUCBsuW

#CCLearn - Master the three-point perspective grid in Illustrator to create a gift box: adobe.ly/2s76EXW pic.twitter.com/i0LLl8CRNJ

Charming characters made with Illustrator and @AdobeAE by Andrea Stefano: adobe.ly/2nkmKhJ pic.twitter.com/JAsRJDuehO

LIVE NOW: Learn about shading methods in Illustrator with @paultrani: bit.ly/2j9bFdH pic.twitter.com/JRBoFB0ykk

A special kind of mark. Make your own monogram with simple shapes and the right typeface. adobe.ly/1S8YpzO pic.twitter.com/nEt6lf0Bxe

Learn the best way to create striking illustrations for any medium. adobe.ly/1RkhG0x pic.twitter.com/fMSyadP4US

Here's how to take your hand lettering to vector in a snap with #AdobeCapture and Ai. adobe.ly/1onOMX2 pic.twitter.com/CVWHXeZCJQ

Don’t be afraid to try creating this skull in Illustrator CC. Here’s how: bit.ly/1Q84xah pic.twitter.com/ZVHpE08orz

Learn how to create a nice, glassy pearl effect with @VectorSlate: adobe.ly/2xE1zgS pic.twitter.com/UnLPDKNFgj

#CCLearn - Check out this fun and easy way to create isometric type via @ian_barnard: adobe.ly/2x1RAzM pic.twitter.com/Ffq79zdt3A

#CCLearn - Create perspective vector art using negative space: adobe.ly/2s05wEO pic.twitter.com/fiWnPAZSYL

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Martina Flor's masterful lettering techniques: adobe.ly/1rtuhbO amp.twimg.com/v/4283df57-d9b…

Start drawing when the mood strikes with #AdobeDraw. Then finish up in Ai. Here' show: adobe.ly/1YU65uo pic.twitter.com/NcpeXIz7Ab

Easy tips for manipulating text in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2nSbiKj pic.twitter.com/ofN8SFEZOf

Adobe @Typeface designer Paul D. shares the design secrets behind emoji: adobe.ly/29EvcCv #WorldEmojiDay pic.twitter.com/NYU2rk8EEw

Learn how to make a polygonal portrait with Illustrator: adobe.ly/29NfOSv pic.twitter.com/2G5KXahzOm

#FallEquinox Happy First Day of Fall! Learn how to create Autumn leaves with custom brushes: adobe.ly/2wMsxNR pic.twitter.com/ibEU2LpC4t

Create a multi-dimensional polygon design with this easy tutorial by @CreativeSalek: adobe.ly/2rPrSNN pic.twitter.com/8O5ysu1ErO

Before the internet, this is how we learned Illustrator. #Ai30th adobe.ly/2lwGSgx pic.twitter.com/AzIRJnzJMU

Oldies but goodies. Retro designs for your inspiration: adobe.ly/1Pj2MrA pic.twitter.com/U6lRRN0yNJ

Grab color from world around you with #AdobeCapture. Then bring it into Illustrator. adobe.ly/1N74nzH pic.twitter.com/kXLzxS3kqt

Halloween doesn't have to be scary. Try creating this cute Halloween icon set: adobe.ly/2yh5hM4 pic.twitter.com/1NWN8oLhEG

Modify your vector letterforms to create unique typographic compositions: adobe.ly/2qdBtwB pic.twitter.com/uYZOweiZTS

Create these nature-inspired flat icons in honor of #EarthMonth: adobe.ly/2pnqxZ5 pic.twitter.com/rJ6XqwwcdS

Designer Ben Grib documents symmetrical monuments in vector form: bit.ly/2kCl1zg #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/XYkUm9YA87

It's smooth sailing from here. How to draw smooth lines and shapes with the Pencil tool: adobe.ly/2k2Evh0 pic.twitter.com/HfJmwgpHt2

Use Illustrator to create a unique vectorized portrait: adobe.ly/2k9nqBs via @digital_arts pic.twitter.com/GOsQj9r2sF

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