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"Life is 95% anticipation." - Gloria Swanson #ArtStationHQ 'The Trail' by Wojtek Fus. artstation.com/artwork/qY3Oa pic.twitter.com/rcNElbQtHu

What is this? A fire for ants?! #ArtStationHQ Artwork by @Robotpencil artstation.com/artwork/GJY1V pic.twitter.com/fxhQ5T2ici

Nace el dominio .ART para…

Nace el dominio .ART para las webs de arte, con una identidad creada por @Interbrand brandemia.org/nace-el-domini… #logo pic.twitter.com/OSICP6xEqi

Winning images from the Underwater Photographer of the Year contest

This might be the first selfie…

This might be the first selfie in photographic history buff.ly/2lb3YI3 (article from 2014) pic.twitter.com/tGLZiXP0Lg

12 powerful posters of female…

12 powerful posters of female scientists that every classroom needs buff.ly/2ls7L4p pic.twitter.com/r7ej9gQRhA

This Mexican street artist mixes science fiction and psychedelia: bit.ly/2lxDxN4 pic.twitter.com/GyIJ7CUlNf

How Sasha started designing images in CSS. #Design #UX goo.gl/ghGFFK pic.twitter.com/eRWMfr8GQT

What should the post-Brexit passport look like? | @Dezeen design challenge ends 24 March bit.ly/2lDppCk pic.twitter.com/NPcc8AxmNo

Weekend Heller: Design Stars…

Weekend Heller: Design Stars of the Netflix Screen bit.ly/2kzAGE2 pic.twitter.com/TG4arlGJbr

How @IBM and @Disney brainstorm…

How @IBM and @Disney brainstorm in the cloud buff.ly/2lb7tht (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/4GJfrYihgK

Magical photos of the world’s oldest lake frozen over trib.al/Q4NoLm1 pic.twitter.com/y9WmvRl8xT

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 20 heures

15 Free Fonts from Behance…

15 Free Fonts from Behance bit.ly/1WFAhsj pic.twitter.com/IXLDM54OGr

Photos of 4 New Sigma Lenses…

Photos of 4 New Sigma Lenses Leaked – 3 new Art lenses coming soon: petapixel.com/2017/02/20/pho… pic.twitter.com/dijbQCDKrY

drone captures the moment…

drone captures the moment elon musk's @SpaceX falcon 9 rocket touches down on earth designboom.com/technology/spa… pic.twitter.com/oc8B5JWD9b

#Onthisday, 1993 | Ferruccio Lamborghini, creator of luxury sports car #Lamborghini dies. pic.twitter.com/E3iJlRsTiO

'Abstract: The Art of Design'…

'Abstract: The Art of Design' is a Must-Watch Netflix show for photographers: petapixel.com/2017/02/20/abs… pic.twitter.com/laKkfXZ1Ms

This artist cleverly turns old silverware into blooming flower bouquets

.@jaikpuppyteeth talks drugs, self-loathing, Instagram, and political art: bit.ly/2lPplQA pic.twitter.com/hJgDQHitRl

Glass Coffee Accessories…

Glass Coffee Accessories From YIELD bit.ly/2lx4GQx #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/Sht6UabrvR

solar-powered catamaran is…

solar-powered catamaran is a next-generation green icon for yachting designboom.com/design/dennis-… pic.twitter.com/ZyprfsboxS

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 17 heures

ICYMI: How M&Ms took…

ICYMI: How M&Ms took a small insight and turned it into a big idea @mmschocolate bit.ly/2l7qAt3 pic.twitter.com/yRTGph7uIQ

Bar Gantz Creates Furniture…

Bar Gantz Creates Furniture Through Steam Bending bit.ly/2meTVzq pic.twitter.com/ysyewNZpPy

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 12 heures

Creativity Pick: Forget Splenda.…

Creativity Pick: Forget Splenda. This cafe in China made drinks sweeter with sound. bit.ly/2lx5Vzt pic.twitter.com/9rXkyMNB6t

Float in a digital waterfall…

Float in a digital waterfall at @teamlab_news's new exhibit at @PaceGallery: bit.ly/2lQDjys pic.twitter.com/sUwSH8feCL

Sky Villages: An Interactive…

Sky Villages: An Interactive Children's Installation bit.ly/2lYCoiz #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/nLUWQR3TCh

Miffy creator, author and illustrator Dick Bruna dies aged 89 > goo.gl/w65IF0 pic.twitter.com/5BQRXjdtCL

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 20 heures

INFOGRAPHIC: Which #SuperBowl…

INFOGRAPHIC: Which #SuperBowl advertisers expanded their social followings most? bit.ly/2kKNBOP pic.twitter.com/kNF5xYUsCM

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 3 heures

Celebrate President's Day!…

Celebrate President's Day! Check out the worst local commercials for President's Day sales bit.ly/2l8kjgt pic.twitter.com/duqDHgoemY

RIP Dick Bruna, the author and illustrator behind much-loved children’s character @Miffy_UK theguardian.com/books/2017/feb… pic.twitter.com/ZDaqFRGcap


Awwwards @AWWWARDS,
il y a 10 heures

Make Me Pulse Wishes 2017…

Make Me Pulse Wishes 2017 @makemepulse (France) wins #SOTD bit.ly/2kYNFeI #WebDesign #Interactive pic.twitter.com/IJGl9oQtwC


"I love chaos; I like things to be really f**king out of control." buff.ly/2lb1pp7 (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/zja9zORs1z

Delicate Sketches of the…

Delicate Sketches of the Original Peace Symbol to be Exhibited in London thisiscolossal.com/2017/02/delica… pic.twitter.com/Hrk3kH5NEq

#CreateandMake | A range of paper engineering activities for the family - Sunday 26 Feb bit.ly/2kEwi75 pic.twitter.com/f6YhlImqAm

WORK: The Gruffalo characters come to life in new AR app for the Forestry Commission England bit.ly/2m0AyOw pic.twitter.com/qxqlnz6fHq

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 6 heures

ICYMI: @Ford to invest $1…

ICYMI: @Ford to invest $1 billion in artificial intelligence startup bit.ly/2ma9J6k pic.twitter.com/nGlMgCDkvp

Gilles Cenazandotti sculpts garbage into endangered species: bit.ly/2lxPZwe pic.twitter.com/cR4UJtnIj0

Why British design education is thriving abroad but suffering back home > goo.gl/XGiAMY @AndyMitchell14 pic.twitter.com/vGe5ti6LA5

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