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2 days. 8 pairs of artists. And 16 amazing posters… all made with mobile. How they did it: adobe.ly/1NWBlIL pic.twitter.com/qBQ58LEWfb

Use simple shapes to make an icon that’s perfect for web use. Here’s how: bit.ly/1YfnXQ6 pic.twitter.com/hm7fnYh5kI

You won’t find Jon Snow in the new @HBO Game of Thrones trailer, but we found him on @Behance. pic.twitter.com/4h2yMP5WVP

“Typography is what language looks like.” —Ellen Lupton By @miriampersand: bit.ly/21hJiZH pic.twitter.com/63pTLh1j3C

Here's how to take your hand lettering to vector in a snap with #AdobeCapture and Ai. adobe.ly/1nh7cqU pic.twitter.com/DhEP2ZoGp3

Texture. Line. And photography. All in one piece. bit.ly/1XAw75Z pic.twitter.com/bWeFkuVKXY

Designer David Acevedo uses geometry to give his illustrations an op art effect we love. adobe.ly/1SKUK0C pic.twitter.com/Ma3fDLjK9u

Learn how to create a set of flat avatars in Illustrator. bit.ly/1UvzRUw pic.twitter.com/4V6TdJb9cZ

Halloween doesn't have to be scary. Try creating this cute Halloween icon set: adobe.ly/2yh5hM4 pic.twitter.com/1NWN8oLhEG

Learn how to create a distressed vintage-inspired logo design via @chrisspooner: adobe.ly/2yxsy9S pic.twitter.com/yyfIyn8ySi

These cat illustrations could pawssibly be the cutest ever. #InternationalCatDay adobe.ly/2wGnU8C pic.twitter.com/O6KQvr3CXi

Design a picturesque landscape wallpaper in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2t4bQg8 pic.twitter.com/jaPeuo7XL4

Type designers reflect on 30 years of Illustrator: adobe.ly/2n1P5Jj #Ai30th @typekit pic.twitter.com/7wnC3psCts

No laptop? No problem. How to draw vector art on the go with #AdobeDraw: adobe.ly/2kyy6ec pic.twitter.com/wJJqqsleVO

Learn, create, win. #MakeitonMobile with #AdobeDraw tips by @Danmumforddraws to win a prize: adobe.ly/29NL1YA amp.twimg.com/v/164e7f2e-2a6…

Fashion meets technology in @nirmak’s vibrant clothing designs and at tonight’s #MetGala. adobe.ly/1Y3qRrj pic.twitter.com/QDIrD30TEP

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it: bit.ly/1M2dUg4 pic.twitter.com/k16ONeFdRF

#CCLearn Quick Tip - Learn how to blue artwork in Illustrator via @jmvrankin: adobe.ly/2yY3zxv pic.twitter.com/PnLigr0KHQ

Have you updated yet? Learn what's new in the latest update to @CreativeCloud. pic.twitter.com/1yjZwXacHG

Riding into the week... Credit: Latham Arnott and Kirk Wallace adobe.ly/2eL95Zh #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/cMKUHn9j5q

Shapes. Colors. Masks. And Type. Top beginner tips for Illustrator CC: adobe.ly/1UQMQTA pic.twitter.com/VS3IjUvqjk

Gentle shapes and color combine for pleasing results. bit.ly/1WrKfje pic.twitter.com/mo6Rau2qsJ

Design a picturesque landscape wallpaper in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2t5lz5Z pic.twitter.com/DWf53O9duo

LIVE: New Illustrator feature demos & your questions answered by @PaulTrani: adobe.ly/29bFMQa pic.twitter.com/2zBMsUztiX

Helpful tips on how to quickly round corners in Illustrator: adobe.ly/28JzR26 pic.twitter.com/bhSM23Movg

Make a strong first impression by designing custom business cards. Inspiration by @HowBrand: adobe.ly/1UdIUYY pic.twitter.com/tiozdWd7A7

This handy guide will keep you young. Millennial slang... for designers. bit.ly/1Qa5RJt pic.twitter.com/2qJywVs6QH

No line. No shape. No color is wasted. bit.ly/1TzmYem pic.twitter.com/cAP6QfSpJn

LIVE right now with @paultrani. Learn how to design with geometry: adobe.ly/2wsuTGb pic.twitter.com/ZinbLJT4br

Use a pattern brush to create a pencil text effect in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2v89jFq pic.twitter.com/fNj2odyQs6

⭐ Add some bling to your typography: adobe.ly/2sN2ojh pic.twitter.com/WrM2Xo70CX

We're soaking in the last few days of summer with animated GIFs by @cr1spe: adobe.ly/2crrgaW pic.twitter.com/KXY9iHbv5T

How to easily create a 3D dropshadow in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2cuBx0A by @mattborchert pic.twitter.com/dgTRYEdigT

Learn how to use the Curvature Tool, a beginner-friendly Illustrator tool for drawing paths: adobe.ly/2cmmDyz pic.twitter.com/mxtrtufrBj

How to create an iPhone 6 wireframe in Illustrator: adobe.ly/290RMFg via @webdesignledger pic.twitter.com/WdCvISEU05

New in Illustrator CC: Quickly export assets and artboards with these added workflows: adobe.ly/28O9fh8 pic.twitter.com/scFOb7zoh6

Shapes. Colors. Masks. And Type. Top beginner tips for Illustrator CC: adobe.ly/1UQMQTA pic.twitter.com/oizmmKD3fw

Exquisite. Elegant. Polished. Check out these logotypes by @MartinSchmetzer. #MadewithAi adobe.ly/2kNM5AC pic.twitter.com/iLtW9RiFjo

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