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snøhetta plans 'svart',…

snøhetta plans 'svart', an energy positive hotel in the arctic circle designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/chLU3C5QMI

tokyo plans to build world's…

tokyo plans to build world's tallest wooden skyscraper by 2041 designboom.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/DajOg8tyRe

a cat thing is a series of products made especially for cats and their people. designboom.com/design/a-cat-t… pic.twitter.com/4a2419JsLD

park-like green offices simulate…

park-like green offices simulate recreational grounds to promote productivity and well-being designboom.com/design/green-o… pic.twitter.com/ouS5VW1PDb

EKAR's traditional thai-inspired…

EKAR's traditional thai-inspired house in bangkok is designed to suit all generations designboom.com/architecture/e… pic.twitter.com/kOvORLxqjX

a cat thing designs feline-related products using a minimal system made of modules designboom.com/design/a-cat-t… pic.twitter.com/M2RNmkCdSu

DFT's anamorphic illustration…

DFT's anamorphic illustration transforms NIKE air jordan into surreal accessory designboom.com/art/dft-line-a… pic.twitter.com/VlXIyaoU1G

two storey tokyo restaurant…

two storey tokyo restaurant by ryoji iedokoro offers contrasting dining experiences designboom.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/iVGBw6W9Kn

zaha hadid's 'one thousand…

zaha hadid's 'one thousand museum' tops out as new interior renderings are revealed designboom.com/architecture/z… pic.twitter.com/rz14I9DNaT

germany to trial free public transport after failing to reduce toxic air-pollution levels designboom.com/design/germany… pic.twitter.com/76sEgCBL94

david chipperfield architects…

david chipperfield architects unveils plans for 'elbtower,' hamburg's tallest building designboom.com/architecture/d… pic.twitter.com/aFrBYc1Twx

now you can slip on a knitted…

now you can slip on a knitted pair of back to the future NIKE air mags and bitcoin high tops designboom.com/art/nike-air-m… pic.twitter.com/YnK3PxL7Bw

a large wooden nucleus manages…

a large wooden nucleus manages this flat refurbishment by italian studio gosplan designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/PE2LRVeKHI

ronan & erwan bouroullec…

ronan & erwan bouroullec play with shadow and light designboom.com/design/ronan-e… pic.twitter.com/Z5kGOhUT3C

artists and charity carve…

artists and charity carve giant SOS out of palm oil plantation in sumatra @OrangutansSOS designboom.com/art/sos-ernest… pic.twitter.com/V3ClFFwgIL

this tiny game console is…

this tiny game console is the open-source tamagotchi of 2018 designboom.com/technology/poc… pic.twitter.com/T7xM5yJWX2

the seeding finger gives…

the seeding finger gives women a hand to get pregnant on their own designboom.com/art/the-seedin… pic.twitter.com/Sc5TTcJuSK

1.6 million hand-tied knots…

1.6 million hand-tied knots comprise janet echelman’s seemingly-weightless net sculpture. designboom.com/art/janet-eche… pic.twitter.com/nIGjex5PiW

álvaro siza completes white…

álvaro siza completes white concrete church in northwestern france designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/6kNPTr0THm

BAD's y-house comprises of…

BAD's y-house comprises of three function-oriented volumes in lebanon designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/3BoS9QjYcX

google changes image search to make pictures harder to steal designboom.com/technology/goo… pic.twitter.com/rgFhMFWlx1

A+U lab's korean memorial…

A+U lab's korean memorial includes skywalk which invites visitors for a leisurely walk designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/VHnrX4iF5V

álvaro siza completes white…

álvaro siza completes white concrete church in northwestern france designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/0aNRCqOapi

slip on a knitted pair of…

slip on a knitted pair of back to the future air mags and bitcoin high tops designboom.com/art/nike-air-m… pic.twitter.com/xi4mS6Ttv4

coryn kempster + julia jamrozik's…

coryn kempster + julia jamrozik's wooden clad 'sky house' settles utterly in stony lake designboom.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/Y8S8OmXLiB

peter pichler's curve-shaped development blends in with layered landscape of taiping designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/tlMF7nWBkX

erik andersson turns a swedish bridge into a central gathering place for local community. designboom.com/architecture/e… pic.twitter.com/adUDSsHoNZ

the 1936 #bugatti 57SC, is this the most beautiful car in the world? @Bugatti #classiccars designboom.com/technology/bug… pic.twitter.com/jKGTVR4QU8

digital installation transforms selfies into gravel designboom.com/art/digital-in… pic.twitter.com/O1zmXctxH1

mini-drone fleets form airborne LEGO animations at world expo designboom.com/technology/dro… pic.twitter.com/dmHYUiF5Jg

META-project's ski slope observatory frames vistas of a picturesque chinese landscape designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/5OSVpODGN4

year of the pug: julien nonnon…

year of the pug: julien nonnon projects modern-day zodiacs in hong kong designboom.com/art/julien-non… pic.twitter.com/K0n2nmBFsC

digital installation instantly transforms selfies into gravel designboom.com/art/digital-in… pic.twitter.com/IsSiDcvhms

marià castelló's island mirage, a duet of nature and design designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/2nBxQltTNM

airbnb, hydroponics and soil form 'practical utopia' concept in friends of brick designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/1BJRer0wfy

BAD's y-house overlooks 360° views, comprising of three arms divided by function designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/t4q758In3z

boston dynamics' robotic dog has learned how to open doors. watch the terrifying video here: designboom.com/technology/bos… pic.twitter.com/v7EV0xA8XT

airbnb, hydroponics and soil form 'practical utopia' concept in friends of brick designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/GB67j93FcZ

type garden demonstrates a 'natural evolution' of language signs and typography designboom.com/design/type-ga… pic.twitter.com/VeeMkAUQDI

jet capsule's newest mini jet has a removable roof. designboom.com/technology/jet… pic.twitter.com/afDIPJL8sc

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