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The London 2012 Olympic logo…

The London 2012 Olympic logo - one year on: bit.ly/16eWbKS

All of the designers in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours, including Margaret Calvert: bit.ly/1YnSJIW pic.twitter.com/oVQOxVUMWP

ICYMI – Covent Garden market…

ICYMI – Covent Garden market is being filled with balloons… bit.ly/1LymW0n pic.twitter.com/vjh3dM0jYV

Here’s why Waterstones,…

Here’s why Waterstones, Odeon and 10 Downing St are dropping letters from their logos: bit.ly/1JD3fEP pic.twitter.com/JDMyH7raJM

Apple becomes first company…

Apple becomes first company worth $700bn: bit.ly/1uGB24k pic.twitter.com/O1ZkTFvLeU

Spanish football club Valencia…

Spanish football club Valencia drops bat logo after Batman publisher DC Comics protests: theguardian.com/football/2014/… pic.twitter.com/6J8cKBgcPS

Blue sky thinking – designers…

Blue sky thinking – designers sought to create windowless aeroplanes: bit.ly/1wCpqm5 pic.twitter.com/kLQlpLwN4w

Museum of London to show…

Museum of London to show Heatherwick's London 2012 Olympic Cauldron in permanent exhibition: bit.ly/1mAETSr pic.twitter.com/Zb2HIUDTgF

Conran and McCloud wade in…

Conran and McCloud wade in after Trunki loses copying court case: bit.ly/1gwRiVb #ProtectYourDesign pic.twitter.com/RoFtFsmQdb

Future bankcard concepts…

Future bankcard concepts from @method_inc – including a card that crumples if you overspend… bit.ly/1mU0bdo pic.twitter.com/GAupy3PGCp

Helmets for heroines - designers…

Helmets for heroines - designers create bike lids for a good cause: bit.ly/1jzSoL8 pic.twitter.com/6kmKIRqHEd

Kick, push - sKate Bush.…

Kick, push - sKate Bush. Old, but pertinent for today: skatebush.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/BXgvTIbDB3

Just the thing to brighten…

Just the thing to brighten up a grey Monday morning - a lovely, colourful animal A-Z: bit.ly/1aAMLe3 pic.twitter.com/AqB6TkiKLp

Happy 150th birthday, London…

Happy 150th birthday, London Underground! Here are some great prints inspired by its disused stations bit.ly/RHFT7T

“Has a client ever asked you to ‘make it bigger?’” - graphic designers surveyed: bit.ly/1Pb7O8n pic.twitter.com/grhBlSi6m0

Check out the top 5 design things going on in January: bit.ly/1Re7tZ9 pic.twitter.com/kv9cYOOTsc

This Olympic logo proposal was designed by a three-year-old: bit.ly/1MkHcQg pic.twitter.com/Z236XNjHnZ

Congratulations to the winners at last night’s #DWAwards15- check out the winning projects: bit.ly/1lLEFcW pic.twitter.com/6qmTUGbFb4

Hand-drawn designs of Super…

Hand-drawn designs of Super Mario games: bit.ly/1Ikj5A0 pic.twitter.com/o1yDHkja7k

Biscuit brand Jacob's is…

Biscuit brand Jacob's is launching a new identity (and losing its apostrophe…): bit.ly/15lMKND pic.twitter.com/wZldIIWH3h

Design's value to the UK…

Design's value to the UK economy has rocketed by nearly a quarter, according to new Govt stats bit.ly/1AaL8Ok pic.twitter.com/lTV2NCsROL

Happy Halloween! Here's some…

Happy Halloween! Here's some costume advice from the brilliant @gemmacorrell pic.twitter.com/3dh1DIgVok

Why the 'social media backlash'…

Why the 'social media backlash' against the @Airbnb logo could be a sign of its success: bit.ly/Ud2yeX pic.twitter.com/K3toTXU3z1

Design Studio has created…

Design Studio has created a 'symbol of belonging' for its @airbnb rebrand: bit.ly/1p9f210 pic.twitter.com/6DXcqZ1mPI

The @guardian goes behind…

The @guardian goes behind the scenes at the Panini football sticker factory in Brazil: theguardian.com/football/galle… pic.twitter.com/5V1l3EL1n6

A Glasgow School of Art team…

A Glasgow School of Art team has designed the medals for this year's Commonwealth Games: bit.ly/1esWNn0 pic.twitter.com/li1p7tAwXs

The UK passport is set to redesign, as the Government puts out a £490 million tender: bit.ly/2nwyDxf pic.twitter.com/GbSqqYBwns

Ralph Steadman illustrates…

Ralph Steadman illustrates Breaking Bad: bit.ly/1CRJlSW pic.twitter.com/Pq3LPLjr3p

Graphics festival Pick Me…

Graphics festival Pick Me Up opens tomorrow - you can read our preview here: bit.ly/1rjOgVJ pic.twitter.com/lfag9OU6BF

Dazed & Confused is no…

Dazed & Confused is no longer confused following rebrand: bit.ly/1k54L7f pic.twitter.com/yylpKYKo5N

Brilliant> RT @WiredUK:…

Brilliant> RT @WiredUK: Sesame Street Fighter: learn while you punch po.st/JclKZe pic.twitter.com/H4ydvpgIOH

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? asks Wellcome Collection’s new exhibition: bit.ly/2xPgRL9 pic.twitter.com/W8o7rpfzDX

This new design exhibition hopes to remove the stigma associated with dyslexia: bit.ly/29NYLPN pic.twitter.com/B3czuzIlNx

Glasgow School of Art is creating products from the charred remains of Mackintosh Building: bit.ly/1P4zU6g pic.twitter.com/8CKCTuDHRR

Better than Beck? Six bids to redesign the London Tube map: bit.ly/1QGtLk2 pic.twitter.com/HLmChgtgi8

Clever? Tokyo 2020 Olympic…

Clever? Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic logos are designed as the reverse of each other: bit.ly/1esScSv pic.twitter.com/peBAr4vmal

Londoners – remember to…

Londoners – remember to Commute Nice today! (thanks @kkoutlet): bit.ly/1SayZ5i #tubestrikes pic.twitter.com/iHXpDAI75u

The creators of Super Mario…

The creators of Super Mario Bros used to design all the game levels by hand on graph paper… bit.ly/1Ikj5A0 pic.twitter.com/zWOGzJPhnt

Nice set of Royal Mail stamps…

Nice set of Royal Mail stamps - to mark the Magna Carta 800th anniversary: bit.ly/1I54VYw pic.twitter.com/Wn15Rk8U4S

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