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Meet Ad Age and Creativity's Creativity 50, the most creative people of 2014 trib.al/9HlBDjG pic.twitter.com/e9AVRaGSZG

Now, @TheRock speaks Mandarin to Siri in Chinese version of his Apple campaign. bit.ly/2vpfll1 pic.twitter.com/3ECHbiDsY9

'Flashdance' fans will love this super sexy cleaning ad starring @DanCloudCampos bit.ly/1n4qX5x pic.twitter.com/1TAboMub8w

Upcoming 'Modern Family' episode shot entirely on iPad and iPhone 6 trib.al/Gx4TlJw pic.twitter.com/s6oZq6PRh0

Coca-Cola silences online haters in uplifting Super Bowl ad bit.ly/1tSTzRh pic.twitter.com/ZwZCrqCh8M

Watch Jude Law Tap Dance in New Johnnie Walker Short Film bit.ly/1qL2QZT pic.twitter.com/rUhDJjm98G

The Saddest News Cover After Brazil's World Cup Loss bit.ly/1n83XKP pic.twitter.com/V5LcoEEg2H

Beer Brand Registers Soccer as a Religion So People Can Leave Work to Observe Their 'Beliefs' bit.ly/RS5WuW pic.twitter.com/Z1rttCTDTM

What happens when you 'Fuck the Poor' vs. 'Help the Poor" -Eye-Opening Film from Publicis UK bit.ly/1k5oCBU pic.twitter.com/4aBC93cJxf

Bye Bye Talking Baby. Ogilvy Delivers Final Word from ETrade's Famous Tot. bit.ly/OOwSdY pic.twitter.com/givkgBYISy

Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear in Hilarious New Footlocker Commercial adage.com/u/kFFXub pic.twitter.com/73ocu42rqK

This film will surprise you: the alcohol ad that all alcohol ads should aspire to adage.com/u/C05nSb pic.twitter.com/d47oapsjk0

Audi creates 'disappearing' billboards to promote clean engines that leave nothing behind bit.ly/1G7NW5p pic.twitter.com/Yw9Illqy63

.@Prince's 'third eye' opens following his death. Farewell, your legend lives on. bit.ly/1r2Ca8x pic.twitter.com/byIJ64HZyV

Love it or hate it? Google's redesigned logo -- we're taking your votes bit.ly/1JKJt6r pic.twitter.com/FKEaNPaDHq

Dove's latest stunt asks women to classify themselves as 'beautiful' or 'average.' bit.ly/1CiF8DQ pic.twitter.com/2LwniaATaj

Congrats to Creativity Agency of Year BBDO N.Y.; 2013 Agency Innovators and Ad Age's A-List adage.com/u/Mdaxhd pic.twitter.com/2m4dqUk4yD

Burn Game of Thrones creepy King Joffrey in internet roast via HBO & 360i #roastjoffrey adage.com/u/Kb5ZJa pic.twitter.com/6RCakbeK1e

Droga5 Invites you to Get Your Inner Granny On With Coke Zero's (Ugly) Xmas Sweater Generator adage.com/u/aLxlsd pic.twitter.com/xCqcplRSYE

Ikea responds to Apple Pencil with another smart parody bit.ly/1EY5PFZ pic.twitter.com/3Jn7wKBIyh

Blow into this breathalyzer and Uber will give you a free ride home. bit.ly/1H5K3yk pic.twitter.com/kvaSADUKtj

This Price Tag Shows Real-Time Cost of an Item in Bitcoin adage.com/u/AQpM3a pic.twitter.com/C12jXD9JNX

Kids in billboards point at planes as they fly by-but only if they're British Airways planes. bit.ly/IqH9cj pic.twitter.com/qSPTWwIQdg

.@PatrickDempsey's directorial debut is an ad for @TagHeuer (that could be for a car) bit.ly/2oyE9Am pic.twitter.com/P11WLHF3sM

.@TagHeuer's customization app lets you design your own smartwatch @AKQA bit.ly/2o34RVP pic.twitter.com/SHtHmSb14Y

.@Budweiser's #SuperBowl ad tells the immigrant tale of its founder @AnheuserBusch @Anomaly bit.ly/2kgSdPO pic.twitter.com/yBprbtelCz

Following @Barbie, @LEGO_Group embraces diversity with new disabled minifigure bit.ly/1QLeiAf pic.twitter.com/4bxOERZEDd

Red Bull celebrates one billion YouTube views -- is second only to the NBA. trib.al/GM2fKyo pic.twitter.com/gBdeiE02j0

Watch Kathryn Bigelow's chilling PSA about the ivory trade. trib.al/RotQc7w pic.twitter.com/RJeGns1KXr

Cookie Monster and Walter White Bring Apple's Icon to Life in Whimsical New MacBook Air Ad bit.ly/1o7F0EA pic.twitter.com/EaszMJSoHB

The New York Times Leaves Page Blank in Support of Al Jazeera Journalists bit.ly/1jdxfao pic.twitter.com/uEtmnsul9E

World Cup Referee 'White Marks'Turns into Opportunity to Promote Sure Deodorant bit.ly/1pFaPod pic.twitter.com/61szeP1nvv

Sarah McLachlan sings another sad dog song for Audi's 2nd Super Bowl teaser adage.com/u/kYXbia pic.twitter.com/9KYgq56v6b

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