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Comedy Feast Corporate Design by Only Studio pic.twitter.com/mDKQ1sFwl8

Layers Design Resources Library by Layers @madebylayers See more: bit.ly/2EG65yE pic.twitter.com/2umEl677m8

Branding for architecture company Applied Studio created by Ragged Edge pic.twitter.com/bMKh0UVF2T

Aerial photography of South Australia by MR BO bit.ly/2vfSM2W pic.twitter.com/PlcrMMtyjM

Manon's Personal Identity by Manon Louart pic.twitter.com/Mxem1GIiuA

Site of the day: Mac Digital by Vital Sinkevich See more: bit.ly/2E83xWi pic.twitter.com/hpbKECqtDD

Site of the day: Elegant Seagulls See more: bit.ly/2zKl0Cl pic.twitter.com/p77TwNKuK3

New video: Amazing Animation from Old Photographs See more: bit.ly/2hgm5Jz pic.twitter.com/SAuLqglxsc

Moonpig's dynamic rebranding designed by Ian Styles pic.twitter.com/tFFr7aJfIv

Branding and editorial design for Adalberto by 327 Creative Studio pic.twitter.com/hdH8CNHLVo

Beautiful Landscape Photography by COAST Studio bit.ly/2vkqZ1l pic.twitter.com/niBE7uaHJW

Site of the day: Jack Morgan - Designer at Duolingo & Google bit.ly/2t4Jwdz pic.twitter.com/cJ4omdvvC7

Beautiful beer branding & packaging by @RobotFoodDesign mindsparklemag.com/design/vocatio… pic.twitter.com/bJsDX6YJ4y

Cloud9 Language Studio Identity by Kuba Piechota & Fromsquare bit.ly/2nGVgRu pic.twitter.com/w16eKvfvNw

NICHE Tea Packaging by @IWANTdesign bit.ly/2mRioiY pic.twitter.com/jg4soUwmcR

Site of the day: Size Agency by Size bit.ly/2n6xCAf pic.twitter.com/WGiLYt3uqF

I am Nuria – Branding by Sr y Sra Wilson bit.ly/2mHSxGe pic.twitter.com/j2hqOCpkHU

Shimmy Branding by Ragged Edge bit.ly/2ggHyo3 pic.twitter.com/MTqDI9pRGC

Site of the day: Heat Waves Collective by Maura Cottle See more: bit.ly/2ENQpZK pic.twitter.com/Q6v75cUzfU

Site of the day: More Air @moreair_co bit.ly/2BwlAXt pic.twitter.com/JYucNDcewx

Surreal Scenes in 3D by Kota Yamaji See more: bit.ly/2spIEnL More news: Like Mindsparkle Mag on Facebook pic.twitter.com/5OpmVhuLS1

Design Trends 2018 - approaching 30k views within 3 days

New video: Nike Vapormax in 3D by Jordi Pages See full video on: bit.ly/2BMVRKE pic.twitter.com/J9rEGQ2nQL

Branding for labels : by M — N Associates pic.twitter.com/QElIcyGq3j

Full brand identity suite for Atlis, designed by Rainfall pic.twitter.com/PRPlaAZzYS

Gold-embossed typography in NNU Magazine Issue No.15, art directed by Mark Brooks pic.twitter.com/fRfX35VsP6

Site of the day: Whochris.is by Chris Ouzounis See more: bit.ly/2ir0hix pic.twitter.com/CwkpJkl5bb

Brand identity by BR/BAUEN for high-end catering company Balsamico pic.twitter.com/qktjw7yz8q

Site of the day: Badass by Werkstatt See more: bit.ly/2xqGqlc pic.twitter.com/fBOBoHowev

Site of the day: Sofia Papadopoulou by Pointblank See more: bit.ly/2fnmAke pic.twitter.com/ThoyLS4to3

New video: Pepe Jeans - This is not a shoe by OFFBEAT ESTUDIO See full video on: bit.ly/2xB34el pic.twitter.com/daU4cDMcib

Oasis Graphic Album Covers by Matteus de Faria Vilas Boas bit.ly/2fbuwoV pic.twitter.com/jdBqHgHSIb

New video: Typography - From Paper to Screen bit.ly/2x56R3v pic.twitter.com/CCn3G0lJfj

LIBRO Dry Bar Branding by Stanislav bit.ly/2vzNOdW pic.twitter.com/ZSHSVGWiZk

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