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Duracell's heated bus shelter doesn't warm up till you hold someone's hand bit.ly/1kOVKQ4 pic.twitter.com/v1x6KBqDJr

Gay and Interracial Couples Illustrate 'Wholesome Family" in New Honey Maid Ad via Droga5 N.Y. bit.ly/OeiNG0 pic.twitter.com/S86s8TICaG

The Muppets Are Live Tweeting the Sferndy Boom (Super Bowl, in Swedish Chef-Speak) adage.com/u/dThv7d pic.twitter.com/2qKHNfceRV

New campaign encourages boobie planking for breast cancer awareness #mamming adage.com/u/cCNqub pic.twitter.com/Va1S9ne2H9

.@Time updates its @realDonaldTrump 'Meltdown' cover to 'Total Meltdown' bit.ly/2dNUdej pic.twitter.com/S1ET1pkUMh

.@FreetheBid calls for ad industry to include more female directors in production bids bit.ly/2cN0mqw pic.twitter.com/Jgv21hIzHu

You might get all tingly watching the Colonel munch on extra crispy @KFC in funny #ASMR film bit.ly/29O9FF5 pic.twitter.com/5E5IL41LLC

.@TheRock's gift to fans on his bday: an app that wakes you up w/his funny singing @Droga5 bit.ly/26LXyQ1 pic.twitter.com/PEkurCwuHj

Latinos admit to being 'murderers,' 'dealers' & 'thieves' in anti-Trump ad via @CHIRLA bit.ly/1Zbik6x pic.twitter.com/4MjpzA4Zqr

NASA's gorgeous retro posters show space travel isn't as far-out as you think @NASAJPL bit.ly/1POgcPM pic.twitter.com/MElgAwoSXs

Two words for Valentine's Day: Doritos Bouquet bit.ly/1XjaB5s pic.twitter.com/S11g4Ao9kJ

Helen Mirren says, 'Don't be a pillock!' in @Budweiser Super Bowl ad bit.ly/1PvkGqX pic.twitter.com/tzW5dkWKu0

Beyond the 'Like': Facebook unveils 'Reactions' emoji buttons bit.ly/1VH2d2A pic.twitter.com/ZCvi60blhn

Moleskine creates a Coca-Cola inspired notebook collection bit.ly/1Kvxqk0 pic.twitter.com/4j6OQmq8yb

Diet Coke amplifies fans' tweets on billboards in Times Square bit.ly/1NPDu7q pic.twitter.com/Z8vcuHPopC

Xbox updates Gears of War fan tattoos to celebrate new remastered game bit.ly/1HSS1Y2 pic.twitter.com/XhQ94hFRXO

Domino's emoji ordering system wins the Titanium Grand Prix bit.ly/1Ikg86O pic.twitter.com/qSd6mBbj8s

Why this agency thinks investing in its new moms (and parents in general) is good for business bit.ly/1by4sQ1 pic.twitter.com/gcxB7oHK92

Can you #CatchDrogon? HBO starts a social-media dragon hunt to hype Game of Thrones premiere bit.ly/1IS68yM pic.twitter.com/QXdB9Xbdw7

Coke Zero entices Final Four fans with a drinkable billboard. bit.ly/1EMEHso pic.twitter.com/PukwA9Jzw0

Suntory's 3D-printed ice cubes and interactive whisky glass take top prizes at Asia's Adfest bit.ly/1xl2Hjp pic.twitter.com/FSKFyHkL5x

Lessons in virtual reality: production companies dive into new forms of storytelling bit.ly/1zwL3DJ pic.twitter.com/Er4AeJWDmt

ICYMI: McDonald's Super Bowl ad introduces new form of payment: hugs and happy dances bit.ly/1zLP7qj pic.twitter.com/2WLoyJH5rL

The story of a McDonald's pickle -- as told in a clever long-copy ad. . trib.al/nNmlicp pic.twitter.com/aXxmY9eoXq

Oxford comma fans, this holiday greeting's for you! trib.al/1XWLWwp pic.twitter.com/oUzu8lH93B

This Nike "Choose Your Winter" ad is perfectly timed trib.al/k9W0ZZW pic.twitter.com/XPrzgv3bYO

Tiffany & Co. makes the holidays sparkle with lovely animation trib.al/orkpySE pic.twitter.com/7t33rt3u4b

This touching ad for 3D printing shows how technology can help the visually impaired trib.al/By1WqaS pic.twitter.com/AIrhe40lxP

This Nike Vending Machine Accepts Only Fuelband Points bit.ly/WG6APa pic.twitter.com/3hYmO9u8ZE

News Publication Increases Online Visits by Printing Headlines on Paper Towels bit.ly/1lF23RC pic.twitter.com/ue2vmrYV9K

This is What Your Brain Looks Like on Coffee--and it Sure is Pretty bit.ly/1iTRLeM pic.twitter.com/we8aPMGjTR

Football Pros and Other Celebs Face Off in Nike's New World Cup Film bit.ly/QFqDdd pic.twitter.com/ydyfCnW4Pi

Awkward Family Moments: Hilarious Campaign for HBO Go That Could Be Its Own Show bit.ly/1eVM9FE pic.twitter.com/M7FrWzQNMV

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