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best use of a logo in super bowl half time history: pic.twitter.com/sHPtT2OaoH

this definitely excuses the giants' season. pic.twitter.com/HGGDlSviuK


if only every brand could be this creative. pic.twitter.com/VBjCsgxGiz

When @Amazon Alexa loses her voice @iamcardib @RebelWilson step in bit.ly/2BTGOLe pic.twitter.com/XJIBXIpfGv

.@Nike Korea just dropped a totally mesmerizing rap video. Via @WKTokyo bit.ly/2EtJa6A pic.twitter.com/EsUP5n0t1w

when you're watching the game, but you really only care about the ads: bit.ly/2FKlPwO pic.twitter.com/BoNcJaGDvm

TFW the game comes back on and you just wanna watch the ads. pic.twitter.com/9RGCXBlRui

btw @Tide wins the Super Bowl pic.twitter.com/MJBjbbMnk2

I think we figured out why the @MTA is shutting down the L Train. pic.twitter.com/2kjXgkImPH

.@Nike Korea just dropped a totally mesmerizing rap video. Via @WKTokyo bit.ly/2DUeI8E pic.twitter.com/GqZoK8xHQK

Seriously, who would ever challenge Morgan Freeman to a rap battle? pic.twitter.com/3Wh5e1iu5b

Forget basketball, NBA fans were transported into PlayStation's 'God of War' bit.ly/2F520kU pic.twitter.com/fScI6CVr99

"DO YOU WANNA EAT ME?" No, Danny DeVito. No. pic.twitter.com/cJWRuIM3VF

Crazy game. Crazy ads. Here are our winners (and losers): bit.ly/2EJj0gp pic.twitter.com/ldyE7J5c0f

Did you get a bit too festive to watch the ads last night? We got you: bit.ly/2E1B9sw pic.twitter.com/Kj93i5kOgI

.@Nike Korea just dropped a totally mesmerizing rap video. Via @WKTokyo bit.ly/2FEQj3q pic.twitter.com/ndNO8vjEF6

Everyone's reaction when they hear a brand spent 5 million dollars on a Super Bowl spot: "WOW" pic.twitter.com/pBYhfsMmE3

.@CocaCola plugs diversity in poetic Super Bowl ad via @WiedenKennedy bit.ly/2BISQHp pic.twitter.com/D318lkgQ8d

ICYMI: @BurgerKing's really bad service gives customers a lesson in net neutrality. bit.ly/2BxdM3X pic.twitter.com/Es4o8nYhmW

.@KFC says 'FCK' in U.K. apology ad. bit.ly/2BMJIVN pic.twitter.com/UNfr3Kr9EI

.@Spotify turns out some of the year's most exciting work by any agency. bit.ly/2ECfoQh

Meet 'Bud Knight'--the new face of 'Dilly Dilly' @BudLight @WKNYC bit.ly/2EvYFuO pic.twitter.com/rYMqXyXWjX

.@realDonaldTrump takedown artist @EdelStudio gets his own show at @WiedenKennedy bit.ly/2EfJs0H pic.twitter.com/OR8uZcZuiW

.@EdelStudio's @realDonaldTrump art gets its own show, courtesy of @WiedenKennedy bit.ly/2BxpuLY pic.twitter.com/JRSTlOaZCC

.@Absolut employees get naked to illustrate brand's commitment to transparency bit.ly/2EgToGu pic.twitter.com/uEqXQRfYBh

a message we totally can get behind. nice one, @toyota. pic.twitter.com/cH9CXZYK0j

the matrix 4 looks pretty terrible. pic.twitter.com/M1zRA48vh3

When @Amazon Alexa loses her voice @iamcardib @RebelWilson step in bit.ly/2EtM1fO pic.twitter.com/gbdXpoi2Kt

Cute mural creatures escape their concrete prisons in search of a cold coke bit.ly/2Cle8eA pic.twitter.com/p652yHXvQN

Go behind the scenes of @ETrade's return to the #SuperBowl: bit.ly/2EeYmHT pic.twitter.com/lNNJ2jTyIl

.@Pepsi brings back Cindy, Britney, Michael and more in its time-traveling Super Bowl ad. bit.ly/2FCo9Wt pic.twitter.com/CLneXdTAV8

.@BillMurray is on a quest to make bell-bottoms a thing in golf. @Betabrand bit.ly/2EtPtHb pic.twitter.com/8TKkV9Wmid

Morgan Freeman gets his freak on in Mtn Dew's Super Bowl ad bit.ly/2Ft3iVu pic.twitter.com/XAwqBuutlH

.@OldSpice debuted an all-French ad during the Grammys--with no subtitles. bit.ly/2FrkVVQ pic.twitter.com/wnSDDrbKQk

.@Budweiser's Clydesdales are sitting out the Super Bowl for this. bit.ly/2GmcKLB pic.twitter.com/jDufHsGU4C

Repurposed folk tales take a somber twist in these moving ads from @FeedingAmerica bit.ly/2HFMrka pic.twitter.com/BUkqRlfQ8w

Diageo becomes the first alcohol advertiser to join @FreetheBid bit.ly/2FmMeSs pic.twitter.com/V1ow1J8R6r

This billboard 'powered' by hackers highlights the danger of cyber crime bit.ly/2HvDpX9 pic.twitter.com/uyc2JFGkca

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