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are sock sneakers the BIGGEST…

are sock sneakers the BIGGEST shoe of 2017? designboom.com/design/acne-tr… pic.twitter.com/3l4lAe2WeN

Cutting The Edges: new swatch book showcases latest collections by Arctic Paper bit.ly/2iTzcVB pic.twitter.com/y8d7VgzGAM

Photos from space show the magnitude of California's tragic wildfires - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/pho… pic.twitter.com/e0siO7RvgN

This viral hit about smoko-breaks is the most Aussie banger you've never heard - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/vir… pic.twitter.com/jp8SpjZftr


INSPIX @inspix,
il y a 14 heures

One Perfect Cubic bit.ly/1KgpP3I…

One Perfect Cubic bit.ly/1KgpP3I Please share! pic.twitter.com/cSnFfYYTtg

Y&R North America has worked with the United States Navy to create a new brand identity > goo.gl/tTzGDG pic.twitter.com/7vMA6EsNUn

Winter & Snow Photo Pack (36 JPG image files) goo.gl/PHSMgz pic.twitter.com/THFzrlPwcB

Abstract Snowflakes (16 transparent PNG image files) goo.gl/PHSMgz pic.twitter.com/8pv0qEnpbY

HooFoo - New Super Secure…

HooFoo - New Super Secure Hardware Wallet - beautifullife.info/industrial-des… pic.twitter.com/crgPID5YQ0

Bob Seidemann's controversial photograph for the 1969 album “Blind Faith" buff.ly/2kYZrdW #music #design pic.twitter.com/8mwYpSHkFO

Found At E Minor: Discover the jaw-dropping work of hyper realist painter Omar Ortiz - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/fou… pic.twitter.com/kZm9r9JmDI

CA Winner: @fcbchi created a series of imaginary travel posters for @RadioFlyer. ow.ly/8Se330h6IJR pic.twitter.com/FxbRni2mJt

New site on @siteinspire: Chroma → bit.ly/2AKlStr pic.twitter.com/qnT9KxYk7x

- Super coleccion - >> 100 MARAVILLOSAS INVITACIONES DE BODA PARA INSPIRARTE: goo.gl/rf7Bfx pic.twitter.com/4jpgZKiW1T

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 15 heures

How Do You Design an #AutonomousCar…

How Do You Design an #AutonomousCar from Scratch? buff.ly/2nQrGwC pic.twitter.com/PO0j24ltKZ

Lisa Courtney captures serene scenes found in nature bit.ly/2ARVaiY pic.twitter.com/hhFVJtoSIB

Cards Against Humanity is having a very real border conflict with Trump - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/car… pic.twitter.com/JyHcsgXOdg

An Australia-themed sex toy is the purrr-fect souvenir (NSFW) - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/aus… pic.twitter.com/kSoP7jqUQ7

Instadose zpr.io/n73uB This kind of commute #dcnlifestyle Photo by @lifeof_riley #rileyharper pic.twitter.com/j7gsvfgSP6


FWA @fwa,
il y a 16 heures

New FWA submission: Your…

I dribbled this twisted triangle pencil: dribbble.com/shots/4012977-… pic.twitter.com/TS78Gy9W8a

@dasnetz Ambiance mariage…

@dasnetz Ambiance mariage franco hongrois, mais entre pubards. cc @iamstArk pic.twitter.com/8WsFpU3IWu

CAUTION! demolition meets…

CAUTION! demolition meets design in new york sunshine reincarnation designboom.com/art/john-marga… pic.twitter.com/tlIB0szhsd

HOW Design

HOW Design @HOWbrand,
il y a 16 heures

How creatives work is changing.…

How creatives work is changing. Stay ahead of the curve by letting them make choices. buff.ly/2kWp5Qvtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

#GPS systems have made navigating a lot easier, but they're still far from perfect. ow.ly/LGxU30h9B6E #tech pic.twitter.com/hB7y0jyVCK

L’agence de communication…

L’agence de communication en région de l’année : Les Gens et Vous. @LesGensAgency #agencesannée #agencesdelannee2017 pic.twitter.com/eMuRBflA3N

Get to know more about the new Desperados ad by school: @EdinburghNapier: Subwave j.mp/2l0fHLNtwitter.com/i/web/status/9…

This booze bus will get your drunk ass home when you pass out on a train - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/boo… pic.twitter.com/mcFdH8krT6

With this scarf you won't be cold any schlonger - lostateminor.com/2017/12/12/sca… pic.twitter.com/YnSJ3wktbi

Eric Bousquet de l’agence…

Eric Bousquet de l’agence Business rend hommage à Johnny Hallyday et ses pubs pour Optic 2000. #agencesannée pic.twitter.com/KhMLBV5s0O

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