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Dumb Ways to Die cuties-- coming to a toy store near you! adage.com/u/IAASyb pic.twitter.com/fZdI4OTFHx

You won't believe this new game controller that @Playstation and @Nissan are developing bit.ly/1O3SBe4 pic.twitter.com/saT3dsT5VF

63 people power a stadium-style billboard to show a software company's collaborative spirit bit.ly/1PAuTXd pic.twitter.com/fy0MZ9T484

Beyond the 'Like': Facebook unveils 'Reactions' emoji buttons bit.ly/1L9ilzL pic.twitter.com/DSfCuEWut9

A mom's social media post shatters lives in gut-wrenching ad from AT&T bit.ly/1OsJ118 pic.twitter.com/N6lTRHc7DF

Adidas designs a shoe made from plastic ocean junk and illegal fishing nets bit.ly/1fGRBhy pic.twitter.com/AF1ARUrgbK

Explore @TerryCrews pecs with Old Spice's ridiculous new video game, 'Muscle Surprise' bit.ly/1JphaNA pic.twitter.com/V30vHsEubS

Blow into this breathalyzer and Uber will give you a free ride home bit.ly/1CqHEIa pic.twitter.com/lacKrGpoee

Just how did they make that John Lewis penguin so realistic? trib.al/94g3TJE pic.twitter.com/vqdFaFFrhO

Cookie Monster and Emoji Bring Apple's Icon to Life in Whimsical New MacBook Air Ad bit.ly/1jTmQXc pic.twitter.com/DYFNCbKjk1

Apple Makes Dig at Samsung in Earth Day Print Ad bit.ly/1hcJQwH pic.twitter.com/WgNCoJO72b

Five great campaigns that show 'B to B' doesn't stand for boring. adage.com/u/nI6vzb pic.twitter.com/gglpOHPez1

Mother London Sends Gay Icon Nesting Dolls To The Kremlin adage.com/u/RASz0c pic.twitter.com/9hKWAoPFz8

Nissan and AKQA create Oculus Rift experience that lets you design a car w/your eyes adage.com/u/4g9Edc pic.twitter.com/MPBFMa6qiP

Following torrent of criticism, @Pepsi has pulled its @KendallJenner ad. bit.ly/2nKRPZf pic.twitter.com/KBZDq7gXTd

Could this hilarious haircare ad be the #SuperBowl's funniest ad surprise? @Itsa10Haircare bit.ly/2kDDuj3 pic.twitter.com/2VseWCY42r

McDonald's turns a Happy Meal box into a Virtual Reality headset bit.ly/1L2UrM5 pic.twitter.com/wN5fBAc5KU

Agency creative puts things into perspective with 'Help Kenya, Not Kanye' initiative bit.ly/1UkhTGo pic.twitter.com/RWwOk6lyns

Agency creative puts things into perspective with 'Help Kenya, Not Kanye' initiative bit.ly/1Uj2y9f pic.twitter.com/zZncaATgJi

Meet 20 women breaking ground in media and marketing: Ad Age's W2W 2015 bit.ly/1cuH72d pic.twitter.com/zBuP9KbOGs

Lane Bryant swipes at Victoria's Secret with 'I'm No Angel" campaign bit.ly/1a2lpBt pic.twitter.com/70r4alxwSU

Oreo, Chupa Chups and Samsung among brands to capitalize on Europe's solar eclipse bit.ly/1MUE6no pic.twitter.com/Y8qUbm1QJq

Woman becomes man to protest unequal pay in Sweden bit.ly/1cvc0mE pic.twitter.com/tCfI9cXJhJ

McDonald's billboard straddles Norway & Sweden to promote cheaper Big Macs adage.com/u/AsXz9c pic.twitter.com/FoYS5SNxoj

Jingle Balls: Sextet of sexy guys shake their packages in Kmart's hilarious holiday spot adage.com/u/WzoKha pic.twitter.com/MGyG7F3lS9

.@BurgerKing's ads featuring real restaurant fires take 'flame-grilled' cred to the extreme bit.ly/2lkqv1Q pic.twitter.com/xj1bAE1SZc

Frankenstein opens his heart in @Apple's sweet holiday tale starring @RealBradGarrett bit.ly/2gvJtoa pic.twitter.com/sca8xnxZnc

.@WiedenKennedy converts its website into a powerful #BlackLivesMatter message bit.ly/29n5nCq pic.twitter.com/IVCKIRrmWi

Skittles gives up its rainbow in London to honor pride event bit.ly/28U0OVC pic.twitter.com/lYHSor7sc8

.@Mattel 's @Barbie is now curvier, taller and petite bit.ly/1Ut7xSJ pic.twitter.com/pxYIwTtI2u

Google turns your words into poetry with an interactive billboard bit.ly/1MQY8Cz pic.twitter.com/2HEEBjW9iC

Coke has been turning out some amazing ads lately, but the Mad Men appearance was a freebie bit.ly/1cLPkj1 pic.twitter.com/HBkbh2dRzw

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