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A Vecteezy criou um pack de ícones pra gente, e você pode baixar for free :D sala7design.com.br/2017/10/monste… pic.twitter.com/5uilwJOtYo

Profit and pain are two notable elements in Paris this week elephant.art/on-paris-and-t… pic.twitter.com/xVGk8EJr9h


INSPIX @inspix,
il y a 17 heures

Fragments of Iceland bit.ly/1PmoJuK…

Fragments of Iceland bit.ly/1PmoJuK Please share! pic.twitter.com/qRVYixCrn8

Topshop invites Stranger Things fans to screening at Oxford Street store buff.ly/2ywv3wU pic.twitter.com/xsTEKE28Pn

You can’t wait until tomorrow to enter our Interactive competition! It closes tonight! ow.ly/9Goj30fO1vH pic.twitter.com/eQFK1ybMyx

Flexible Screens: Incredible Sculptures by Daniel Canogar bit.ly/2yD2Svz / @DanielCanogar pic.twitter.com/uyKikxN1Kq

Sunset Glass Flower Vases par Incipit Lab. Dispos dans notre shop ! bit.ly/1QZuqwi pic.twitter.com/RbD7N4ve4T

Samsung 360 Round VR Camera bit.ly/2yVJXgy pic.twitter.com/I5yAZ3pT11

Space-Worn Omega Speedmaster bit.ly/2hSFsbE pic.twitter.com/xZhaLwt9gG

Not So Fast! 5 To-Dos Before Approaching a Web Design Company #webdesign #design webdesignledger.com/not-fast-5-dos… pic.twitter.com/pgPeX0wT76


Domus @DomusWeb,
il y a 18 heures

Fabio Fantolino designed…

Fabio Fantolino designed a restaurant in Turin inspired by the 1970s domusweb.it/en/architectur… pic.twitter.com/zYmJccqe0v

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 18 heures

.@GwynethPaltrow talks introducing…

.@GwynethPaltrow talks introducing concepts first and challenging systems bit.ly/2hOKeXP pic.twitter.com/3tCy27g2QG

Earlier today: GEEK GIRLS by Renée Lamothe See more: bit.ly/2gTgQ2G pic.twitter.com/wV1gUqYgUk

You need a confident woman for a beauty cream brand. Which @istock image do you pick? istockphoto.7eer.net/c/247618/25882… or… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Click through to see the new Marriott ad by @GreyNewYork: You Are Here j.mp/2yCyPSO pic.twitter.com/Bo8y1jaJVs

You Can Have The Creative Career You’re Dreaming About - Portfolio Center buff.ly/2gP3Nzz pic.twitter.com/uwc4GmX2U0

Chocomelt café by party/space/design, The Avenues Mall, Kuwait retaildesignblog.net/2017/10/20/cho… pic.twitter.com/EAMPENd6z1


Core77 @core77,
il y a 19 heures

ID Students: Can you guess…

ID Students: Can you guess what this cobweb-shooting gun is made from? bit.ly/2dmCGxi pic.twitter.com/ggQ92XhCpT

Transformation d’un ancien espace industriel en #loft à #Brooklyn par New Affiliates bit.ly/2yCdg6G pic.twitter.com/SynbVhMUJn


Zeutch @Zeutcher,
il y a 19 heures

American Horror Story version…

American Horror Story version abeilles zeutch.com/american-horro… pic.twitter.com/0PSG5Rk1fF


lustik @lustiktumblr,
il y a 19 heures


Social Tarot – Comment lire votre avenir dans les réseaux sociaux ufunk.net/design/social-… pic.twitter.com/jRfAw1neY7


FWA @fwa,
il y a 19 heures

New FWA submission: Nike…

New FWA submission: Nike x Sports Direct: CR7 Chapter 5 thefwa.com/cases/nike-x-s… #thefwa pic.twitter.com/j2490mXBUp

Revisiting Artists from the Grain Edit Archives: Super cool patch by @SkinnyShips #illustration pic.twitter.com/BPbJ7cdfSl

Browse more #inspirational Dalai Lama #quotes on compassion, peace, and life here: goo.gl/3ybpsc pic.twitter.com/N8WOYnKWlg

@bomuboi I found this talk really interesting. youtube.com/watch?v=65J8ok…

How a data visualization…

How a data visualization of sperm led to a scientific breakthrough buff.ly/2xT1HnS pic.twitter.com/oQKfGuuDtZ


Madrica @madrica_,
il y a 20 heures

Unexpected Discoveries By…

Unexpected Discoveries By Mark Conlan dlvr.it/PwjSJF - #art #design | madrica.com pic.twitter.com/HsoK2sCHkg

New site on @siteinspire: North-East Venture → bit.ly/2xVpGYi pic.twitter.com/n3djNqQ8A8

a serendipitous moment via moholy-nagy chicago design archive and designer steve liska . da-is.us/2xbWS9L pic.twitter.com/CQZ1wAWo7t


Core77 @core77,
il y a 20 heures

Linda Jiang on designing…

Linda Jiang on designing the Essential smartphone at just 27 years old bit.ly/2kTXlM2 pic.twitter.com/YQDtaxwkAo

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