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Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio #designspiration #design designspiration.net/image/27688572… pic.twitter.com/aymcOFJKN4

This could be the most tasty typography ever... by Christine Kawasaki Chan ds.pn/i/340172543916/ pic.twitter.com/xtoPGl2ZA4

Fantastic graphic design for the Bicycle Film Festival buff.ly/1joEwKa pic.twitter.com/oo7w5WrLyL

Massimo Vignelli has passed away. He was one of the greatest designers ever and a big inspiration to Designspiration. pic.twitter.com/2JJOjvJjQo

The new packaging for Coke’s World Cup identity by a Brazilian street artist and design studio ds.pn/i/844187842/ pic.twitter.com/SWcernKyqi

Wow! Check out this amazing coffee painting by Maria A. Aristidou designspiration.net/image/88743443… pic.twitter.com/XAaIqN3iwT

A Kal Barteski painting for type lovers ds.pn/i/104948528207… pic.twitter.com/rbCnrI8V

Wolf in sheep skin geometric illustration by Kevin Harald Campean ds.pn/i/559754026638… pic.twitter.com/a7SHtbl96f

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough #inspiration #design designspiration.net/image/72044580… pic.twitter.com/mEJNTBaVsR

The 'Do you need a Designer' flowchart buff.ly/1rMTyMA pic.twitter.com/zjUVQjf0Oz

This is how pencils are sharpened ds.pn/i/887432539139/ pic.twitter.com/FSrqsYDoHH

Beautiful Cover designed by Malika Favre for the Washington Post buff.ly/1licGcF pic.twitter.com/4uFtr7Lsg8

The Floppy Disk reimagined as a coffee floppy table buff.ly/1pnkTor #interiordesign pic.twitter.com/481FgArRr7

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. ds.pn/i/31711915988/ pic.twitter.com/7UOTXZ6eEe

My love for typography would prevent me from eating this. ds.pn/i/781535330855/ pic.twitter.com/oLGEcCSi

Brazilian street artist and a Leeds design studio created Coke's World Cup identity designspiration.net/image/25980163… pic.twitter.com/TsKfZnSSwu

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