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Instagram may soon break…

Instagram may soon break its classic grid (and all your 3x3 mosaics): petapixel.com/2017/09/19/ins… pic.twitter.com/mvbUwg4nec


Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 3 heures

Aerial Images of Vibrant…

Aerial Images of Vibrant Landscapes by Photographer Niaz Uddin thisiscolossal.com/2017/09/vibran… pic.twitter.com/zMW0oJa0S4

Discover Street Artists from Flanders ROA from Ghent streetart360.net/2017/09/19/fla… #streetart pic.twitter.com/JCvbaDvxMv

Play with Warp options to make a peel off text effect: adobe.ly/2jHRMzK pic.twitter.com/PblmSh3G7d

Jess Lambert turns an ordinary wall into a beautiful mandala through artistic repetition. trib.al/j5P5tTc pic.twitter.com/hofXS8xwKg


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 22 heures

10 cartoonists every art…

10 cartoonists every art lover needs to know: bit.ly/2tDaxoQ pic.twitter.com/Klb8FP0YdN

“I think most of my illustrations are about human emotions" - Jun Cen> goo.gl/3NSvoK pic.twitter.com/gXLUGXjBfC

Discover Street Artists from Flanders ROA from Ghent streetart360.net/2017/09/19/fla… #streetart pic.twitter.com/rJYbwGZAsA

Profoto A1: Profoto's first…

Profoto A1: Profoto's first on-camera flash, world's smallest studio light: petapixel.com/2017/09/19/pro… pic.twitter.com/NBcGubqf3o

In a creative rut? Try @medialab's…

In a creative rut? Try @medialab's Mad Libs for designers buff.ly/2xgFMdk pic.twitter.com/7Oyfp1XaJj

Subscribe to StreetArt360 Newsletter here: eepurl.com/cHc3or Best of #Streetart and #graffiti pic.twitter.com/VuG2AQflXT

The best new schools don’t…

The best new schools don’t look like schools at all buff.ly/2xNQLwr (from 2016) pic.twitter.com/TVj1fDXMt6

.@cesarpelizer’s 2D and 3D experiments are full of humour and imagination > goo.gl/QnVgEg pic.twitter.com/jWj32aAliv

These CNC-milled sculptures…

These CNC-milled sculptures are actually delicious pastries buff.ly/2jCS62H pic.twitter.com/DhwtgteXh0

new terminal at amsterdam…

new terminal at amsterdam airport schiphol designed as an atmospheric and light-filled space designboom.com/architecture/k… pic.twitter.com/enBY0ma7U4

banksy welcomes barbican…

banksy welcomes barbican visitors to basquiat exhibit with politically charged graffiti designboom.com/art/banksy-bas… pic.twitter.com/4NWpSt5rky

Dynamic Prints and Textiles…

Dynamic Prints and Textiles from Mijo Studio bit.ly/2xc979u pic.twitter.com/OmiQ9Ps0ar

Oprema's new Biotar 58mm…

Oprema's new Biotar 58mm f/2.0 lens has a record 17-blade aperture: petapixel.com/2017/09/19/opr… pic.twitter.com/ApzswwFzoS

Ines Benedicto | See more…

Ines Benedicto | See more of Ines' work: ow.ly/pmAV30ffLKZ #ArtistoftheDay pic.twitter.com/KRkuoerbVS

reinis ducmanis has created…

reinis ducmanis has created a multifunctional furniture inspired by inkblot tests designboom.com/design/reinis-… pic.twitter.com/TN0x75pgp3

Review: The Profoto A1 is…

Review: The Profoto A1 is a simple and naturally beautiful flash: petapixel.com/2017/09/19/rev… pic.twitter.com/rnNjxRyIEX


Behance @Behance,
il y a 8 heures

Drink like a pirate @CaptainMorganUS:…

Artsy @artsy,
il y a 10 heures

Why Mondrian turned his studios…

Why Mondrian turned his studios into giant abstract paintings: bit.ly/2sxZr7m pic.twitter.com/EUB6sXPfT2

The end of the High Line…

The end of the High Line era buff.ly/2ykC9S4 pic.twitter.com/LR3lKMYMM8

archohm's museum in india…

archohm's museum in india is an urban sculpture composed of a juxtaposition of functions designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/l5Tfr52eCe


Awwwards @AWWWARDS,
il y a 17 heures

Bravo! The Gigi by @adoratorio_std…

Bravo! The Gigi by @adoratorio_std (Italy) wins #SOTD bit.ly/2xbPI5W #GSAP #Animation #WebDesign pic.twitter.com/fa7B8usema

Serious Things a Go Happen: exploring Jamaican dancehall through graphic design > goo.gl/1dsdw2 pic.twitter.com/ezsGiR3m03


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 heures

A new chapter for the exhibition…

A new chapter for the exhibition that launched some of the most famous artists of color: bit.ly/2fiHcOa pic.twitter.com/WIFeCG9SSq

15 heartwarming winners from Dog Photographer of the Year 2017


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 8 heures

Queer Chicano art is as timeless…

Queer Chicano art is as timeless as it is vital (via @VICE): bit.ly/2xuLkkM pic.twitter.com/69WBRV19x0

For Indonesian women, feminist zines are a powerful rebellion: bit.ly/2fhj0Mj pic.twitter.com/ycWmZiL35z

ying gao creates nylon armor…

ying gao creates nylon armor with robotized 'possible tomorrows’ garment collection designboom.com/design/ying-ga… pic.twitter.com/2PTE6UYhVy

timur bozca conceives the…

timur bozca conceives the cauta super sailing yacht concept designboom.com/technology/cau… pic.twitter.com/8cmTmGcjpJ

I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency…

I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency Moves into New Offices in Zagreb, Croatia bit.ly/2w3VlC1 pic.twitter.com/3wLwkqhZ2F

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