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Lovely Horizon Zero Dawn Fan Art by Sarayu Ruangvesh! #ArtStationHQ #Aloy artstation.com/artwork/z46BD pic.twitter.com/ryyFiSfDDp

Inspiring Character! "Janus" by Frankie Perez. #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/DoXGR pic.twitter.com/PaoP26V2MB

Thundercat’s third album Drunk, has some magically weird album art by @zackfox bit.ly/2n8ZmTv pic.twitter.com/boCCpxsaBP


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 19 heures

Happy Birthday to internationally…

Happy Birthday to internationally acclaimed artist Shirin Neshat: bit.ly/2ntblfD pic.twitter.com/fi2pXVdb8Y

Thanks to all who have followed this theatrical fonts themed #FontSunday pic.twitter.com/OEcl5mMoQT


Domus @DomusWeb,
il y a 5 heures

Happy birthday #Mies! ❤️…

Happy birthday #Mies! ❤️ Born today in 1886 pic.twitter.com/6hpH8pUnTI

Breathtaking aerial photos of New York City at night—captured from 7,500 feet trib.al/OAmusnR pic.twitter.com/e73cDTaxES

artechnic architects design…

artechnic architects design srk home in tokyo with a wrapping angular privacy wall designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/P8deKIw8Bx

.@aiww draws attention to the refugee crisis with powerful new installation trib.al/dvP1xu0 pic.twitter.com/1SgUc8UYEz

A Mid-Century Gem Lands on…

A Mid-Century Gem Lands on the Market in Southern California bit.ly/2n7KgKR #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/6X2qYe0Qao


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 15 heures

How William Eggleston transformed…

How William Eggleston transformed photography in America: bit.ly/2n0c5F0 pic.twitter.com/vyjxQZiF1N


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 12 heures

11 of the world’s most…

11 of the world’s most unusual artist residencies: bit.ly/2n0trRY pic.twitter.com/2QQMsL5hZk

How Paul Rand pioneered the…

How Paul Rand pioneered the era of design-led business buff.ly/2nN5mT8 (from 2015) pic.twitter.com/Z7BeSP9QgT

A Renovated Apartment in…

A Renovated Apartment in Buenos Aires bit.ly/2n6seZv #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/uzimsfPe7C

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 1 jour

More big advertisers flee…

More big advertisers flee YouTube, other Google properties over offensive content bit.ly/2n3Bi1T pic.twitter.com/yZEPNtFtzQ

Keyframe entry for the Ancient Civilizations Challenge by Marcia Szkoda #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/contests/ancie… pic.twitter.com/YkkyTucadZ

The Explosive Hand Lettering…

The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion bit.ly/1v0bZjl pic.twitter.com/s3v7FF0P9q

Something new from David Zinn in the USA #StreetArt pic.twitter.com/BptfrvF38Z

the lady speed triumph custom…

the lady speed triumph custom motorcycle by macco motors designboom.com/technology/lad… pic.twitter.com/EiyzDW0x7i

Designing a super-powerful…

Designing a super-powerful fake sun to make cleaner energy buff.ly/2nl7u3v pic.twitter.com/sLTsdsFoqR

Hundreds of vintage posters…

Hundreds of vintage posters are free at this site: bit.ly/2mZHPKj pic.twitter.com/g3tUTy2kfZ

Leander's Linea Cot Takes…

Leander's Linea Cot Takes Your Tot From Crib to Sofa bit.ly/2n6LeHq #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/XtaLoSo73y

Daily Wall n° 1 – Gnasher, Doudou’Style, Nychos streetart360.net/2017/03/27/dai… pic.twitter.com/SsGUF7Ceca

The Wheelhouse: Bringing…

The Wheelhouse: Bringing Together Bicycles and Coffee bit.ly/2nCfoWO #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/hQ2uRD5Jbp

Istanbul’s beloved street cat immortalized with his own bronze statue trib.al/3Q6B2rO pic.twitter.com/awnECOGEru


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 16 heures

10 pioneering textile artists,…

10 pioneering textile artists, from Sheila Hicks to Nick Cave: bit.ly/2n04jeo pic.twitter.com/BipXyNohW4

An animated guide to Marshall…

An animated guide to Marshall McLuhan and “the medium is the message” buff.ly/2ooy1ux pic.twitter.com/IMlcklUjMY

This UI was designed just…

This UI was designed just for bike commuters buff.ly/2n2dhsb pic.twitter.com/YalwiToVig

A quadriplegic painter created…

A quadriplegic painter created a paradise for artists with disabilities #50StatesofArt: bit.ly/2nTQuCI pic.twitter.com/Mg1VzDTn72

One surprising side effect…

One surprising side effect of anti-Trump protests: an art supply sales boom buff.ly/2nN256i pic.twitter.com/UzlVcYbe8w

How @Target is redesigning…

How @Target is redesigning to take on @amazon buff.ly/2mzMgQV pic.twitter.com/vqHVkV5aC8

Ils photographient les satellites et leurs cibles de calibration top secrètes laboiteverte.fr/ils-photograph… pic.twitter.com/rCOrcaFVxz

.@AntonoRoby's creepy paintings…

.@AntonoRoby's creepy paintings look ripped from a surreal storybook: bit.ly/2mJ7dF0 pic.twitter.com/3K6LHvr6EC

Hauntingly beautiful Ophelia…

Hauntingly beautiful Ophelia paintings seduce you from beneath the water's surface: bit.ly/2nTJHJ5 pic.twitter.com/bvXxAOlsH9

Time magazine resurrects iconic type-only cover for latest issue > goo.gl/WMNTWS @TIME pic.twitter.com/yLWbUGDL9S

Thanks for all the theatrical fonts posted so far this #FontSunday. Keep those fonts coming. pic.twitter.com/xSABhCm76s

CR investigates the coming wave of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on creativity bit.ly/2mH8WP9 pic.twitter.com/qDxK6hJ9bz

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