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Bruce Mau creates pulsating…

Bruce Mau creates pulsating logo for Sonos that shows "soundwaves" when you scroll up & down: bit.ly/1uuNENp pic.twitter.com/S9VSLoWEed

New Moleskine books let you…

New Moleskine books let you save your handwriting digitally: bit.ly/VPxzH7 pic.twitter.com/OaIih2KpXV

'Dirty Bird Fried Chicken'…

'Dirty Bird Fried Chicken' defends 'rude' logo mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/d… (edifying stuff via @DailyMirror) pic.twitter.com/vTeDc9P88V

Artist Malika Favre’s lovely…

Artist Malika Favre’s lovely illustrations for the BAFTA "Best Film” nominees: bit.ly/1Ko0AOo pic.twitter.com/UfRLk7QZDE

The Finnish post office is…

The Finnish post office is celebrating iconic gay artist Tom of Finland with some saucy stamps pinknews.co.uk/2014/04/14/tom… pic.twitter.com/HnXDfQcl4E

How do you define

How do you define "branding"? It's a tough question – we asked some experts: bit.ly/185sTmV pic.twitter.com/xRCITGpeYC

RIP H.R. Giger: bbc.co.uk/news/entertain……

RIP H.R. Giger: bbc.co.uk/news/entertain… As well as designing Alien he worked on interiors and album covers. pic.twitter.com/YuYljldZu6

Nice negative space action…

Nice negative space action in the National Centre for Writing identity, by @theclickdesign: bit.ly/1vGKSdl pic.twitter.com/ZEhV3wgnHp


"Few designers have found their way into millions of households across the globe" Kenji Ekuan: bit.ly/16L5jup pic.twitter.com/WiItSQwiNI

This new Virgin

This new Virgin "Traindeer" is quite sweet. pic.twitter.com/QlGr2QNoEX

Next year is the centenary…

Next year is the centenary of the Johnston LU typeface. We look at story of the iconic font: bit.ly/1uQPf04 pic.twitter.com/pKftOS0GUe

The new Nophone. It won't…

The new Nophone. It won't bend, break or crack. Or make calls. bit.ly/1tAJ3vP pic.twitter.com/hPTdV25GzA

(Via @Chalk_One) pic.twitter.com/4lxWhOOlTV
Here's the new logo restaurants…

Here's the new logo restaurants in France can use for 'home-made' dishes: bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-… (via @jamie_ellul) pic.twitter.com/6fzv80M8PS

London's House of Illustration…

London's House of Illustration is opening with a Quentin Blake exhibition: bit.ly/1rhFZUR pic.twitter.com/fPKqOoUvLx

Nice piece on Sochi logo…

Nice piece on Sochi logo from @NewYorker. One of the few Olympic logos without drawn elements: newyorker.com/online/blogs/c… pic.twitter.com/JkGZcSxqeN

Refurb to country house Cliveden…

Refurb to country house Cliveden means stairs can't be used. @nationaltrust's answer? A slide: bit.ly/1788rve pic.twitter.com/W1LS1f4q55

Nice pic of London's NYE…

Nice pic of London's NYE fireworks (designed by Jack Morton) bit.ly/Uk3g4l pic.twitter.com/ecllCWHp

Here are the four shortlisted…

Here are the four shortlisted logo designs for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Replacing scrapped logo. Full story to follow… pic.twitter.com/UBEXEUNj6n

Whisky brand Glenfiddich…

Whisky brand Glenfiddich has a new identity – we take a in-depth look: bit.ly/1DzlAyf pic.twitter.com/E2XKocpoii

It's nearly Studio Ghibli…

It's nearly Studio Ghibli season at the BFI - and we're excited… bit.ly/1jwgFmY pic.twitter.com/1YjXPgbNOB

Beautiful pics of endangered…

Beautiful pics of endangered birds are appearing in London. We talk to the artist behind them: bit.ly/1fMLL72 pic.twitter.com/rYZuQPATmP

Salford University is building…

Salford University is building a climbing wall sculpture based on Friedrich Engels' beard… bbc.co.uk/news/uk-englan… pic.twitter.com/mC68lH8TXA

Waitrose rolls out new brown…

Waitrose rolls out new brown sauce packaging – designed by a seven-year-old: bit.ly/1lvELV4 pic.twitter.com/wq8EVAjpmb

Neville Brody has designed…

Neville Brody has designed the typeface for England's new World Cup kit: bit.ly/1rWWLHA pic.twitter.com/YfBoNUCvU1

Have you seen this year's…

Have you seen this year's Royal Mail Xmas stamps? By True North & illustrator Andrew Banneker: bit.ly/1A9xArU pic.twitter.com/YV6LKEQGpj

Walkers' new TigerNuts. Can…

Walkers' new TigerNuts. Can you spot the brand name in the tiger's face?: bit.ly/WT72Gj pic.twitter.com/VDPDexzNgJ

The 75-year-old Essex ad…

The 75-year-old Essex ad man headhunted to draw the new Mad Men season campaign: guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2… (via @guardian)

RT @gethill: PlayStation's…

RT @gethill: PlayStation's OXO Tower takeover is clever (via @roryb) pic.twitter.com/7otRnin4wE

Cooper Hewitt design museum's…

Cooper Hewitt design museum's latest ad campaign seems to be raising hackles in the art world news.artnet.com/art-world/coop… pic.twitter.com/cw3AnluJ0j

The year in logos – take…

The year in logos – take a look at our coverage of 2014's biggest rebrand stories: bit.ly/1DFVOf3 pic.twitter.com/TmcJHIX216

A really lovely scrolling…

A really lovely scrolling website: everylastdrop.co.uk (via @lambienairn).

Quite a convincing Lionel…

Quite a convincing Lionel Messi shaved on to Argentina fan's head: (via @guardian) pic.twitter.com/Yq5ZG1HSWq

Sad to hear that Storm Thorgerson,…

Sad to hear that Storm Thorgerson, graphic designer for Pink Floyd et al, has died: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-222103… pic.twitter.com/QMEhGLCv9P

RIP Dame Zaha Hadid. Here she is on Desert Island Discs earlier this year: bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07… pic.twitter.com/51b4Nj6UwV

RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: There…

RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: There are selfies, and then, well there are selfies. pic.twitter.com/3FXiCICg7K

Apparently this is the blackest…

Apparently this is the blackest painting in the world: bit.ly/1yzJrdK pic.twitter.com/yPtLEizVjI

Typographic terror> RT…

Typographic terror> RT @home_in_bristol: @WEDesignForum @design_week the scariest pumpkin ever? instagram.com/p/RdIM4ONG82/

We chatted to illustrators…

We chatted to illustrators about who their favourite children’s book illustrator is and why: bit.ly/1BAG3Eo pic.twitter.com/GCe5WcI40F

Multi-coloured pigeons are…

Multi-coloured pigeons are taking to the streets of Soho to raise awareness of homelessness: bit.ly/19BBv5v pic.twitter.com/LxbFrZUmHS

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