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69% of illustrators do not earn enough to live comfortably off one job, survey finds: bit.ly/2DidRdu pic.twitter.com/Okcl5K5Tq6

Made in North Korea: the book exploring a totalitarian state’s graphic design history: bit.ly/2kiaMVB pic.twitter.com/KgEPGpifnX

"The Guardian introduces tabloid format and redesigns all platforms": bit.ly/2DzFZKa pic.twitter.com/ZJRojNE2RI

"The Guardian introduces tabloid format and redesigns all platforms": bit.ly/2DzFZKa pic.twitter.com/aq7dWCqtLv

Game of Thrones stamps designed for Royal Mail by GBH: bit.ly/2qn7TWz pic.twitter.com/DTUCsMBsYV

10 people who made an impact on design this year: bit.ly/2BbyTNh pic.twitter.com/ToQGkikQXW

Stefan Sagmeister on why “beautiful design” makes things work better: ed.gr/fhet pic.twitter.com/uEKWXaxxJ5

10 people who made an impact on design this year: bit.ly/2BbyTNh pic.twitter.com/iUzr5UfNeh

Camille Walala: “Playfulness is as important for adults as it is for kids”: bit.ly/2uBHcvM pic.twitter.com/Vdf6hRkjMi

From the archive: A responsive, light-up pedestrian crossing that “puts people first”: bit.ly/2l2xwcP pic.twitter.com/JfZ3E8lFYQ

From the archive: Penguin creates colourful book covers based on geometric paintings: bit.ly/2qNZvwd pic.twitter.com/twGiJXLwfS

Outlawed coffee cups present fresh design challenge: bit.ly/2qw9JED pic.twitter.com/1FKJ0f9oVG

From the archive: Royal Mail celebrates classic British toys with new stamp series: bit.ly/2vV878l pic.twitter.com/FopZ53caYQ

Sponsored content: @HPGraphicArts…

Sponsored content: @HPGraphicArts on how designers can take back creative control: bit.ly/2yr1WI5 pic.twitter.com/L5E3Paun2N

From the archive: Illustrator Ben Tallon discusses the real value in self-initiated work: bit.ly/2cfjLzq pic.twitter.com/Oy1Y8ZEQHB

Freelance illustrator Ben Tallon discusses the link between creativity and mental health: bit.ly/2n5OnZe pic.twitter.com/blbLNOTuJI

From the archive: Juventus seeks to go “beyond football” with new brand: pic.twitter.com/HOx128DH9f

We asked female creative directors and managing directors how they got to their roles today: bit.ly/2psz8wq pic.twitter.com/ndfQiNFH73

Muji is launching an “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap" hotel concept in China: bit.ly/2mafWAV pic.twitter.com/DXCdPMvJwj

Exploring 50 years of National Theatre poster design: bit.ly/2kpSaTU pic.twitter.com/vUZ9JQKFRr

Arabic, Burmese, Cyrillic, Klingon? Designers discuss the beauty of letters: bit.ly/2yEFyxX pic.twitter.com/snKhb3Y31A

From Dieter Rams to Alan Fletcher: Designers on their design heroes: bit.ly/2qLVQkt pic.twitter.com/IpB0pm1Yfg

From the archive: What could a future without physical screens look like? bit.ly/2n9liMt pic.twitter.com/9P4uzr4Ocq

Freelance illustrator Ben Tallon on why creativity in London will soon become endangered bit.ly/2mzKO0S pic.twitter.com/AvGeN6Q6ZE

The exhibition championing an unsung female designer who fled Nazi rule: bit.ly/2AVDHSp pic.twitter.com/3cNYIGplTB

"A great cover makes you want to return to a book again and again": bit.ly/2B98onv pic.twitter.com/lQHqq1Ro7Q

Michael Bierut on his new book and why people now care about new logos: bit.ly/2DllCUb pic.twitter.com/cUl9HwOXOV

We asked designers of all ages if they have experienced ageism in the workplace: bit.ly/2nH5D6f pic.twitter.com/tY34T7mc75

The exhibition championing an unsung female designer who fled Nazi rule: bit.ly/2AVDHSp pic.twitter.com/0BCBQ1HJSR

Our top pick of trends at CES 2018: bit.ly/2AThlRN pic.twitter.com/0qXkES8Iyd

Somewhat contradictory? Research reveals 70% of clients expect designers to free pitch: bit.ly/2nvZz4o pic.twitter.com/OCavddbVUa

From the archive: “Ego is the worst thing in the world” – designers’ tips on landing a job: bit.ly/2ognFAs pic.twitter.com/uIYL4iSZJn

“Don’t design for women or men – design for people”: bit.ly/2qGwl3o pic.twitter.com/WJYGipRwN8

Designers tell us what's in store for graphics, branding, exhibitions and more in 2018: bit.ly/2AU1D8O pic.twitter.com/8ItVT3mm8R

From the archive: Samuel Mensah: “Black designers are never placed at the forefront”: bit.ly/2bsoai3 pic.twitter.com/Pfu4JgwJIZ

Books, exhibitions and talks to look out for this January: bit.ly/2lTuZ2E pic.twitter.com/OXhCJH88le

Shakespeare's Globe theatre has a new logo: bit.ly/2moHT8T pic.twitter.com/RgjX37kkUF

Designers' tips on landing a pay rise: bit.ly/2jBcMJ5 pic.twitter.com/IcEjrSb4rg

From the archive: The laser marking technology rivalling traditional food labelling: bit.ly/2jPSp8I pic.twitter.com/b5alsyMN98

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