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Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 22 heures

Advertisers can now target…

Advertisers can now target @YouTube ads based on people's @Google search histories bit.ly/2jJ0c8l pic.twitter.com/Wscss74Rxk

Support Womens March on 7 continents ! Today's #WomensMarch #ObeyGiant @OBEYGIANT bit.ly/2jiC5dK pic.twitter.com/vyhRhh7UYr

I SUPPORT #WomensMarch - Today on 7 CONTINENTS ! Obey Giant print #streetart and #graffiti bit.ly/2jiC5dK pic.twitter.com/wHtP6NZcD5

#FontSunday alert. Tomorrow’s theme is fonts on floors, from 12 noon pic.twitter.com/nMFgM4Hr9K

roadsworth adds to asphalt…

roadsworth adds to asphalt with surreal street art scenes designboom.com/art/roadsworth… pic.twitter.com/fJKvf91sGE

Juventus launch new logo to go ‘beyond football’. Will it take them there? bit.ly/2k25qgy pic.twitter.com/qAW4rCnOOm

A 19th Century Home in the…

A 19th Century Home in the Suburbs of Paris Goes Modern bit.ly/2iXiDSL #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/riTZIMibt1

Cats are tattooing other cats in surreal Japanese ink wash paintings trib.al/eR7lflS pic.twitter.com/Lfu0nVeSP5

Impressive work by Jakub Rozalski! artstation.com/p/qBbkz pic.twitter.com/zfUbKlxmT3

Stunning work by Nurzhan Bekkaliyev! artstation.com/p/ll3qa pic.twitter.com/MvNqpCkpGx

Photographer captures otherworldly light pillars in northern Ontario trib.al/Q9vmbzV pic.twitter.com/rSUiQUfCah

25 animals who have mastered the art of taking the perfect selfie

A playful new typeface inspired by US artist Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures bit.ly/2jfz4uC pic.twitter.com/lGYULrDsoT


PetaPixel @petapixel,
il y a 10 heures

This is President Trump's…

This is President Trump's official portrait: petapixel.com/2017/01/21/pre… pic.twitter.com/fkzQklaJAa

Very nice work by Hicham Habchi! artstation.com/p/3Be6J pic.twitter.com/jM6zSyVdwm


Behance @Behance,
il y a 6 heures

Dog hugs are the best medicine:…

Dog hugs are the best medicine: go.be.net/bb81Xh pic.twitter.com/vlTnHAYtAE

Beautiful photos capture powdery snow blanketing the Acropolis trib.al/me0DAGa pic.twitter.com/7jqrlAZnNy

This school's shape-shifting…

This school's shape-shifting walls let it adapt throughout the day buff.ly/2jWfBA3 pic.twitter.com/HlO4Xl8Jqc

So you bought a work of art.…

So you bought a work of art. Now what? Your guide to the caring and keeping of art: ow.ly/NTxy308cwui pic.twitter.com/Xy0oeCT1FK

I shot the Trump inauguration…

I shot the Trump inauguration protests and got more than I bargained for: petapixel.com/2017/01/21/sho… pic.twitter.com/SbivCk4xmt

Functional Trays That Make…

Functional Trays That Make Fun Compositions bit.ly/2jJkBu3 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/3jNlqn2dmh

Meetings are a skill you…

Meetings are a skill you can master, and Steve Jobs taught me how buff.ly/2jW9KdQ (from 2012) pic.twitter.com/T3xaI8zj1T

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 12 heures

A new #Netflix documentary…

A new #Netflix documentary series about design premiers on February 10: bit.ly/2jB90eo @sdadich pic.twitter.com/NvawScNdCD

NeoWave: Abstract landscapes and giant monuments inspired by science fiction bit.ly/2aL5mfK pic.twitter.com/A3Wgwa5qAk

A new #Netflix documentary series about design premiers on February 10: bit.ly/2jB90eo @sdadich pic.twitter.com/MeYmGgzD0G

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 23 heures

Creativity Pick: While Trump…

Creativity Pick: While Trump was being sworn in, this dropped. bit.ly/2iM7Dwl pic.twitter.com/2nvIo0oOO5

An Art Collection Borne From…

An Art Collection Borne From Social Media bit.ly/2kagtAn pic.twitter.com/Fi4N7ZI0xq

diana scherer manipulates…

diana scherer manipulates plant roots to grow into intricate, lace-like arrangements designboom.com/art/diana-sche… pic.twitter.com/kPzM7I5Bu9


Behance @Behance,
il y a 10 heures

Squirrel Appreciation Day:…

Squirrel Appreciation Day: go.be.net/CVwHJq pic.twitter.com/xzMggoX6bM

Award-Winning Brand Identity…

Award-Winning Brand Identity Design: The Women’s Foundation bit.ly/2jBadSO pic.twitter.com/7BSbxJPwHn

Black bunting bathed in orange…

Black bunting bathed in orange light @dior Homme #fashion #aw17 pic.twitter.com/M9m0crNlFR

The end of user-friendly…

The end of user-friendly design buff.ly/2j3tjmd pic.twitter.com/EQNfepJpJ4

Elena vitaliy Vasilievy |…

Elena vitaliy Vasilievy | See more of Elena's work: ow.ly/d6yy3086n97 #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/XOdpP6TFd9

This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Clarity And Creativity bit.ly/2iLj0mB pic.twitter.com/gXXkEOlDpQ

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 7 heures

.@LinkedIn gives access to…

.@LinkedIn gives access to new data for B-to-B content marketers through @DataSift deal bit.ly/2jjeXvm pic.twitter.com/aYmSwwTOJ3

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