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From the archive: UEFA unveils “vibrant” branding for new football league: bit.ly/2xrJAJz pic.twitter.com/mNmYZN0zu1

From the archive: Volkswagen reimagines VW camper van design classic for the 21st century: bit.ly/2w0AHFo pic.twitter.com/X3tJ1urdjJ

Women are studying design – so where are all the female creative directors? bit.ly/2oXoWft pic.twitter.com/WvPVjkHd9I

10 people who made an impact on design this year: bit.ly/2BbyTNh pic.twitter.com/iUzr5UfNeh

Great advice here from industry figures on how to thrive as a freelance designer: bit.ly/2yZys8r pic.twitter.com/qQJ5N4liy7

From the archive: How an explorer who travelled with Darwin turned letterforms into animals: bit.ly/2xFO9PS pic.twitter.com/vadobrdnxX

From the archive: Royal Mail celebrates classic British toys with new stamp series: bit.ly/2vV878l pic.twitter.com/FopZ53caYQ

From the archive: How to live with a designer without killing them: bit.ly/2AzE2eL pic.twitter.com/wBwa9i98vz

"A great cover makes you want to return to a book again and again": bit.ly/2B98onv pic.twitter.com/YEaQbnixmJ

From the archive: London district King’s Cross reveals place branding: bit.ly/2wOuJta pic.twitter.com/7NjBV1pT1W

The exhibition championing an unsung female designer who fled Nazi rule: bit.ly/2AVDHSp pic.twitter.com/0BCBQ1HJSR

Our top pick of trends at CES 2018: bit.ly/2AThlRN pic.twitter.com/0qXkES8Iyd

Coca-Cola's first bespoke typeface is inspired by the company's own design archive: bit.ly/2CY4qmq pic.twitter.com/mnn7pEgcoq

Sexism in design: “I have been cowed, intimidated and embarrassed”: bit.ly/2yoaUWr pic.twitter.com/sTM493elt1

From the archive: The League Against Cruel Sports rebrands to “humanise” animals: bit.ly/2wMkYdE pic.twitter.com/JoJG7o1MRs


"The Guardian introduces tabloid format and redesigns all platforms": bit.ly/2DzFZKa pic.twitter.com/ZJRojNE2RI

The Government has launched a £15bn scheme to make roads safer and easier to use: bit.ly/2AUnDjS pic.twitter.com/Lww5KAPX9s

What Mazda’s new direction tells us about the future of car design: bit.ly/2ypbaV5 pic.twitter.com/UYRXTyzqBL

Michael Bierut on his new book and why people now care about new logos: bit.ly/2DllCUb pic.twitter.com/zhz4rGUFGc

What do you think of the new Formula 1 identity? bit.ly/2k1OGqR pic.twitter.com/4lRfu22Awd

From the archive: Totalcontent’s new identity features a “cornucopia of quotation marks”: bit.ly/2hOXmfh pic.twitter.com/zoux9mYpTV

From hopscotch to Top Trumps: which classic game would you redesign? bit.ly/2kO1yfz pic.twitter.com/KcDGGxxJes

Game of Thrones stamps designed for Royal Mail by GBH: bit.ly/2qn7TWz pic.twitter.com/E6rXasLEIx

Diet Coke has rolled out new branding and a refreshed can design: bit.ly/2AUIdk7 pic.twitter.com/GRWo14qSE5

From the archive: BBC Sport rebrands, dropping “100-year-old” typeface for bespoke one: bit.ly/2w6jJGF pic.twitter.com/npJYc4zkoh

From the archive: Monotype launches app that identifies typefaces in world around us: bit.ly/2zFTt86 pic.twitter.com/DpwnPJByrx

Books, exhibitions and talks to look out for this January: bit.ly/2lTuZ2E pic.twitter.com/YCR7VLB0Cl

Want to know how to protect your ideas? Trunki founder Rob Law offers some advice: bit.ly/2AdlTDb pic.twitter.com/3LY4xcgC3U

How Middlesbrough initiative New Boosbeck is teaching unemployed people to make furniture: bit.ly/2zpsGw4 pic.twitter.com/9Mfzfki3za

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