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NME "SICK WORLD" This planet may be beautiful, but this world is bloody sickening. #streetart #art pic.twitter.com/vTXPZIcFgX

density by drone: andy yeung…

density by drone: andy yeung highlights claustrophobic living in hong kong designboom.com/art/andy-yeung… pic.twitter.com/QswW1zHUNT

the world's largest floating…

the world's largest floating solar plant starts producing power in huainan, china designboom.com/technology/sun… pic.twitter.com/M3JXp9Z52i

Claude Monet's “Woman With A Parasol” remixed by lothlenan.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/hlHMWA8Nbe

Genius inventor turns microwave…

Genius inventor turns microwave oven into video game console: bit.ly/2r1acgK pic.twitter.com/yYu9k2XJTd

Check out these #AlienCovenant concept art pieces by @_ev Ev Shipard! View more - goo.gl/Ya4EcF pic.twitter.com/oQeDysdoEY

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 2 heures

Gen Z hates your ads ...…

Gen Z hates your ads ... but they love your videos. Agency Viewpoint by Chris Innes bit.ly/2qinOkI pic.twitter.com/IZOt6Er52r


Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 12 heures

Art Therapy: Fictional Self-Help…

Art Therapy: Fictional Self-Help Guide Titles Painted by Johan Deckmann thisiscolossal.com/2017/05/art-th… pic.twitter.com/sM6feAVsNp

Check out this week's new Featured Pro Portfolio with @omegear! magazine.artstation.com/2017/05/antoin… pic.twitter.com/PZCWIDY0fj

Interfaces need to stop selling…

Interfaces need to stop selling us stuff and start treating us like human beings buff.ly/2rTOLfy pic.twitter.com/RaAvouPqLH

The @RCA has appointed Apple's…

The @RCA has appointed Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive as its new chancellor: bit.ly/2rTN6qA pic.twitter.com/atu6Ymoce3

A Minimalist House Designed…

A Minimalist House Designed for a Couple Desiring a Downsize bit.ly/2rCzuT4 #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/R8Uvl19SUe

The History Behind a German…

The History Behind a German Soda Design bit.ly/2ruF2zc #DesignHistory pic.twitter.com/Qsiw4QnvAK

Proof that design is good…

Proof that design is good for business, in 8 statistics buff.ly/2rR0VpP pic.twitter.com/TRci3XZ1Zn


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 7 heures

After 14 years, two stolen…

After 14 years, two stolen van Gogh paintings are finally making their way home: bit.ly/2rbd23P pic.twitter.com/5WQP30MjFs

The architectural beauty…

The architectural beauty of early 20th-century botanical photographs buff.ly/2rQZtDy pic.twitter.com/IgnZxYgvSe

In an abandoned Murano glass factory, artist Loris Gréaud shines light on an age-old art: wlpr.co/5pEczi pic.twitter.com/6v8D5Hg01f

Otherworldly images of andromeda galaxy over a tiny Swiss village trib.al/BpCU979 pic.twitter.com/TD1UGvcyxs


Colossal @Colossal,
il y a 10 heures

Animator Sasha Katz Explores…

Animator Sasha Katz Explores a Symbiotic Relationship Between Plants and Technology thisiscolossal.com/2017/05/animat… pic.twitter.com/IRy3TdX9q4


PetaPixel @petapixel,
il y a 15 heures

Photographer creates maternity…

Photographer creates maternity photo with husband deployed overseas: petapixel.com/2017/05/25/pho… pic.twitter.com/TDjkkE5OBE

Why humans are obsessed with…

Why humans are obsessed with circles, according to science buff.ly/2rA7srG pic.twitter.com/jGCKplE2CJ

King Arthur Legend of the Sword keyframe by @DarekZabrocki #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/q3avz pic.twitter.com/jyUP8ZBVtV

A 50’s Farmhouse in The…

A 50’s Farmhouse in The Netherlands is Renovated and Gets an Extension bit.ly/2qkpZEa pic.twitter.com/hAmAKpxhTB

.@order: The new design office…

.@order: The new design office that spun off a $1.9M @Kickstarter business buff.ly/2rkTXfr pic.twitter.com/QdVckd3gNU

Every episode of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is streaming for free right now: bit.ly/2qWJIOt pic.twitter.com/leHzEbQ22O


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 12 heures

Despite obstacles, African…

Despite obstacles, African countries shine at the Venice Biennale: bit.ly/2rUX0bA pic.twitter.com/DylxTb3I0G

#BigNews | The Design Museum's new home has won the Regional RIBA Award! #Thankyou pic.twitter.com/p0dXxDiIH6

This wallpaper doubles as…

This wallpaper doubles as a power source buff.ly/2rQSqe5 pic.twitter.com/kKKPlzP9Bc

15 facts you need to know about the delightfully weird ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’ trib.al/rzoz3Gw pic.twitter.com/j1StbK4A1P

Sorry Katy Perry, we’ve…

Sorry Katy Perry, we’ve seen your "performance art" before: bit.ly/2rNwXD2 pic.twitter.com/Gbz5CeByy7


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 heures

These 8 zines by people of…

These 8 zines by people of color show why the medium has remained relevant: bit.ly/2rlG8O3 pic.twitter.com/tOMcWkoUFO

A 50’s Farmhouse in The…

A 50’s Farmhouse in The Netherlands is Renovated and Gets an Extension bit.ly/2qlxIlz pic.twitter.com/nIVIRVM9hn

Jef Aerosol by C215 Discover C215 Artwork streetart360.net/2017/05/25/c21… #streetart and #graffiti cc @jerome_coumet pic.twitter.com/BzDjz9GBO2

Notebook Faves From Society6’s…

Notebook Faves From Society6’s Collective of Artists bit.ly/2qkzK5r pic.twitter.com/zltJhB0L3W

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